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  1. Thank you! Wasn't totally sure if that was the main way to go about it! And as far as poses? Like being tied or locked to a bench? Do I take them from existing made furniture mods? Thank you for the help!
  2. Figured I would get a reply like this. I have been reading through the threads. The forum is very difficult to search and find direct answers and most aren't helpful. thanks for helping!
  3. Hello. Can I use blender to create objects? Sex furniture etc? What format do I use? or what program are people using to create bdsm equipment? Any help appreciated thank you.
  4. Where can I get poses for bdsm furniture? Like being tied down etc? Is there a program used to make them? Can I take poses from somewhere? Thank you!
  5. Hello can somebody help me out. Wanting to create a smotherbox and chairs that the user can have his head locked into and then have his face sat on. Like a club with men as chairs. How can I make a box or chair then have it so a female can sit on it with a person's head locked inside the box with a hole in the top or a chair with a head bound to it face up. thinking like a club with men as chairs. Thanks for the help!
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