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  1. Is it me or have they taught the music to cold people?
  2. And in a place where clothing options are a bit limited, losing the dll functions we used to enjoy is sadly a bigger backward step than it ought to be.
  3. I only had time for a quick look at the spotlights but I was able to change the colour of the lights by selecting it and then using the colour palette like you do for materials and objects. Now I think about it I have no idea if you could do that with lights previously, never tried. I only tried with these because the screenshot of them showed different colours and I thought it was worth a try. Being able to have them move and throw shapes on the floor like they do in the old nightclub though would be cool
  4. Some of the nicest, sweetest people I have met here are guys. Some of the worst behaviour I have witnessed has been by people I know to be girls. There are undoubtedly a lot of female avi’s controlled by guys, I’ve seen figures as high as 80% quoted by some, though I have no idea how accurate that is. What I do know is, if it’s based on the premise that girls only ever act like angels you should take it with a pinch of salt. If you’re not here for quick sex, then best advice really is to treat this like real life. Wait till you find someone you have a connection with and who is willing to move at your pace, but even then, don’t be surprised if they disappear afterwards. It’s no secret that patience and honeyed words often include false promises. Take care and have fun
  5. Happens a lot for me too, re-entering the room can help although last night whilst the people I couldn't initially see appeared when I re-entered, others I could see beforehand disappeared. I know they were still there as we were chatting in Local.
  6. If you do like the place and decide to stay after your initial month, it would be best to hold off buying an annual subscription until around Christmas time. For the last 2 years, at least, there has been a special offer that is very much cheaper than the normal subscriptions. They may not offer it this year of course, but it would certainly be worth waiting till then in the hope they do.
  7. Hiya!! Next up on our Games Night calendar is ‘Hunting Hunters’ on Sunday 8th September at 7pm UK / 8pm CET We’re using the Palace again and adapting the Hide and Seek game we played before because that involved either finding somewhere to hide and not moving or a lot of largely fruitless searching and not finding many people. We think this will be a little more frenetic and fun. The idea is that you roam the many corridors, rooms, battlements, nooks and crannies of the palace and when you see someone from an opposing team, hug them. They in return will send you a gift. The team with the most gifts at the end will win. You cannot consecutively hug the same person twice. There will be three teams and you must be wearing something in that teams colour to easily identify you in order to play. The team colours will be Green, Red and Yellow. Green team can only hug Red team. Red team can only hug Yellow and Yellow can only hug Green. Hence the title of the game, you will both be hunting and being hunted at the same time. We figure maybe 15 minutes for a game so we'll do a few throughout the course of the evening. Ok, so, this is the first time I've tried to add a pic in this new forum and I struggled enough in the old one so sorry if this goes wrong Anyway, whatever you're doing, just make sure you and whoever you're with, are having fun xxxxxxx Fingers crossed the poster comes out ok......
  8. It was left alt and was hugely helpful if you scrolled up to catch up on the conversation. Now you're forever scrolling up and immediately being pinged back down to the bottom again..... Would be lovely to have that function included.
  9. Yep, really need the dice back please
  10. Hiya, I appreciate this wont interest the vast majority of people here but equally I know there are a few people who it may and those may not realise a metal gang can be this diverse. We occasionally open a room where there is something more than just music, dancing and chatting going on and tonight is one of those nights. We’ve created a room with lots of passages, rooms, nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in. At various points during the evening one person will be nominated the hunter, everyone else goes and hides. The hunter finds and hugs people and they then join the hunt for the others until everyone has been found. It’s as simple and straight forward as that. The room was built by PepperPiccolo and if you like fairytale castles it is worth a look purely for that. We open at 8pm UK time. Anyway, be nice to see you but whatever you do, take care and have fun xxxxx
  11. Yep, pick the wrong pose and bang! There it is!
  12. I wonder if they could add a yes/no button in the settings for a penis that would disable those poses that needed one. That would stop the inadvertent 'growth' when picking poses which is wholly offputting.
  13. HazyRays

    My Friend...

    I doubt there are many people who wouldn't go back and do some things differently in their life if they could. All you can do though is learn from it and if your friend lets you, try and make it up to them and then be the best you can be. I hope your friend reads what you've written and is willing to give you that chance.
  14. Awwww Oliboss thank youuuuuuuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And thank you Amy whether this attempt works or not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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