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  1. BadWord


    Theme night again tonight after 1000 days of hiatus. Gonna be fun to say "Hello XXX" a bunch of times and hang with the regulars and the new ones. Happy thursday and GOD BE WITH YOU IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES.
  2. This is true, I am in now way affiliated with a OFFGANG.
  3. Flud was supposed to be Flood.
  4. I like that, banned for being too good a friend
  5. The game server is down at the moment. Hopefully it will be back online soon. You can see for yourself here: https://3dxchat-status.com/
  6. I now know what I did. I "flooded" the chat with a too long message. Typo situation.
  7. Hahaaahhahahahhahaahhhhahah that´s just wow!
  8. I got banned yesterday. I´m not complaining but I am curious. Reason: Flud So I been browsing game rules and EULA, but I don´t get it. Can someone help me understand what happened/what I did wrong?
  9. Only one other game ppl get kicked out for mentioning. I see people naming 2-3 other games every day in worldchat or wherever, and nothing happens. The one you get kicked for you prolly get auto kicked for.
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