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  1. Kinda agree with that, probably nice for creators to have something to go by. Way it was worded "Thanks you for trying" followed by "I like the designs of many things" To me at least says it's probably not everything that would pass the bar among the items, so maybe would be nice if people who actually wanna contribute with things to have solid examples or guide parameters for what meets the standard for it being included into the game?
  2. Think they should decide on if they're gonna deal with this stuff or have a neutral stance, but if these policies are meant only to be taken at face value as public image thing and not actively policed or enforce. Then I think they should consider adding in some safe guard forward people who don't want those rooms around. Like default filter you have to turn off to find those kind of rooms, so people either unaware is not subjective to this without knowing what they're getting in too. My personal opinion however is it's gonna reflect poorly on 3dxchat, kind of like Onlyfans having a huge problem shaking image that they're an adult themed site. Same way if this spreads out with fringe sex suddenly being openly displayed everywhere, I think many new customers are gonna think OMG what kind of place is this. Then you can always argue it's fiction, but that beside the point since question is are there "rules against it" or not, if there is are they gonna be enforced or not. I mean having rules on paper is one thing, but if they're just there for show. Then I don't really understand their purpose outside of looking good to the public, but that will end being a smoke screen if eventually the place is flooded with the stuff. People are gonna find out it's there. My biggest worry is if Fringe sex that isn't just mild taboos become openly apparent, my worry would be it will attract people that like those things, while slowly or quickly alienate everyone else who feels it's no longer a place for them. Also that fringe rooms will end spilling out into other rooms, not being self contained rooms that only attract people who share those fantasies. But end going out and subjecting others to them also, making it not feel safe for people who don't wanna see or experience them personally. Anyways that's my personal thoughts on it
  3. You could probably put in some kind of streaming tag when software is connected if it's collaboration work, it should be possible to make that happen? But essentially making some overhaul of profiles may be another idea, so you can hide profile About informations or gallery maybe for people who are not friends, sure probably other ideas that may work but wouldn't wanna see another situation where overly nervous people, causes it the collaboration work to fall through. Like Plexstorm disappeared from being talked about or seemingly used much after people went completely nuts over it, think people doing streams will help get more people coming to 3dxchat much like Twitch done for many regular games.
  4. Agree but at same time, if people put things in their very public profiles they don't want disclosed or RL pictures, they should probably not be there in the first place. Since you'd have to assume anyone in a public accessible room could view those too. However agree things in PMs or other wise happening outside public area should probably be shown courtesy of privacy respect.
  5. Not familiar with that one, but do know there a bug that has not been fixed in ages that remain at large, where if you're in a pose with another player and that player disappear while still in the pose. Then it usually bug lock when you set down into object, it can be avoided if someone you're partnered with is leaving and you get up from object, remove partner before saying goodbye. Think you usually have to rejoin room to fix it when it happens, kinda annoying it's still around and they have not worked on a fix for it.
  6. Really love your builds and creativity, would there be a chance in future doing your shared builds that you might try doing one with few more bedrooms. Would be really nice to have for roleplaying purposes, notice many your builds only got one bedroom, I don't know if that's been intentional by design or not. But just thought was something I would mention, appreciate all the nice builds you shared publicly.
  7. Imagine if building was like this in here
  8. Imagine some the things that are gonna be brought up have probably been said under different post already, perhaps they gone lost, forgotten or overlooked but nevertheless I think it's important to bring them up. I feel like 3dxchat really need to move on to a newer version with more added functionality, some things you'd consider to be normal base functionality for a social simulation with sex, feels very absent in here from base functions to quality of life stuff. 1. Profiles: Think there need to be more options in profile, stuff like hobbies maybe sexual interest given the sexual aspects of 3dxchat. Think you need to have options to search for profiles, interest or hobbies you share with other players. Some option to click on a check box for being publicly visible in search or not, so those who don't want options have some way of opt out on it. It feels a loss you can't search for people with shared interest or just search up a person you meet but may have DCed on, but have to run chance at somehow landing online same time as them again or bump into them again in some room. Again for a platform that has chat in it's title and focus on social elements it feels like a big oversight. Then add to that I think need to be some way to have a inside mailbox or something in profile, where you can receive offline messages. Outside online message less by people you may accidentally lose or miss if you log in and instantly DC. It's not often it happens but there is the chance, would be better to have some inside function to receive messages look at them and delete them after or keep them. 2. Rooms: I think you need to have more options for telling what type of room you're hosting, from theme of room, dress codes or maybe other rules or roleplaying aspect for the room, right now only options we have is either trying to bump in as much we can in title or making walls of text on arrival hoping some it may be read. Also think there should be some option to put up a feedback box that could be a optional thing to put up, so visitors could leave you comments or desire changes ideas or what not they think could improve the room. Forum isn't a very reliable resource for that since few actually seem to go here and read your posts. 3. Sex poses: Think sex poses need a better system some bisexual poses overlap into heterosexual pose list and is hard to tell which are what with the small pictures, sometime seems things get lost too because of it, like one reason anal poses for instance only has a bisexual version, despite only difference far as I can tell is having strap on equipped for not. Maybe is time to place in that 3rd gender option so many those poses would just go into that gender category and leave the rest under bisexual tab? Maybe some other idea would work too. Then you still have the problem been asked to be addressed for ages now, where the Tgirl and girl poses can't figure out who is wearing strap on and who is not, but constantly require for right person to invite the pose not to bug, which is kinda annoying since it leaves the whole exchange very one sided. Less you're gonna constantly try to explain which pose you'd like to have to other person so they can invite it. Will probably be many other things to bring up but feel like these at least for me are some most important ones that should be worked on in future.
