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  1. And it's cool guys I'm not mad at you. I don't respect either of you at all, but I'm not mad. Keep on fighting the good fight fellas.
  2. Are you still in your husband's band as his singer? LOL That one was way out there Dave, but you spoke about it so vividly in such detail, it is almost like you really believed it. Which I am not going to lie, is actually quite remarkable.
  3. LOL. posting dictionary definitions. Bet you didn't know you had so much in common with RobT huh? Who knows. Maybe you are him. That would be a trip huh?
  4. I wanted to clarify something so some people don't get their panties in a bunch. My last comments were not meant to be a slam against transgenders. I know a lot of men here playing as women reach for that as some all encompassing aspect in these discussions to invalidate what the other is saying. Yes, you have a right to be any gender you wish, and I will respect that as your choice. But that gives you no right to make it mine. Your freedoms end where mine start, and vice versa.
  5. I fail to see the irony. Maybe you should read the posts and what they are saying, then look up what certain words mean before you use them. That being said there are almost no REAL attractive women that play this game that also flirt and play with guys. They more or less don't exist. There is a lot of make believe women who flirt and have relations with other make believe "women", but what use is that to me when it comes to sexual relationships here? None. That is unless, I want to throw on a dress and pretend I am a girl and pretend the guy I am having sex with is also a girl? LOL. You have been here so long you can probably no longer even grasp how actually IRONIC that is. Nonetheless, that's not what I want to do here. So that is why I no longer bother to play 3DX for that aspect of the game and find other things to do. It is what it is. Nobody is forcing me to stay. The other point being valid that the guy I mentioned is indeed a pussy, and if I had to guess, probably living at home with mommy and daddy in the UK. And I don't mean that as a cliche, I mean that as in it is a particular person who keeps popping up around this place who is actually doing that as I type this. Finally JessicaX, your opinion has no value to me, you are entitled to it, but to me it's worthless based on the source alone, if nothing else.
  6. Coldheart


    We hold on so tight, we cannot deny Eats us alive, oh it eats us alive, oh Yes, there's a scream inside that we all try to hide We hold on so tight, but I don't wanna die, no I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, yeah And I don't care if I sing off key I find myself in my melodies I sing for love, I sing for me I shout it out like a bird set free
  7. Here's the email you can message if you ever have any questions such as "why was I banned?" 3dxhelp@gmail.com My apologies it was not in my original post. I have it stashed away on my computer but not on my phone and for some reason, as simple as it is, I can never remember it.
  8. I would have to guess there is an automated moderator and since her little poem there repeats the same line twice she might have got snagged in its web. If something like that ever happens again email them, they will lift the ban. She obviously didn’t break any rules.
  9. To be fair, it sounds like if you even tried to steal any money from him, it would be just practicing. He doesn’t have any.
  10. Damn. This has really gone on for three pages?
  11. Dude. Don’t be such a big pussy.
  12. I would probably pay extra if I could get even one attractive and real woman to sexually harass me on 3DX.
  13. Coldheart


    Don't believe what you hear Don't believe what you see If you just close your eyes You can feel the enemy When I first met you girl You had fire in your soul What happened your face Of melting in snow Now it looks like this And you can swallow Or you can spit You can throw it up Or choke on it And you can dream So dream out loud You know that your time is coming 'round So don't let the bastards grind you down No, nothing makes sense Nothing seems to fit I know you'd hit out If you only knew who to hit And I'd join the movement If there was one I could believe in Yeah I'd break bread and wine If there was a church I could receive in 'Cause I need it now To take a cup To fill it up To drink it slow I can't let you go I must be an acrobat To talk like this And act like that And you can dream So dream out loud And don't let the bastards grind you down.
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