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  1. Try using another streaming service than radionomy, I've had issues with that service in the past 😊
  2. I thought you were joking for a minute 😅
  3. Oh wow, servers are back up but.. 1060% latency increase detected doesn't sound good 🤔 Source: https://3dxchat-status.com/
  4. It costs too much bandwidth on their servers 🤣
  5. I didn't know there was a limit 😋
  6. I found the bad illuminati @Alivia2 😂
  7. Well written Xizi, 100% agree with you, already lost a ton of friends because of this ongoing issue and I doubt they'll be coming back ever again. And new players buying a month only to realise the server is down almost as much as they are online, will look elsewhere as well and probably never return either 🙄 It does feel like 3DX is dying, especially since no one is giving any information about anything.
  8. My point was that the devs won't tell us anything anyways, so for all I care the aliens could be behind it 😅
  9. They don't but they might be under attack still.. Maybe whoever stole their game is trying to make people move to their version to grab your money or something, who knows 🙄 Devs won't tell anyway 🤔
  10. You might want to check here before wasting time trying to log in 😊 https://3dxchat-status.com/
  11. But there is nothing to fix, it's not a bug, it is a feature, you get some breaks to do something else for a bit 😄 I mean they already changed to a top notch server, right ? What more can you ask for ? And best of all, you get to pay money for the breaks 😝 -- Sarcasm aside, I agree with you.. Gizmo needs to step up.. The amount of time this has been going on is just rediculous..
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