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  1. Here's the latest Aro and the "girls' lay down the boogie. The song is an original.
  2. Aro and "the girls" lay down the boogie.
  3. Anyone wanna play online "naughts and crosses" with me?
  4. I will put that in my bookmark bar! No doubt, it will be used often
  5. The server is very unstable this weekend, so may not be a problem at you end.
  6. Thrixx...the other game i have played, seem to be having to move to another server too. Is this attack thing a new trend in cyber crime...is is this industrial sabotage?
  7. Oh....sounds like RP 🧏‍♀️
  8. Yes...best feedback you can give a service provider is with your wallet. I happen to like this game so I will hang in through the bumps.
  9. It would be nice if world chat was more like this. This thread has some posts that are almost worth reading.😁
  10. ....apparently the new server only has facility for 4 inches per player 🧏‍♀️
  11. What's the word!...tell meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  12. post, bitch and gripe check to see if game is up...no... back to forum. post, bitch and gripe... etc......... I'm getting dizzy!
  13. While your all here...take a look at my latest.
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