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  1. I have serious doubts about the “other real job” scenario, though at one point I’m sure that was true. But even now, people have lives outside of work, and perhaps other projects to work on too. It’s hard to picture someone glued to their computers 24/7 strictly focused on running this game, and with only one or two people running it and the current number of members, what you see is what you get.
  2. Maybe he is still recovering from scripting in the saloon. That’s $50 he will never get back.
  3. Adding more developers at these stage does not seem practical to me unless it is as it appears currently and some players offer to do things occasionally for free. I'm not seeing anything that shows the player base has been or is expanding. If it is, it's not noticeable. That in mind, it would probably be safe to assume gizmo has a life beyond creating for 3dx for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm not seeing the incentive to expand at this point, maybe I am wrong in that.
  4. Most times it is better to never show your cards, so when you fold nobody knows what you had in your hands. It is the same principle here. If you don't tell people what you are working on they can't become angry and resentful when you don't end up coming through with it or finishing it to completion. The fall out from something such as that happening more than once, including having to push back release dates for things that take longer than expected creates much more discontent than not letting anyone know what is going on. Could you imagine if the devs had promised all the World Editor we al
  5. Personally I would rage quit and throw my computer through the window, but that's just me. I'm not recommending anyone else should do that.
  6. Out of everything I read I think the $5 (or $4.99) membership is the best of all. It allows you to play and check out the game but doesn’t give you access to all its features. I do think it should be a temporary and one-time option, however, that forces you at the end of the trial period to either pay full price or no longer play. It could bring a lot more people to the game. The main concerns I could see being straining the servers and lowering the quality of play, as far as atmosphere, for already existing players. So I also think where these players are allowed to go and how muc
  7. Here’s a sincere question. Does anyone who has the power to make all these suggestions a reality ever look 👀 over any of these suggestions? This is not meant to be a sarcastic complaint. I’m genuinely curious if anyone monitors it and considers implementing any of these often great ideas 💡
  8. This doesn’t look like a hack to me Either a bug, server problem or graphics card issue
  9. I know right? I’m scared enough to think that some of these people around here have reproduced, let alone buying what they made. No thank you.
  10. I thought I just saw posts from Ex in forums. Maybe she got tired of all the bickering in this topic and doesn’t post here anymore.
  11. The question I have is why there is no sort option in the room list? Fine if they want to have it ordered in the way it is now by default, but I should be able to sort it from most to least people if I want to. And here’s another idea, how about more than one room list? One could be social and one could be sexual, and maybe one that’s just everything combined too.
  12. I thought they already added this. You are now able to buy other members xgold. (also I am laughing because my iPhone keeps trying to change the word “xgold” to “children”.)
  13. And I only laugh because I prefer it to crying.
  14. I think in some cases, especially in online games like this, personal style can eventually turn into a "brand." Personally, I've never been much of a fan of the word and its usage this way. That may be because I always associate its roots with the Kardashians. And their "brand" really came from doing a lot of nothing. LOL But here in my country a lot of nothing can make you rich and famous, maybe even President!
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