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  1. Yes, I had the same issue, and I turned it off for that reason.
  2. Sounds like the game crashed, in the installation folder there might be a log file of what happened you can send to support, but they're most likely just going to tell you to reinstall the game.
  3. Saturday September 4th @ 8pm CEST Crown Nightclub is a very friendly and chill club playing mainly EDM, Big Room and Tech House music. Our grand opening is to give people the chance to come and see our new location, meet us, dance with us and have a good time with some awesome music from LIVE VELET resident DJ's TonnyDrake, SomeoneElse, Nalley & DJStefDE And the fabulous GP Dancers will be dancing and entertaining all of you. Supported by Velvet & GP Dancers.
  4. Icecast is an alternative to shoutcast and it has a lot more options: https://www.icecast.org/download/
  5. Seen it too, hoping for a fix soon.
  6. MissD


    Here? @Tico https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/forum/5-events-and-activities/
  7. We actually did have this feature, I used it a lot back then and still don't get why they removed it, it was so good for pictures
  8. MissD


    Why do you keep posting in the old 2015 section ?
  9. Try using another streaming service than radionomy, I've had issues with that service in the past
  10. I thought you were joking for a minute
  11. Oh wow, servers are back up but.. 1060% latency increase detected doesn't sound good Source: https://3dxchat-status.com/
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