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  1. This is what I mean when you have rotated diagonal surface you will get the floor poses and some other poses looking sorta weird, I tried to fix it in my neighborhood by adding beach towels with bed poses, but will be a issue if you don't have completely flat areas where users interact with terrain for poses.
  2. Used to do it with just objects like rotated flat long box for instance and hide edges with mountains, but if I had to do it again I would probably look at the thin curved objects you use for the donut shapes and round tops. It seems unlike I feel like was the case in the past floor animations only look good on flat surfaces, so rather than vertical like I did in the past I would probably aim for flat top and make curve going down into the water. Alternatively one can also use mountains but its way more tricky and you wont get many flat areas then.
  3. Without being able to say 100% for sure, I imagine it had to do with too little support from consistent visitors that allowed for anything really to happen there. It seems to be mantra with many RP rooms and themselves that there more casual sex roleplayers, than those who want something more than that. So those who may actually provide baseline for visitor growth like persistent visitors that stay around for more than just 30-60min wasn't there, as such its hard to maintain any interest for sustainability. Seems to be consistent issue if you want at least more than 30-45min time sex roleplay to built consistent visitor base for it, then if you manage to get one its also hard to keep them staying and interested, if nothing new happen or anything really progresses or keeps being interesting. But on other hand if you just create room to cater to 30-45min sex roleplays solely is also hard getting room growth, since they don't typically tend to stay or visitor rooms as often if it doesn't always have a somewhat feasible visitor size staying in the room. So is in general hard to run RP theme rooms and be successful at it as the two groups of RPers don't mix all that well together, with briefly sex roleplayers mostly just want their fantasy fix and others wanting something more beside that, if its more indepths RP or just more atmosphere and feeling immersed into room theme. But again just speculation based on observations and personal opinions on the state of roleplaying in 3Dxchat, nobody can say for sure less Puka returns to give a reason for it being abandoned.
  4. Feel like should be more focus on expanding pose options for those object which currently have few of them, while having more bed poses for instance always feel welcome. We have abundance of them currently, would be much nicer in my opinion getting more for other items and maybe porting some older poses who been limited in gender combination to get those would greatly expand some poses of existing furniture too. Also thinking increasing poses for object/furniture with few poses would make objects much easier to stand on their own, without having to have say for instance 3-4 furniture or sex objects to have variety of sex animations and poses. It would also help greatly I think for roleplayers to have option of having stand alone item furniture or objects without always having to rely on putting many things same place not to limit pose quantity and options too much for visitors.
  5. Object always have reassigned texture and color which you're then able to change, the base one is the texture called Clean and white. Then of course you will have the global light setting that will impact the object and light sources if you choose to place them inside. Lights work different from each other in way global light have preset color it gives of, you can adjust the value or change time in day cycle to change it somewhat. But its not customizable past picking one day cycle icons and placing in a number value. Light effect themselves you can change both colors and value, however you can't change value with numbers, instead the follow color theory of white and black works as volumes to preexisting color. Meaning that say you want to make a yellow light then you pick yellow color, then use the color swatch range to pull it further to to white or upwards area or closer to black or downwards.
  6. Have a couple of questions. 1. Any plans to port some older poses over to other couple combinations that has not been done so already? 2. Any plans to add more activities we can do or use for Roleplaying purposes. 3. Any plans to add more cosplay type clothing can be used for various roleplay themes? 4. If you're considering adding more stuff like food and drinks to buy with Xgold, will you add more ways that daily log in to earn them for being actively online.(one idea could be room host being able to pay Xgold coming in from food or drinks out to staff maybe)) 5. Will we get more elements like 2. above or maybe life sim like elements like thirst or hunger, think personally need to be more stuff beside sex. Think big problem 3dxchat is going to have eventually is older users or relatively seasoned users, is the over saturation of sex here, with fuck rooms and cold rooms or just in general. Its going to maintain interest difficult over time. I know that is probably individual base problem for most parts, but think it may also be worth considering from developer standpoint that dopamin levels release from having saturated amounts of sex here, is likely much higher than it would be from playing games. May be worth considering to reduce burn out, to have something else that engages you beside sex here, in terms of longevity of user base. Anyways just final thoughts to my last question.
  7. Had some request to share lasted version of my built that I originally just made for personal usage. Given I like probably some others do sometimes use works of others made publicly available to decrease workload, I felt slightly uncomfortable sharing that one without talking prior to the creators of said works. But upon pondering it over I decided to make it available adding what been added to this version, but rather than do reach out ill instead post link to original creators to credit their work that way. Burger joint is modded work of Rubbina(several other appliances inside various works shared under Kitchen or eletronics from 3dxsharing too) https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/doll-island-by-rubbina/ Molloy Motel is slightly modded version of Plush https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/molloy-motel-by-plush/ SLutdaleNaughtySuburbs.world
  8. Will add to that would be nice with we could save color palettes too, so you could know that these colors were specifically picked for this creation or that outfit.
