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  1. BadWord


    DC times again, but it´s not all bad, I managed to gift myself
  2. I can´t log in right now, I get the "too many attempts, try again later" message.
  3. It seem to me that when I dissconect from the game, usually because of my wifi, and log back in, I don´t get messages, and the people I send messages to dont see what I send. I solve this by logging back into the game two times, and that does the trick, but I have already ended up in social trouble because of this once, so it would be nice to have this issue fixed. It´s irritating to be looking at a avi, and still get "so and so" is offline in the chatbox. This is happening to others too.
  4. Oh, here we go, at least the forum will flare up
  5. Can I sell your rooms Ali?
  6. @Gizmo So, if it´s not against game rules to do gold buying/patreon... is it also leagal to put on your profile what someone could "get" for x ammount of gold/rl money? Serious question, because we in a gray area here as far as I can see.
  7. This is repeated over and over, so I will repeat it again. We need more cumshot poses. And we need the (I hate the word, but gonna use it anyway) creampie. We DEFINETLY need at least one per threesome variant with dicks included. Below are a few cumshots, for those who don´t know what I´m talking about. (I removed the links, you all know where the porn is online...) Feel free to add gifs and pics, hopefully some of the content creators will get inspired and get on it.
  8. Well, some of us was not here then, and still got opinions. So, you know, let us talk?
  9. So, a "lock junk" button still seem like the simplest way to satisfy max amount of ppl. And I know junk is a offencive term to all you ppl thinking your junk is pure gold. <------- joke
  10. Yesterday it was max an hour.
  11. Maybe you should do a showoff thread then
  12. That´s all good then. I did not actually read the dirt. If you ask before posting, then all is cool with me.
  13. I would suggest masking names, I would not like my name visible if someone post sex-chat pics. But that´s maybe just me. Also, if people say sure you can show my name, then its all good Glad you finally got some gametime under the belt
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