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  1. Wasn't gonna reply since seemed Maxecco wanted to limit information on how he did to people PMing him about, but since it's pretty much out the bag now anyways. Two bottle glass are enough, if you make one in the really dark range tone until the other side fade out and then other side a much brighter tone. The it seems one layer overwrite the other in terms of transparency.
  2. Clever could be interesting way of doing windows for privacy, honestly feel like some idiot for never actually trying it out before. Well kinda a lie I suppose, did do it to hide water before but never actually tried using it in this way before. Good find.
  3. You can somewhat work around it, won't lie not gonna be the ideal solution. But you can place a box objects along the side of the building till it over the side going outward and then add bottle texture, it will disguise the water since the two transparency alpha layers do not stack with each other so bottle texture will overwrite the water texture below effective removing it from visible sight. Downsides to this is you can walk out onto it so would remove illusion of being up in a skyscraper if someone does that, suppose you could work around that by building a fence around the building if you have not already, so walking path is blocked. Other down side is if you let building structures go down to make it look like you're up high, water light reflections will still be bouncing of on building, think you can remove that in settings, but guests would still see reflections. But all that said it would look something along these lines. Ofcourse this is just demonstration so was pretty rushed, you can use cube shapes further out to completely remove all signs of water, this was just to give some idea of how it would look and work. As you can see building going down forward water will be brighter in that area and also have the water reflections despite water no longer being visible anymore. Hope it helps if not sorry couldn't be of more help. EDIT: Short update seems you need water high quality detail on for it to work, was not aware of that since I had it on by default.
  4. Way I understand it from testing a bit, there two sides to size of room and how it reflect on people. Seems there is a server side it's one that impact mostly your interaction while working with file and uploading copy to the server, where it's then hosted at via you. From there size on loading room and all that stuff while it's being hosted seems mostly impacted via your settings like the Detailization range, so if you effectively have largely area separated by significantly big distance from each other they should not, be nearly as load heavy while being in one the area, even if the file itself is somewhat larger far as I can tell while testing the teleporters. But maybe some can clarify on that further, but if that is the case you could probably do file size like 8-10mb where it be mostly be just a issue for you while building, but once it moves into hosting it wouldn't as much long as you don't plant too much stuff close to each other. So if for instance map is split with a sizeable distance within and each structure area is maybe 1-2mb in size it should in principle not be load heavy for people within those area. They may still get a slight load going into room itself but otherwise should run smoothly past that given enough distance between built area long as the zones individually are not too larger beyond 1-1½ maybe or something.
  5. Yah you can only currently make a swimming pool by doing the work around, where you place the pool down at water level and use the ocean water for the pool. Otherwise the avatar won't be able to swim inside it, I don't know why they have not just made pool water texture and coded it so while in that surface it would activate swimming, if you can make textures that allow you to walk through them, then clearly should be possible to make surface that activate swimming animations too while inside them.
  6. May not be all that can be moved, kind of depends on what they're using since I imagine they're not making all assets themselves, so would imagine some assets are specifically tied license wise to unity engine, like some of UE assets license are for use within unreal engine only. But not sure how that situation looks exactly in 3dxchats case. But something to consider should they take the leap over to unreal engine instead.
  7. Don't think there is many other build platforms, 3dxModz used to have some I think but most it's been removed. Then Juicyjina used to have one too but think it closed down page link doesn't work anymore less she moved it somewhere else. So think about Torax platform there is probably only what people list in world editor forum for free that I am personally aware of, unless somebody knows more than I do.
  8. Would just like to have more activities beside sex, not overly picky about what it could be. Feel like currently most what you can do is chat socialize, club and have sex. Then ofcourse you can RP like some have started to, but feel there is really lack of engaging activities outside sex, think 3dxchat could do with some if it's adding driving, strip poker/poker, surfing or GTA like elements. But something else would be really nice I think, just socializing, clubbing and having sex get a little dull in long run, when it kind of reach into the excess area. Especially if you're on occasionally for more than just 1-2hours a day.
  9. Yah I know them left them out because was more in visual novel with slight RPG puzzle elements inside, seems many don't really like that genre type. So wasn't really sure if it was the type of stuff you were asking for.
  10. There Carnal instinct is on steam, Wild life DEMO is on steam but under development stuff currently patreon tier rewards, The lustland adventures DEMO on affect3d featured but undergoing development is currently also patreon tier reward for subscribers, subverse on steam and Sun bay city currently only tier subscriber reward on patreon. Did intentionally not link anything thing here, since not exactly sure what rules on forum is around that under this section since there a virtual sex market section of the forum, so not sure if moderators would say it's supposed to go there instead. But think you should easily be able to search titles but by name and adult on google.
  11. I put mostly some school rooms on there than I got neighborhood but it's on the world editor forum, have a smaller school too but never really got around to updating that one. Maybe will try get that done but link to neighborhood is here: It underwent a few changes under way but different versions should all be there. Put in last updated version with new small school, will see if I can find separate house files and school as separate if it's anything you feel can be used for your project.
  12. Not sure not that many around that are actually finished games and not still undergoing development, also not that many I found with the hyper realistic graphics yet. Some the ones with more realistic graphic tone are mostly visual novels, except maybe the Lust for Darkness and lust from Beyond but think they have limited amount of adult content inside. Then if you look past those and into under development games there are titles like: Carnal instinct, Wild Life, The Lustland Adventures, Subverse, Sun bay city. Most except maybe Subverse in either very early stage development or earlier stages, probably some other games too I forgot but yah.
  13. Actually a good question not sure really to be honest.
  14. I don't know, just know UE5 have technology like nanites and lumen which allows for doing things with graphics were not previously possible.
  15. Don't think is full game yet or first made in it, there several small game demo of UE5 around. But is basically a game engine you can use in existing state add things to via own code within or buy asset to place in. Some what like with Unity which 3dxchat seems to be running on.
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