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  1. My toys are working back without me doing anything in particular
  2. I found nice person who shared backup with me, i share with you here be careful the belts can not be removed so iadvise to have two same backup with and without belt. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eMfj0R2ui7gnXV6MM9doILt7OUEycCvi/view?usp=sharing
  3. Yes it's true i saw this kind of thing appear after the last update which has just been done on 3DX some people take the opportunity to modify the DLL of the game linked to the clothes because they also add color to their caps or shoes that are not supposed to have custom colors and that kind of thing only the modification of the Assembly.Dll which allows this kind of thing, but suddenly is it legal? According to my memory 2 years ago Gyzmo had to close the site which gives free DLL for the game, but since I can be crack easily this kind of practice we stopped and now it's back but only for some privileged person to touch to the game code.
  4. Heya quelqu'un sait comment rendre nos sous-vêtements visibles sur nos vêtements ? Heya anyone know how to make our underwear visible on our clothes?
  5. Heya everybody I have the same problem after trying the beta unable to connect to the official version. I think it is necessary to remove all the jewelry and all the clothes from the beta to be able to connect to the official version, but since it is no longer available for download on the forum, it is impossible for me to remove my jewelry and to be able to replay the official version and finish doing my bug report
  6. Heya i creating this post today for @Lisa or @Gizmo to know if you authorized the sale of the rooms to make money like on this site ? https://3dxchatstore.com/
  7. when you put the panties on the first picture the swimsuit is broken, you have to put on the old panties
  8. ab9aa47918f4565e2e6ab765c0408b83.mp4
  9. https://gyazo.com/ab9aa47918f4565e2e6ab765c0408b83
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