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  1. "Can you hurry up, the footballs starting on the tele in a minute"
  2. "Brace yourself..... things are about to get weird"
  3. You created a thread giving examples showing how the donate feature could be abused and then used one of the most often used pretexts for a scam as an example of a 'pro' of the feature. I found that confusing.
  4. Surely setting up an event for Cancer Research or Autism Awareness, etc and running off with the money should have appeared in your opening post?
  5. You'd still be able to report the room and host as you do now for those. A filter wont stop someone who's determined, it will just make it a bit harder and remove any doubt as to whether they only intended to open a cheese room.
  6. What I don’t understand is prior to it happening here I had never heard of a DDOS attack. I play lots of online games, I’m part of lots of online forums, but it is something that I have never encountered before. I appreciate there is a chance they may have happened and I simply wasn’t on that particular platform or forum at the time, but it seems unlikely I wouldn’t have seen the kind of threads we have here on their forums at least. Is this something new? Are these other online game providers better at protecting themselves? Is 3dx being specifically targeted where other games aren’t? It’s all very perplexing.
  7. This is so frustrating. I was reading through these threads last night and I came across a song someone had posted that I really liked, but I didn’t save it and now I can’t find it. I can’t remember who posted it, what it was called or which thread it was in (thought it was this one) and because I just clicked the picture to play it, it doesn’t show in my browser history. I know it was a cover and had really beautiful words. It’s got to be here somewhere…..
  8. Actually the more I think about a full screen Room Selection menu, the better I like it. With all the rooms showing no one need pay to bring their room to the top to be seen. They could make it so you can sort alphabetically or by number of people, maybe add a filterable key word box or two for each room with a drop down menu with words like orgy, colds, no colds, BDSM or whatever so you could view only the rooms most likely to appeal to you. They could add a chat box for adverts in which only room hosts could post with a 10 or 15 minute delay to ensure every advert could be seen and you’d only see it when you went looking for another room. Probably loads of other useful stuff could be added too.
  9. Or they could make the Room Selection menu a whole lot bigger, like fill the whole screen, so you can see all the open rooms at a glance. Just a thought.
  10. I was going to say that I thought number 2 would be quite easy to implement, they could just change the drop down menu box for a free type one as there is for Location, but then people would see 'Interested in' and probably list their hobbies...… 😁
  11. This would be a nice thing to have. I gather the clothes work in layers, so a skirt and trousers would be on the same layer and clash I guess. Although some of the tops do come down over the top of skirts so maybe not completely out of the question. If you have them different colours though it has an annoying habit of poking through at times. Maybe duplicating trousers and shorts to the underwear tab and being able to wear them instead of knickers could work? It would be a nice way to add some customisation to your look. And bra straps not showing with wide or shoulder-less tops is one of those silly little things that annoys me no end when I so shouldn't let it. 🙂 Oh and I would much prefer to be able to invite friends into my wardrobe rather than change clothes outside of it, that's just personal preferences though.
  12. In the interests of equality I just want to say that when I was at school I used to know someone called Kenneth who was a real stickler for not going over the lines in a colouring book. It wasn't only Karen 😁
  13. Alt + F4 simulates your very own server crash They're pretty frequent now anyway but if you ever get impatient and simply can't wait for the next one, those are the keys for you 😁
  14. It strikes me from reading all this that most, if not all, are kind of missing the point. Or rather, you’re missing what is actually being displayed here by the Dev’s. The simple facts are – rules or no rules – it was deemed acceptable for anyone and everyone to post ads for their rooms in World Chat. Now, without warning, they are banning anyone and everyone who does that, apparently regardless of how many times it is posted. And the people being targeted by this action, as they knew it would, form part of the core community of 3DX. People who invest an incredible amount of time and effort creating rooms, putting together music mixes, striving to create fun and agreeable atmosphere’s in their rooms for the benefit of 3DX. Basically trying to make 3DX the best place it possibly can be. I appreciate there are other motives, I’m not naïve. Frankly I found the war of words waged between some groups in other threads recently very disheartening, but I digress. The point is, the Dev’s could have treated their core community with a teeny amount of respect and posted a warning here in the forum, on Twitter, Discord, etc. It would have taken what? 15-20 minutes to type a 2 line warning and copy and paste it a few times. They chose instead to treat their core community with contempt. The very people who remain loyal through nightly server crashes, untold bugs and glitches, to make their 3DX creation the standard by which all other like platforms measure themselves. That’s the most disheartening thing of all. For the record, I haven’t been banned. This is just my humble opinion of a very sad day in 3DX’s history.
  15. Not sure which thread it was in but Gizmo once said this was a good idea (think it was within the last 6-8 months) which suggests they looked, or are looking, at adding it, but I don't recall seeing anything since.
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