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  1. Would like that too so you don't have to spend title to tell what type of room it is but could focus on using title for room name instead, so category or tags being possible to assign without using room title would be welcome feature I think.
  2. My guess they were probably been removed by mistake believe when the new texture system for cloth came out Gizmo said back then that other cloth pieces may be updated to new system eventually, when some asked about if we could get that for remaining cloths. So could be that they're in the process of doing that and somehow accidentially removed it as result of oversight.
  3. Something looks to have gone wrong latest version should have said game version: 442 so guessing something probably went wrong with the update, if you don't want to wait for a response I would suggest trying to uninstall and if you have any antivirus or antimalware make sure its not interrupting updates or installment, then get a fresh install from the account area at https://3dxchat.com/ EDIT: seem someone else found solution to it
  4. Not something you're able to do naturally which Gizmo clarified in previous post on same topic, so doubt you'll get any answers on how to do it. Since it may actually be something that not legit to talk about.
  5. Sound like it would be used it a very negative way to me, while I wouldn't be opposed to something like being able to put some personal notes attached with a persons profile like you could in second life, I think such options should be for personal usages and views entirely, which isn't what I am feeling you're hinting at with this idea. EDIT: However think ability to add stuff to room like common tag by host itself to let people know what kind of room their entering wouldn't be a bad idea, then if its trying to create a certain theme or be available to select target audiences Roleplaying room, specific fetishes, cold rooms or sexual orientations it would make it much more easy to navigate room list, while still maintaining some room title naming options that doesn't have to involve those tags. But think should be options solely in the hands of the room host to place.
  6. Think something was not tested with optimization, because effects feel like they're running way higher on resources than before. Not sure if its because of a change in global settings but can see that running task master on same room it is using more from lighting and effects placed than it does previously. Not halloween update but one before them major one, global light feel slightly more dim too now I had to adjust all rooms with extra 0.2 to have same lighting as before patch, hope it something you consider looking into as effect are already somewhat taxing to place as it is.
  7. Sound like something that would be used to harass and troll people more than anything else outside maybe a few niche RPs.
  8. Well think Carnal instincts and Lustland Adventures are doing it, but they went into designing dymanic sex system somewhat early on Carnal instinct within first year development and Lustland adventures within first few months, likely to avoid the problem of having to redo everything later on. Since retweaking poses is probably a lot of work, not sure exactly where they're making the poses if having original save files a issue or not either forward updating or changing them. If you watch animators make sex poses like AdeptusSteve there seems to be lot of work involved making poses, for dynamic sex poses you also need to find some way of making it work with vaginal and anal stretching on top of the insertion parts I imagine. If you're interested in learning about animation parts I know AdeptusSteve does live streams on Picarto for their development of Wildlife, its for Unreal engine however and not Unity like 3dxchat is made in. https://picarto.tv/AdeptusSteve
  9. Much as I would like to see stuff like that, I doubt strongly it will happen because as many mentioned above the poses wouldn't match with all sizes. It would mean they would need to revamp several poses and come up with some dynamic sex system for the sizes not just in length but thickness too. I don't think it will happen due to the level of extra work it would entail.
  10. I don't know if anyone brought it up, but feels like making the effects uses way more GPU now than they did prior to the last patch. But on the other hand they don't see any better with lighting or such, not sure if its something the global lighting caused because feel like since patch global light in rooms been dimmer by default. All my rooms need light adjustments by 0.2 value to feel similar to how lights were before. While for high end PC it isn't necessarily any problem, to me it just feels wasteful compared to before patch. Needing much more to run effects compared to what it used to require, also would imagine in public type room it would require more from servers too, since client still need to load room the visit with the effects I assume. But not that tech savvy to really know enough detail about it, just notice my GPU built up heat way faster with effects than it before patch in same room with same effects.
  11. Not currently within available official build, not idea if someone figured out ways around the system itself or created unofficial pose combination mods etc. But not without any external intervention to my knowledge, think at some point was talk about pose editor but think idea was scrapped for whatever reason.
  12. Probably true, could likely even make a JPEG file and copy the color codes in there and paint a sample marker, in order to let me see what each color code looks like. Just think some ability to import, export and save name swatches would be way easier and streamlined solution, opposed to jumping over hoops or going through somewhat complicated measures or tedious methods to do it, which may not feel as easy or accessible to every user.
  13. Think be nice with import and export color palette we could name, so we could save specific color palette were for specific things like room texture tweaks etc. Given our current color palette is shared between both making outfits and doing color changes for world editor, finally there being cap limit on the number of color swatches we can have at any given time. I think this would really help and be a very nice feature to have. Especially since when using palette for rooms you can quickly forgot which ones you used for rooms, if you're revisiting and updating older rooms. So think if we could import and export our color swatches and save them under names like with rooms and outfits it would really be very helpful.
  14. Not entirely sure how license parts work but seems humble bundle has a huge quality level unity landscaping pack would it be potential idea to look at stuff like that, either as new made public dev maps or adding pieces in as additional green assets? @Gizmo @Lisa. What do you think should we get more landscaping things for the world editor? https://www.humblebundle.com/software/naturemanufacture-asset-bundle-software?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_3_layout_index_4_layout_type_threes_tile_index_3_c_naturemanufactureassetbundle_softwarebundle Just a few samples pack is I think like 31 euro for a value of roughly 650euro worth of landscaping content I believe.
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