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  1. “Chloe” is a 52-year-old gay man from the U.K. He knows plenty about the 1980’s. Dude needs to hop back on the meds train and quit jumping off at every stop. Take care.
  2. It's been real 3dx. Ok, maybe real isn't the best choice of words, but it has been something. There comes a time in every 3dx'ers life where they must move on, or instead they risk being that creepy crazy guy in a mask who sits in a stool by the Sin Club stage all day, every day. And nobody has time for that, except of course those that have nothing BUT time for that. There's an old saying that goes "it's not over until the fat lady sings," but in 3dx you would be hard pressed to find many ladies, even fat ones. So instead I like to think RobT is out there somewhere singing instead. Thank
  3. I'm not touching the meme stocks, but I am sitting up here like a crow waiting for some cryptocurrencies to hit rock bottom and I am going to scoop up some of those.
  4. Really didn’t need that last bit of info. 🤢🤮
  5. Who are these people? Names! We need names! LOL I’m joking. I wasn’t there Friday night, I can’t be there any Friday night unless it’s a vacation or holiday but I can imagine it was the usual suspects.
  6. That entire Gamestock debacle finally perked my interest in playing around in the stock market and I have started, but I’m grateful it was weeks after that all happened because that stock got up to over $300 a share and now I think it’s plummeted as low as under $50. Yikes! You would have actually lost a lot of money if you didn’t sell right away.
  7. Also what are these troubling threads? I’d like to go read those. 🤣
  8. Yes. There used to be some moderators, however there were some extreme bias and favoritism issues. Look no farther than RobT surviving on here for several years without being permanently banned. That just made him an infinitely larger prick because he knew no matter what he could go cry to a moderator and remain here. You don’t want anything like that becoming the norm on here again. I’m going to guess it’s the developers who moderate now. They are very close to neutral on members and subjects.
  9. My suggestion is do what you hinted at and indulge more in real life activities, and when none are available find some other outlets for entertainment at home. Elsewhere on the internet, Netflix etc. With that, here and there jumping on 3dx might sound like a good idea some random night. More like a “just ok but still worth playing on occasion” video game on any other platform. Then have in mind what you enjoy the most about playing there and focus on that once you get on. Even if it’s just screwing around in World chat. But if you really feel you are just repeating the same old things every t
  10. There's something I have noticed over maybe the last two years or so playing here, and that is that some of the worst personalities in the game have for the most part seemed to vanish from 3dx. Obviously not all. Look above for a reference to that fact, but most have. I was pondering why just a few days ago and I came to the conclusion it was not because these players had become better people, not much chance of that happening when they make no actual effort to change and improve. But instead I think the better nature of those good people in the game slowly but surely pushed them out. Similar
  11. See you when you actually become a woman, which will be never.
  12. Chill out Rockster, and Kitty Caitlin wants his shirt back bro.
  13. Going to have to try again this next weekend. Didn't have much luck this last one, but I have 27 days left.
  14. I have a question for Alpha. Are you Jade?
  15. 32 more days to try and get into your panties and play happy fun time at the pink pleasure amusement park.
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