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  1. Honestly think they been a lot better about it than in the past. That said you have not really specified much about where exactly you don't believe they're communicating enough. It's obvious even for bigger companies that they may not see every single forum post or suggestion put out there, if that's the part you're referring to.
  2. Curious is it everywhere inside you get them or is it mainly in big rooms, because could be wireless and connection thing. I used to run on older dongle sorta wireless USB I am using for mine, which limited my total overall internet connection bottlenecking it. Then from advice of internet provider I got bigger one so I could make use my 5ghz now instead of sitting on 2.4ghz one. Maybe is not that but if you're talking about checking PC and connection, maybe be a good place to look too if your net is not bottlenecking a newer network if your network receive upgrades runningly from the provi
  3. Interesting didn't feel as if I noticed any objects that would work really well outright, gotta say kinda curious how you did it now.
  4. Not my best work by far, but was mostly just playing around with out of curiosity to see if it was possible to get something sorta like it. If you can use it you're welcome to it about 7kb in size, if not then just ignore it but yah is pretty tough with current object shapes to do. Gramaphone.world
  5. I dunno what point is in speculating, usually people blow their expectations really high then end getting disappointed that it wasn't what they speculated it would be. Why not just wait and see then let yourself be surprised without any predetermined notions of what it could be?
  6. Then I probably misunderstood it thought question was if it be possible to enter room hosted in first Avi's name then come in with another character for RP purposes, but yah you can't have two character on same account in at same time in any room, unless it's at a bob or betty while you're alone in your private room.
  7. Yes and no if there are people in the room, you can join it with an alt. But if it's just you in the room it will close if you log onto your alt, but with some patch changes a while back. Then room will remain on list if it's opened to public while there is still people inside unless you choose to close it down, it will stay that way if you go onto some alt, what it won't do however is let you open another while from character you hosted it with, without closing room first but you can use a alt believe it can even invite to private room still on alt without it closing down as long as there is
  8. Neighborhood been updated with school file publicly for download and use, since it's been requested here it is.
  9. That's probably true, but then colors would overlap each other too then if that is suggestion goal.
  10. Isn't it a little early to warm up for April's fool?
  11. Wouldn't it be easier to kinda have the title appear in front the name like [DJ]Kate for instance or DJ - Kate, since unless people are really informing themselves about what colors means most are likely not gonna know anyways if they add something like that.
  12. Guessing they probably spend more their time running the engines than getting involved, like with all ideas sometimes start with a passion or a love for something. Then once you realize it you're spending more time on the other aspects than it itselfs. Seen Lisa in 3dxchat was briefly but she has been inside, not sure I run into Gizmo inside personally but guessing people probably seen him too. I get some your critique and kinda agree to some degree on some the points, things like cellphone animations seems to be popular with some, personally I kinda think if you do animation like that you
  13. Would probably try look at possibility of adding 3dxchat to exception list, if it's indeed the antivirus which is probably is. That way you may avoid having to constantly close antivirus when you open the client.
  14. Would also like merged object would show up selected once they're in the file so you don't have to look for them or place them up certain heights to find them.
  15. Would recommend saving your current file you mean to merge it into, then open the object file and make sure you move that object at distance to where you think current built you want it into is at or move it up into a elevated state where you don't think it will overlap existing items. As when you merge items from object file into your build, it won't have those item selected by default, so if they happen to overlap locations with some existing stuff it means they could potentially be hard to spot once they're in your built after the merge.
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