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  1. If you run a VPN on your computer, disable it. If you have your phone set to use your cellular connection to help boost WiFi speed, it might also cause this.
  2. You literally just described the ghost partner from when there was mods for 3DX And Gizmo said no
  3. Did you try to use a vpn, that doesn't block the content and API servers ?
  4. Lokhu okuthunyelwe akusizi ngalutho njengeyakho. Kei te patai koe i runga i nga huinga whai mana me pehea te uru atu ki te kaimau kaipahua?
  5. The chat window has a separate size/scale setting for your eyes, so it's just the rest of the UI that is small
  6. There is a lot of issue when running the game in 4K, the scaling is not very helpful a lot of times things are off the screen, not scaling right etc.
  7. It's a scaling issue like with the select character menu
  8. https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/1052244417693614140/1224050283794010162
  9. MissD

    no connection

    The 3DXChat team just posted this: https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/1052244417693614140/1224050283794010162
  10. I don't understand why they put it in the foreplay section, if only we had another option for slowdances already available in the game, without distracting sounds I don't know but I would imagine putting 2 more text buttons in with the other slowdance is easier than making icons etc. for them
  11. Try these steps: And since you already tried a VPN maybe try another one, not all of them allow games and some are just not compatible.
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