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  1. I don't disagree, as I said I'm just guessing, thinking that if it wasn't intentionally it would have been fixed by now as it was a "planned feature" ?
  2. MissD


    Only if you have a pm or gc open where they are in and you can click "show profile" or you "gift stalk" and find them through other peoples gifts
  3. MissD


    From my experience nobody gets a message other than the one appearing on the profile of an ignored person or a person ignoring you
  4. Just to be clear I am just guessing with this post.. But after that patch, the "clothes bug" where other people engaging in a sexual pose without removing their clothes first, and you would see them have clothes on during sex happened. So again I am just guessing, but to me it seems like Gizmo might have misunderstood what we actually wanted, and added the "bug" instead, and it is still present in the game today, if you want to get the actual clothes synced for the people in a sexual pose you have to rejoin the room and they will be naked like they are on their screen.
  5. This should have been implemented when they asked which features from Rochi's mod we wanted to keep
  6. Maybe your ISP blocks the content server of 3dx, and a VPN will circumvent that or maybe your internet is too slow (Bad wifi?), until you try something we can't know. If all your problems are sorted by using a VPN, then it's most likely your ISP or even your country messing up something, and if you use the one I linked, it's a free service, no payment required. You just can't expect the best speed/connection, but as far as I have tested it has worked for multiple days without any problems. The "logical" explanation is that the radio is hosted by a different service (not blocked by your ISP/country?), same with other "parts" of 3dx as far as I know, things are located on different servers, like you can see on Colin's troubleshooting tools, and some ISP's block adult content or even are forced to block it by law in some places, hence why we suggest you to try a VPN first, if it doesn't help, then we need more information in order to help you out So give the free VPN a try, and report back if it fixed your issue or not
  7. There are some free VPN options available like Proton VPN, I know that works with 3dx, as I have used it for testing in the past
  8. Did you get any error using Colin's troubleshoot tool ? Have you tried using a VPN ? You can find more information here:
  9. That opens a new tab not a new window, fyi you can also click the scroll wheel instead of ctrl, for easier navigation The point of using a new windows was to try and eliminate any weird plugin, that might close the tab.
  10. Try to rightclick on one of the links and click "open in new window" in case you have a plugin that makes your browser behave weird.
  11. It really depends on the room
  12. The reason I called it Forum FAQ was because 3dx already have an official FAQ, and the post was more about what people kept asking on the forums over and over again But I guess it would make sense to change the name to something more relevant for the users looking for help
  13. Try to run the launcher as administrator, and make sure your antivirus/windows defender doesn't block it
  14. Step 1: click on the camera icon located on the bottom right: Step 2: Use the camera zoom slider and zoom your camera out, changing the field of view:
  15. Infinite loading screen You are able to login, but can't get past the loading screen, no matter how long you wait. Contact support and have them reset your avatar. You can contact support on Discord by posting a ticket on the #support channel. You will need to be verified there (#get-verified channel). Or you can contact them using the support page: https://3dxchat.com/support/ Missing mouse cursor Your mouse cursor is nowhere to be found in game. There is a shortcut to hide the cursor, right click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + C Missing UI / HUD / Chat, name, gold & Menu Your user interface is missing from the screen. There is a shortcut to hide the UI, click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + Z Connection problems If you get connection refused or lost connection, but nobody else is having the same issue. First of all, check your own internet connection. Then you can use @ColinDude's website to check for a live status of 3DXChat here: https://3dxchat-status.com/ If that isn't the problem you can try to run a selftest to see if your ISP or firewall is blocking any of the connections 3DXChat needs to function here: https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest for a more accurate and detailed troubleshoot, you can download and run the troubleshoot file: https://3dxchat-status.com/troubleshooting (Follow the guide on the page) If your connection is blocked or slow try the following steps: Use a VPN there are plenty of free VPN options out there. Use a cable connection instead of WiFi. Allowing 3DXChat through your firewall and antivirus software. UI went missing when closing the camera window with (Hide interface enabled) You UI is gone and the shift + z shortcut doesn't work. You can press F1 you open up the settings windows, closing it again will restore your UI. This might cause the action menu to go missing, see question 6. Action menu went missing If your action menu is missing from screen and it doesn't come back when using the icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Open the in-game camera tool and uncheck "hide interface", this should restore the action menu. If not restart the game. Launcher says 3DXChat is already running When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that 3DXChat is already running. Simply close down the launcher and go into the game directory and launch 3DXChat.exe from there, it will proceed to update the launcher and you can then get into the game. Launcher first time download failed after 5 attempts When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that it failed because of a network error. Make sure that your antivirus does not block the launcher and try to launch it as administrator. Some countries block adult content like 3DXChat, so you might need to install a VPN to complete the download. There are some free VPN options available like Proton VPN. I have another question that you haven't answered I will try to keep this post updated when I see a lot of people asking the same questions. These are the most frequent questions I have seen and answered on the forums. If you have any other questions about the game please check the official FAQ: https://3dxchat.com/support/ And if that doesn't help you, make a new post and someone will try their best to help you.
  16. MissD

    3DXChat Development Update 1

    I just want to thank the devs for making this blog to help us see what the future holds for this game, and that you are working on something, instead of the players being in the dark guessing, very nice with some communication
  17. Reinstall your drivers, as the problem you are experiencing started after a driver update
  18. Usually the infinite loading is character related, but it could also be a connection being blocked between your computer and the content server, to download rooms, avatars, gallery pictures etc. Try to run a self test to see if anything is being slow/blocked. https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest https://3dxchat-status.com/troubleshooting
  19. I'm not sure if Eva_Support is active anymore, since they made the support ticket system on discord. They removed the discord account from the FAQ/Support page, so I think your best bet is to use the contact form here: https://3dxchat.com/support/#support
  20. Oh that, I didn't consider it a music player
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