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  1. Would suggest doing a cylinder in shape you want, put a different texture on it. Use that to build around with curved half holed square shape, copy it and used the rotate with center icon switched on, move it then add squares for the borders around those. At any case good luck with it, would been nice for sure if we had extrude and boolean functions to remove stuff.
  2. Only thing that really don't make sense to me if usually the type of people who put down servers like Anonymous usually always take credit for attacks, I don't understand why there has been non of that here at least openly enough that we know about, think most of us been guessing a long time who could be behind that attacks. I mean even 4chan usually boasted the few times they threatened to bring somebody they disagreed down. But I dunno maybe it's new times and people just do it without wanting the credit behind their activisme.
  3. Makes more, sense it would.
  4. TOP DEFINITION flud A good friend can be identified with the use of the term 'flud' In the same way a group of good friends can be identified as 'fludrins'. This word originates from North London, where once upon a time Farrahri and Rabioli said it in the wrong context. bless them. Phrase: waagz flud Not exactly sure how this fit into anything related to being banned, less you were good friends somehow with Off gang, which they did post hanging with them may result in ban? That or maybe with a typo error somewhere that happened and it wasn't meant to b
  5. Same here got DCed then followed by Connection refused when I tried to get back on.
  6. I dunno if it's very complicated to do, but would you consider doing layout or optional forum layout with less hard white. It's not very easy on the eyes if you're spending a lot of time on here.
  7. Why have we not gotten something like this in, blender stuff can be imported into unity right? Seems all this according to what he writes is free and open source.
  8. Done remodelled version of the neighborhood so changed names and reuploaded, old version will have name NeighborhoodOLD and new NeighborhoodNEW in case you should prefer old over the new it will still be accessible. Changes to the new one road been removed, garden fences have been removed replaced with lower hedges and pathway between house gardens. The hallway in family unit houses been made less small and crammed, the rooms upstairs increase in size. Middle roofing is gone and some kitchen been reduced to create both more space but also to save in size. Lastly new version have 12 usable hous
  9. Like THX said depends on the purpose you want with it, if it's just going to be a sit pool then you can do it with a water textured box(Texture will also give pass through element of water) But if you like to be able to swim in it, then you will need to have it down at water levels. Keep in mind if you take this approach you will need to keep in mind there some high waves at time, in case you don't want those to go through floor tiles when you build it. You can say one challenges with pools that use ocean level can be how to add stairs that feel natural, since we have no working pool ladder
  10. If you're looking into bugs could you fix one the old ones while your at it, that occur when you're partnered with someone in a sex pose then person either disconnect/log while still in the pose and partnered, it will glitch out new time you try use a pose sometimes even when you try partner person up again. Often not working again until you log out or at times go into character editor can occasionally fix it too. I know while it's not the most critical bug and less someone DC on you, it can mostly be avoid by leaving a pose and remove them from partnering before they leave, it's still over
  11. While I partially agree many user 3d created objects kinda present same problems less you put in fake shadings or use ambient occlusion to give them shadows, because of how the lights in general work. It's essentially hard to create a visual depth with current mechanic unless you have direct sunlight hitting surfaces and settings to match with it.
  12. Would love the ability too, but doubt it's gonna happen. Think on part they wanna avoid potential problems with copyright claims if anyone uploaded anything copyrighted for textures, but also seems editor as whole use some sort of automated texture alignment or something. Since textures will always point to one certain direction and have a fix scale size. But yah if we were able to have it would definitely open for many more options to do things with.
  13. Kinda explains why it sometimes react a little odd compared to its surface if it works like a box despite it's shape.
  14. Not sure you can if you use the water levels, I would probably consider just doing water textured object instead. Since if you plan on having water go up onto the ceiling then swimming is going to be hard anyways and you likely gonna have camera humping the ceiling, then just have however is gonna use it walk through the water. Since there is no drowning the water levels are not gonna do much for you besides allowing swimming. Alternatively you could probably build house much higher up and have a fake illusion of below water level basement with fake water, but you would need a bit high up f
  15. Dunno if I am buying they're not trying we about 3 month away for Xmas time, which is where many renew their ½ or 1 year plan. So don't really see why they would sabotage themselves willingly probably well aware of this and how consistent server issue may cause some to reconsider extending another half or full year.
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