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  1. So, today the game just shut down without a redbox, just closed the app out of the blue. There was some kind of box popping up, kinda similar to the patcher thing, but it vanish in under a second so I had no chance to read it. What was that? @Lisa @Gizmo
  2. I´m stuck at unzipping, but that is sad news
  3. This "game" is prolly just some side project for someone. We like it and pay, but the people producing it prolly got other, real jobs, to foucus on. That´s life on the fringe of society. Happy new year!
  4. BadWord


    Theme night again tonight after 1000 days of hiatus. Gonna be fun to say "Hello XXX" a bunch of times and hang with the regulars and the new ones. Happy thursday and GOD BE WITH YOU IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES.
  5. This is true, I am in now way affiliated with a OFFGANG.
  6. Flud was supposed to be Flood.
  7. I like that, banned for being too good a friend
  8. The game server is down at the moment. Hopefully it will be back online soon. You can see for yourself here: https://3dxchat-status.com/
  9. I now know what I did. I "flooded" the chat with a too long message. Typo situation.
  10. Hahaaahhahahahhahaahhhhahah that´s just wow!
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