  9. Suspect they wont let us probably out of a mix of worry about DCMA is people use copyrighted uploaded textures and then I think they're not willing to compromise quality control. Would been nice for sure if we were able to do something more than current or we at least would get some requested texture we been asking for a long time.
  10. Well not a question of being a good builder or not, but if the world builder really uninviting and draining to use to make nice things, then it will only be the very few people where adding interesting things will come from. What will you do if some of those decide to leave and there not as many interesting places to go. The way things stand user rooms I think safe to say stand for largest amount of room traffic, don't think you will see as many people in the official rooms as around user rooms. Right now while you can indeed make many things just being creative with problem solving to some degree, it kinda zap some the joy out of doing it with too many unneeded obstacles to deal with, less you really love building creatively with problem solving and somewhat challenging set of tools. Yeah not only that things which should be simple takes a large amount of time and energy to do, just to pick a example out the top my head. The Slutmoore school I made having those 3 colors on the walls required making 3 different objects on every wall, since you couldn't just paint across the texture or anything like that with a color coat, even if we can actually apply colors to the textures.
  11. I was wondering if anyone else are starting to feel wear and tear with RP and few options we have to create RPs that are interactive, by that I mean things that allow for interacting with objects and create more diverse RP sceneries that don't require large chunks of loading due to few premade objects available? I mean while it can be fun to text describe things that don't necessarily have implemented interactions or mechanics for, it also feels like it is potentially excluding many who are not that serious or experienced RPers from participating or feeling engaged into the RP in my opinion. I feel as if we RPers get left behind with updates, I suppose you could argue it is fine if they really don't care about RP community part and see us more as a welcome addition if were contempt with what is there but not ask for anything else. But to me I feel like the clubbing and sex in itself which feels like only alternative to just chatting, get kinda old and boring after a while maybe I am in their minority group of people sharing those thoughts. But just curious how to everyone else feel about it? Do you feel like options currently available to do RPs creativity are starting to be exhausted out by lack of content to expand into new things?
  12. Like title says would be nice with some breast physique slider, where you can choose level of intensity current could be max for instance and then you can adjust it lower. Stand to reason breast would jiggle less depending on the level of fat and tissue inside like every other part of body based on level of fat, tissue and muscles. Slider could be places either below nipples menu under shape customizations or under body shape itself, think it be appreciated currently I am not a huge fan of the amount of boob jiggle so I turned physiques of for now.
  13. As title says do you think interior shading maps could be a nice addition to 3dxchat, if it was possible for developers to add some for things like store fronts apartments etc..? You may wonder what interior shaders are there a video below describing it:
  14. May sound kinda brutal, but think majority of male subscribers are just not as invested in complaining about, I recommend to take a walk in second life where there is actually a micro currency and see how many males invest a lot into their avatar apparences compared to females there. I dunno if it changed but a large portion of skins and meshes were primarily focused at female users, because they apparently bought the most. While male audiences seemed to spend most investment into stuff like clubs, housings, cars and other stuff. Think male are just more interested in functional stuff for their activities and status things, while most females like to invest more into themselves and how they look virtually online. While I am not gonna try generalize too much in saying that's all guys it just been my observations, think for something like 3dxchat I think guys mostly interested in what will get the sex and using their creativity in building cool rooms or DJing and other stuff like that. Opposed to sitting nearly as much in character editor and playing around with character appearance, that and sit mix match colors and other stuff like that. But I really hope you get more stuff as seems most characterizations come for female AVI here like it or not, that is probably gonna be the case for a while less male users complain enough to get devs attention.
  15. Dunno what point would be to it, if they're not many Lovense users yet. Is it likely they would go to a room with few people there or one with many. Since makes not difference if other party has it or not? Since the Lovense toy is synchronized with the sex animation, it does not matter whether your partner has a toy or not. Your toy will work along with the speed and intensity of your chosen sex position.
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