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  1. some suggestions for individual looks to align by sliders. I can imagine that different heights of avis will mess up the pose alignment and would cause trouble in the game. Although the sliders already existing in 3dx could have more options source: https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-8-female-body-morphs
  2. ideas for costume play (wish some of these outfits would be avaiable in shop )
  3. hopefully theses ideas and creations finds a way in shop soon!
  4. A shop system would be great instead of spending tokens for a new photo slot. I m sure ppl are willing to spend even more for new clothing options like shoes, hairstyles, pants, bikinis and so on.
  5. This was it! so easy if your not blind
  6. In the Character Editor Section where you are in dressing room, if i try to zoom in - i end up at my bellybutton !? How to zoom in , so that the face will be close up ?
  7. Double suck pose and stroke : This Double Sucks position makes for a fun time for at least two of the partners at a time. Why It Rocks: It a good threesome position because both guys get a bit of sucking, but you gotta be patient. Wait your turn and this position is great.
  8. more options in clothings for men and women. Why not start with a business outfit and have something sexy underneath. Make the clothes as multilayers.
  9. Please add more poses (foreplay, 3sum) and clothes (hairstyles, Shoes ) to the game. Women love to dress
  10. when there will be more poses and clothes ?
  11. is it difficult to add new poses to 3dx? who is making them and how long does it take ?
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