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  1. There seems to be more bugs than there are people in 3dx at the moment
  2. I like the ideas you're proposing, I'd love to be able to pick up and put down objects you make. You can pick up a beer so the ability is there in some form, though I've no idea how difficult it would be to open that out to other items. But I'd think having a pre-made held object (like a handle for example) to which you could attach other objects of your own design in the World Editor to make a bag you can carry with you and pick up and set down (and dance around lolol) or a suitcase or suchlike would be feasible at least. Maybe. Though you'd presumably have size constraints so your bag didn't either hover above the ground or sink below it. The options this would open up though, in terms of accessories, which the game badly lacks, plus to make games or role play situations would be huge. Realistically though, I wouldn't see it happening. Even if they ever fix the bugs, add the prophesied but currently mythical pose and clothes editors, I am not sure these things fit with the Devs ideas of where they see this platform going, but we can always hope
  3. I only found out about that a month or so ago, I'd spent 2 years doing my makeup from 6 foot away lol Ironically, the game is now bugged/glitched or whatever, so that however it looks in the wardrobe it is completely different when you get into a normal room and your finely applied makeup looks like its been slapped on with a paintbrush lolol
  4. Hold the middle scroll wheel of your mouse down and move your mouse back and forth, the camera will move up and down and you can zoom right into your face, or feet come to that
  5. Well I got them in the wrong order but at least they're both showing lololol
  6. Short and sweet this one, the poster and rules say all that needs to be said
  7. Hiya! We’re a bit later this month for our games night but Saturday, 26th October 2019 at 19.30 UK / 20.30 CET, see's us open Trouser Snakes and Ladders again. We've simplified it a bit and removed some of the trouser snakes so hopefully this time there will be less dropping down levels and consequently less bad language. Honestly, it was shocking! The loss of Rochi’s dice and Gizmo not yet adding this feature (whaddya mean you’re working on poses and clothes? How many of those do we need? Only joking, put the pitchforks down) means this is also an exercise in trust as we will roll the dice and you’re just going to have to believe us when you get 1 for the 8th time in a row….. Anyway, feel free to drop by or not, however the mood takes you. I’ve done a little poster cos it’s fun.
  8. They should so add that as a pose we can use on colders 😁
  9. Ok, so assuming the spawn spots in both rooms are in the same place, load your first room, then merge the second room into it and the object you want to incorporate in your room should be on the spawn spot. Make sure the object - especially if it's made of small pieces - is grouped before you merge it so it's easy to move. Hope that helps
  10. Is it me or have they taught the music to cold people?
  11. I only had time for a quick look at the spotlights but I was able to change the colour of the lights by selecting it and then using the colour palette like you do for materials and objects. Now I think about it I have no idea if you could do that with lights previously, never tried. I only tried with these because the screenshot of them showed different colours and I thought it was worth a try. Being able to have them move and throw shapes on the floor like they do in the old nightclub though would be cool
  12. Some of the nicest, sweetest people I have met here are guys. Some of the worst behaviour I have witnessed has been by people I know to be girls. There are undoubtedly a lot of female avi’s controlled by guys, I’ve seen figures as high as 80% quoted by some, though I have no idea how accurate that is. What I do know is, if it’s based on the premise that girls only ever act like angels you should take it with a pinch of salt. If you’re not here for quick sex, then best advice really is to treat this like real life. Wait till you find someone you have a connection with and who is willing to move at your pace, but even then, don’t be surprised if they disappear afterwards. It’s no secret that patience and honeyed words often include false promises. Take care and have fun
  13. Happens a lot for me too, re-entering the room can help although last night whilst the people I couldn't initially see appeared when I re-entered, others I could see beforehand disappeared. I know they were still there as we were chatting in Local.
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