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  1. How does teleport works anyway? Only for creating rooms or for everyone to go from A - B. ?
  2. Does it only works with oculus rift or are there any other distributers ?
  3. Hey everybody , i am looking for a tutorial or some introduction in the main features for custumizing my room. a guideline how to get startet. maybe theres a video? i was searching the forum and couldnt find anything.
  4. hmmm. then i have no idea why its out of synch - do other have the same experience?
  5. i guess it depends on how far you are away and how fast your internet speed is like. slow connection - slow synch.
  6. this thread seems old ..links dont work anymore..but actually i d like to know if there are shortcuts that work. is there any list ?
  7. i wonder why the developers dont hire a game designer. There are so many talents out there. I created for IMVU about 10 years and had a lot of fun in doing it. You just need to be experienced in blender which is free, Max3DS, Daz3D or Maya do shape the characters and do more rendering stuff. The character editor could embed these tools and to simply use a additional slider to adjust things like lipps, eyes, nose and face easy by every invidual user. It would make everyone more individual.
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