  9. Oh didn't realize, shame it has not been addressed then.
  10. So according to manual SHIFT + Z should hide and show user interface, but if you hide interface with camera icon, it don't work with the camera icon tag on/off. Which means if you accidentally close camera window after hiding user interface its practically impossible to get it back without relogging.
  11. Think issue was somebody enjoyed rooms where it could have room not show any the names, think the player setting hide all only extend to players you see. I don't think it impact room hosted by one hiding all names themselves.?
  12. Like Andel says succubus are inherently female the male counter parts are incubus.
  13. Usually happens when you copy items which aren't all grouped as one them it makes copies far that I can tell. Only way I know to reduce or avoid it is to degroup and regroup things during work process before copying. Essentially if you have all things grouped you can click some items individually I think with is it holding SHIFT I think, once you deselected items from rest group you can click group BUTTON, this will leave other items into group of their own which should allow copying that group once you select it again without problems. It can be tedious process to do especially if now all items are easily selected to regroup and ungroup things in order to avoid problem but is only way I personally know. One example of this would be say you made custom bed group, some bed custom group tables and select all 3 of them. If you copy them as separate 3 grouped items selected, chances are you will end with additional copies on spots where they were copied. To avoid this you have to group the 3 item groups into 1 before copying. Then after if you don't want them grouped as one item, then you will need to use SHIFT and deselect pieces from each former group then group remaining items until you're back at 3 item groups again. Its extremely frustrating I know but until developers to some quality of life changes to the occurring duplicate problems you either have to do this or manually delete copies or get 3rd party tool to delete the duplicate copies. EDIT: Obvious solution assuming its not technically impossible to do would be allow us to melt grouped item into permanent solid item, so system recognize it as one object and not individual objects grouped together, so it wont make copies of them when you try to copy the grouped item along with other selected grouped items, without grouping them into one item.
  14. My guess is they use QR code generator then using something like Meiling said Niblette tool or another the 3rd part tools to generate it from image into objects.
  15. 1. Adding our own textures. 2. Activities besides sex 3. Interest search feature between profiles(essentially alternative to room tourism, of course with option to click yourself off or on as being searchable like second life).
  16. Think if were talking like getting message after certain time span that this friend has not been on for this long, do you wish to keep them as contact. Then yah may be good as feature for friend list management. If its like you can see it visually on profile, then I think far fewer will be adding friends down the road. Because it can create stalking like situations, but also really let clingy people be really clingy all the time, not sure I see how this will have any positive effect in terms of feature if its the way it would be implemented. Especially if you can't choose to be in stealth mode online.
  17. Could be interesting inspiration idea for pervy looking tops, rather than having fix tied connected bottom then instead having slight weight balance piece?
  18. The texture maker probably didn't either I imagine, like just saw the pattern IRL and thought they looked amazing and wanted to do some textures from them. But now a days everyone needs to get sensitivity triggered for likes and validation it feels like, making huge issues out of very small things obviously very few actually notice or perceive.
  19. Would like that too so you don't have to spend title to tell what type of room it is but could focus on using title for room name instead, so category or tags being possible to assign without using room title would be welcome feature I think.
  20. My guess they were probably been removed by mistake believe when the new texture system for cloth came out Gizmo said back then that other cloth pieces may be updated to new system eventually, when some asked about if we could get that for remaining cloths. So could be that they're in the process of doing that and somehow accidentially removed it as result of oversight.
  21. Something looks to have gone wrong latest version should have said game version: 442 so guessing something probably went wrong with the update, if you don't want to wait for a response I would suggest trying to uninstall and if you have any antivirus or antimalware make sure its not interrupting updates or installment, then get a fresh install from the account area at https://3dxchat.com/ EDIT: seem someone else found solution to it
  22. Not something you're able to do naturally which Gizmo clarified in previous post on same topic, so doubt you'll get any answers on how to do it. Since it may actually be something that not legit to talk about.
  23. Sound like it would be used it a very negative way to me, while I wouldn't be opposed to something like being able to put some personal notes attached with a persons profile like you could in second life, I think such options should be for personal usages and views entirely, which isn't what I am feeling you're hinting at with this idea. EDIT: However think ability to add stuff to room like common tag by host itself to let people know what kind of room their entering wouldn't be a bad idea, then if its trying to create a certain theme or be available to select target audiences Roleplaying room, specific fetishes, cold rooms or sexual orientations it would make it much more easy to navigate room list, while still maintaining some room title naming options that doesn't have to involve those tags. But think should be options solely in the hands of the room host to place.
  24. Think something was not tested with optimization, because effects feel like they're running way higher on resources than before. Not sure if its because of a change in global settings but can see that running task master on same room it is using more from lighting and effects placed than it does previously. Not halloween update but one before them major one, global light feel slightly more dim too now I had to adjust all rooms with extra 0.2 to have same lighting as before patch, hope it something you consider looking into as effect are already somewhat taxing to place as it is.
  25. Sound like something that would be used to harass and troll people more than anything else outside maybe a few niche RPs.
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