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  1. From my point of view, not saying it is correct or not, most of these bigger rooms you mention usually have plenty of means and support to buy gold to stay permanently on top, so I don't think much will change there. BUT hopefully with this new gold transfer system, you can actually support smaller rooms that you like, by simply interacting with objects inside of them, helping the small room owner to collect a bit of gold to get back onto the top of the list every now and again, I think it's a brilliant way of supporting the smaller rooms And personally I will rather spend my time in a small or semi-small room, than being in one of those big "clubs" where half of them are afk people anyways, or you have to follow an unwritten "set of rules" to not annoy the host or any of their regular guests etc., like some rooms doesn't like it if I mess around with friends and suddenly start running around like crazy on their dance floor, because of some silly interaction or whatever the case might be, I'm not trying to disrupt anyone else's fun, I'm just having a good time and enjoying the rooms I am in
  2. Did you try to leave the discord server and join it again ?
  3. They literally said that they will add a bunch of new poses as soon as they have finished working on the beta ?
  4. It happens at random in Fresco and Sin Club, if you re-enter the room over and over you can see the weird spawns along with all the normal ones
  5. If you send them a message they will get it the next time they login to the game, if you send them a friend request it won't show up for them.
  6. You can find more information in this topic on how to backup your colors, so you don't lose them in the future
  7. Your colors are saved locally: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SexGameDevil\3DXChat Maybe you ran a registry cleaner ?
  8. Contact BMT Micro customer support
  9. Look at the date of the post
  10. There is no fix for this, this is just how the devs designed it
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