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  1. Think one option to minimize potential copyright issues would be to make some system where you can take pictures like for gallery, big in smaller sizes that you can add to some picture frame objects or something along those lines.
  2. Think it's the number of items involved tried doing smaller patch of corn just to test how much it used and got up on around 794kb, not entirely sure if there is duplicate items or concentration of many objects piled closely together. I guess could have cut away some top leaves to put it down further, but just wanted to test how few items he could it down to making corn field he talked about. But think is the problem with too few premade assets since making new items and furniture quickly ramp up the size, it is definitely lot of size considering my neighborhood with 12 houses, 1 small school, small town photographer and small cinema is only about 1667kb total. Which I think again stresses importance of us getting more premade assets for world editor to lower room sizes. Also it is very small patch one I made, can't begin to picture it in situation of some actually big corn field.
  3. Building in 3dxchat is pretty much using your creativity to make work arounds, compromises or substitutes for whatever you're trying to do. If it's corn fields suggest trying looking at shapes and textures, in order to see if there could be any substitutes or something that give same feeling or look somewhat. Also keep in mind with something like corn fields most are likely not going to be watching them up close. So you may be able to get away with things you otherwise wouldn't be for appearances due to possible distances. One idea could be using egg shape for top and try find texture that could look like corn if you make them yellow, then make simple stalks if you have not already done something like that to reduce size down.
  4. Think be nice to have at least one masturbation with variant for each M/F/TG so isn't just couches, bed and walls that have masturbation poses.
  5. Not really sure what you're hoping to achieve, I know some how pregnancy kinks etc. But doubt developers are going to allow and child stuff onto sex simulator chat, especially given how much controversy it would likely cause. Pair that in with this would basically be something just for pregnancy kink lovers, if this been life sim with optional sex I imagine it may been a different thing entirely, like sims 4 with sex mods but I doubt they're going to add anything like that for sex game. At very best you're likely to maybe get ability to put on Belly and pretend, but I somehow doubt that is even going to become any option here.
  6. Generally think Cosplay outfit are on the low end in 3dxchat, assuming it's down prioritizing since mostly have police uniform, maid outfit and office dress and that is about it.
  7. Thanks for the tip, still think would been nice to have the feature since I am sure myself included many did not know about that trick.
  8. Think would be nice adding as title says variant of the teleporters that have one activated directional teleport, so essentially stepping on to it would teleport you one place. But teleporter landing spot would not act as way back returner. I think it would be good for specific purposes like maze games or introduction to theme landing spots and probably many other interesting ways of using them.
  9. Noticed several times being the case with some debating getting quite heated, while I am not in habits of reporting anything it seems to be focal point for many heated discussions, personally I think it's not a great thing since many are likely here for escapism and while you could just try ignore world chat entirely, there is that is share chat window with everything else, so if you're in your own room alone doing something building or just relaxing it is kinda avoidable less you minimize chat window and look for any green blinks from potential PMs coming in. I assume rules were in place with intention of allowing escapism and ability to kinda shelf some these things you often get bombarded with everywhere on local media, but if we have no way of really avoiding world completely outside said options. It become challenging to avoid it entirely, I wouldn't mind to see it gone and only have local chat with rooms you're in and PMs, then maybe optional announcement window for events maybe with much longer cooldown for typing so it be harder conducting debates there for the narcissists and trolls to stir up drama around themselves or sensitive topics.
  10. The potential to make actually stuff like more sim like virtual sex chat experience with Lumen and nanites? All free available things could been added from for updates:
  11. Think it's probably technical thing that increasing sliders too much for instance would cause animation clipping with some the poses, also probably limit animations they could do if they would have to avoid clipping in the future with animations. Since fat in most games don't act same way that it does IRL where it shame compared to applied opposite pressure to avoid clipping. It's probably possible to animate it like that too like IRL but imagine it require both lots of resources and probably adjusting models significantly with more areas and possible bones to animate it like that be my guess. While I would love have options of meaning character with couple extra pounds, I doubt it will happen since Developers will likely wanna avoid clipping with animations as much that is possible, examples of animation clipping would be sims 4 with sex mods if you what how some animations look with thick or fat characters there will be quite some clipping going on with many poses.
  12. It's Troll/drama bait most the time pretty much, so wouldn't mind seeing it gone either.
  13. The world is getting too strange.
  14. Maybe some tease blowjobs like this? https://thumbs2.redgifs.com/FullQuaintBrahmancow-mobile.mp4#t=0
  15. Suggest putting in search "best laptop 2022" or "best budget laptop 2022" in one search engines watch a few them, kind of like taking second opinion from doctor. So you're sure the reviews or product coverage is in consensus with that others say, then make sure to check what kind of heat exhaust/ventilation it has to prevent component overheating, since it's usually one biggest issues with laptops given their sizes and limited places heat can go in order to vented, so you want laptop that can handle the exhaust of heat from coolers and component well. Finally make up the decision what is best for you, that is usually what I personally do.
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