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  1. If they were smart they did this along with releasing cloth racks that worked like drinks where you could buy outfits for s small amount that went to host room, and just decor version of cloth rack. Then people could have some fun making a small fashion shop and stuff like that. EDIT: Imagine it was something both people who want to sell cloth at reasonable Xgold price would enjoy, if some are good at putting together cloth style like some are building. I am sure some would enjoy just being able to buy outfit looks without having to deal with being creative and doing interesting looks themselves.
  2. Think another thing could been nice would been sound based on level of wetness, so you could actually have a sound slide for that too or something.
  3. Think it should be added for skirt that don't cause clipping issues with animations for sure.
  4. Was wondering if we could have dedicated furniture such as massage tables, with some massage poses and maybe some sexual ones. While its possible to make somewhat makeshift massage tables with custom items, many poses look out of place and don't fit all with only select few actually matching table normal size and height, seating etc. Also we don't have many actual massage poses outside one or two I think in bed, maybe of which could be ported to massage table engine. Think it could be a fun appreciated addition to other furniture options and sure some would love to for roleplaying purposes too.
  5. Think if it were done things like thrusting speed and deep penetrations should affect things like pitch of moans.
  6. Think should go for some accessories too like headphones make no sense wearing swimming or in showers for instance among things.
  7. Judging on the host or hostess edgy name I somehow doubt that is the purpose for their interpretation of what it means.
  8. Like the title suggest I think it would been good to have some separation between avatar body and outfits, this would allow outfit sharing like with world files. Currently you can't to my knowledge do this, because you would be sharing the avatar body along with the outfit, part this become a problem if you don't wish to share the avatar itself, but also is a problem in most cases for the person on the receiving end. Since they would then not be able to keep their avatar looks while taking on the outfit itself, so I really think there need to be some separation between the two. Another thing to this is if for instance you do make outfit for yourself then decide on new makeup or hairstyles etc.. you would need to physically change it on every single outfits, which to say the least is not a QoL. So really think you need to consider splitting the two up as I think it would be good both for people who want to exchange outfits but also for the QoL experience, where it wouldn't be needed to redo changes to every outfit if you apply some minor changes to your body/avatars cosmetics.
  9. I suppose 3dxchat may be out clear on runtime fee if this from their site is to be trusted, but I guess again how far can you trust them after pulling something as tone deaf as this?
  10. Then further is life to date install could which I assume count from when it got live 1st January 2024 in which I believe they count sales from that date on, if you're active or inactive would probably not matter assume it would count in subs even if you just try 3dxchat 1month, so sales treshold could probably run up pretty quickly if that is the case over a games lifetime if it continue acquiring new sales or users. https://nordic.ign.com/news/72666/why-unitys-new-install-fees-are-spurring-massive-backlash-among-game-developers
  11. Its not per selling its per install meaning how many times you install the game on devices, think same device like PC without huge changes will be excluded it sounded like. Sorta like win10 license works I assume where after undergoing rapid changes to device it may trigger new install count, but the other aspect is lifetime elements which from what I understand will count on, which could potentially add more consecutive triggers from subs returnining, buying new devices over time and so forth it could presumely end with a lot like some youtubers been pointing out. EDIT: Just example say you have a stationary PC, laptop and tablet and have 3xchat installed on all three that be 0.6$ for those three installs, then apply that on a larger scale and add over time where buying new PC may trigger a new install and so forth.
  12. Well think what people are referring to being big problem is this part(attachement): Which means its according to many that are now abandoning unity is lifetime install tax, which means for every copy that been installed ever including from what I understand early access installment, which from my understanding of what people have posted include early access/beta. I have read some say Game pass and subscriptions are exempted but I don't know how much trust I would put into that, if its subforum comment saying it and its not achieved or screened as later proof. Since some have tendencies of later removing "Proof" of having said such is stance change or they were wrong. But I don't know would probably have it a close look over and look at what others developers been saying about the changes, I know 0.20$USD isn't per say a lot at first sound, but if you take every install ever made since 3dxchat creation into that pool it will become a lot, sound like the changes wont take affect until 1st January 2024, but I don't know if Subscription models are exempted because its not considered distribution then maybe it wont be a issue, but probably worth checking or getting some solid confirmation and keeping the receipts?
  13. Think the bomb would potentially be the per install, assuming you meet the criteria. Which I imagine 3dxchat would if it has a revenue per 12 month over 200000, since the second one is per lifetime install the 200000, which would likely mean user installs since the beginning of 3dxchat. Seem to the per install they also count in betas for the pricing gouging which essentially would include stuff like beta tests for new version from what I understood, those are likely not counting forward the lifetime installs but who knows since it seems really obscure at this point.
  14. I hope so one fear could just be if any developers abandon unity now new pricing will stretch out onto other developers to cover for their loses in revenue due to the bad decision making. But guess we would have to wait and see.
  15. Think it would been interesting idea if you added the option to use the editor hide changer to ingame UI, so you could lower or pull skirts up realtime with new skirt toggle customization options. EDIT: I don't know how complicated it would be to do and specifically for things like skirt, dresses with adjustable bottoms or perhaps female tops, but thought I would put it out there.
  16. Hopefully they fix that before going live or I could see that being received with some negative which would be fair to be honest if log in become practically impossible.
  17. True but in real life we don't have to close a hosted room to do it world editor either.
  18. Living room, kitchen and washroom looks a little like the ones in "Kill it with fire" Nicee.
  19. Well ultimately I would rather all together developers focused more on making animation poses for items that have fewer poses than couches and beds, so they would have an easier time standing on their own rather than having to put 3-5 sex furniture nearby to have broad selections of poses. As for chairs my preference all together would been that they focused more on adding poses to couple chairs over single chair, but still be nice if they would at least make a couple chair poses fit okay near a table. I am not saying they should or have to do it with every single one just a few where we didn't have clipping be nice.
  20. I wouldn't call it complaining, just asking if it be possible to take more consideration into that chairs are often place in close proximity to tables, I don't think many really just place chairs often out in middle of empty spaces. Maybe you do in places like bedroom small seating area or sex rooms who purely have chairs for poses. But most the chairs at least non barstool aren't usually most coming fitted for most club themes at least most current models we have. Then yah maybe could are used for custom couch poses but then many of poses would also have clipping issues there.
  21. Mostly clipping issues with tables in front, where you see avi going into tables with portions of the animations, as you can probably see there many causing clipping amount current ones when placed against tables. I wouldn't even say on the pictures that the chairs are particularly close to the table.
  22. @Varz There any chance btw that you could bring it past rest the team that many use chairs up against tables, if it could be considered when making animations for the chairs. Feel like many the poses end having issues being used up against a table placement, I imagine its because when they animate the mostly just use the chair prop and maybe doesn't entirely consider how the chairs are often used in world.
  23. Do you have any idea when update moves to live, feels as if anytime I drop in on test server there is hardly and public rooms with people there. Are there actually much testing going on there at all, if not wouldn't it be better to just release it and let people report any remaining bugs?
  24. Maybe but I doubt Xgold is going to translate to that many dollars irl, so I am not really that convinced it be really that worth it to scam anyone with Xgold. But of course it remains to be seen.
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