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  1. There are names enought for get or invent. If is cached then get other. But on any case, I judt dont want this. May be some of my friends back some day and I dont want the name or the account deleted. Keep it always that is possible. I shoudl like that game allow 3 letters names. will be a fucked thing if other get "mine" (lol.... as if some can say "this is my name" :))) Hei, other arrived first. Handle with it. Some usseful thing will be this. User name must be unique and single (on other cases the DB will be a shit), but the name that you show should be possible to be repited (just like something to show ver the avatar). something like Second Life. You can show your User Name or you can show the name you want.
  2. if is second Life make me knwo where I can find :D. About what fit better with you ... I dont know. I have preferences on general for brunette. Probably aswell, this one fit better wioth your 3dx Avi. (the style, the ... aura). But I dont know you that deep :D.
  3. I think is kind or clear disagrement? :D. Or only some other point of view of the things. You say that "freedom" depends of the diferences. Y defend taht it depends opf the awareness
  4. Each of us is different. The freedom comes with the awareness. Awareness give us the option for get the choices. Awareness make us free gor get new decissions.
  5. Concept of Metaverse exist for about 20 years ... only now they publishing like the new big thing ....
  6. Well, Im not sure if is the way of "fix" the hting, but certanly if people dont buy this color names, it will make devs think about it. The problem is that, they configured it so ridiculous expensive, and even with this some people is doing (or may be mostly of them have the "option """"""free""""""" just for make others use, and yes, on this cases, this others pay xgold and buy xgold...) That may be the this system worth for the devs as they will get some money, no caring if only few people use. Will be, aswell, interesting, see what happens when the people that have ammounted thousen of xgold (cause is mostly ussless on 3dx) had spent it (in case they decide to use on such thing).
  7. I agree that should be easy at all to apply this option. About what you say taht this option is "sexyst", I dont agree. The people can be sexyst. The society is mainly sexyst (and can be for all the options not only for females). On general there are a lot of sexyst on virtual, affecting males and females, and caused by males and females, on both directions. Im male and Im the first on say that if the option exist, I will use (except if they ask some absurd price for it as que thing of the colored names). Is the people who can turn some option "wrong" but not becuase the option self if bad, is only cause how people is.
  8. Me sorprende que no hayas criticado mi inglΓ©s.
  9. @Gizmo This option Is absurd expensive. Aswell it dont give so big thing to the game experience. Also, I will add, from my point of view, this is not a good direction for the next updates (add new options for incress the traffic of Xgold). One of the good things that this Virtual world have is the "All in one suscription". Spoil this, will cause that people start to pick other options (even the not legal ones that are completelly free, even being worst that the original 3DX). We all apreciate the work that devs do. May be to focus on what customers want will be nicer (even if it take long time to apply). If there are some other new thigs out of the blue (like this one), are wellcome always that are included on the suscription, or if it require some XGOLD, not some absurd ammount of Xgold.
  10. This wa sonyl some thign for get mopre money, incressing the Xgold traffic. I think they are asking so much for not so much ussefull option, but some people will pay. So probably foe the Devs it works. we will see for how long time.
  11. I agree on your both paraghraphs. specially on the second one last part . About the first, aswell I agree. But I will add that aswell, some people will stay and with time some people will come. really, a lot depends about the ammount that they ask for the verification. It will be very related to the impact that can cause on first moment. If some nice and "secure" way is implemented, with time, some people will join to the game (but not for 6000$ year that can cost the silly thing of the colored names ... o well yes , some people will pay). Ty for your words
  12. I think at the end is all about fear and frustration. Fear to realise that things are like we all think. That from 1000 female avis that are not recognicing that are males, 800 may be are males really (and the % about the number of them that can be foused on trolling, cheating and causing drama ... I have no idea). And till the the point that they can keep kind of fantasy, they dont care to pretend that things are ok, but is not same, if suddenly some people (even if are not much) start to show what they really are. We all can see the streamers, they show they avatar and they show her real (and I say her cause Spoke with two and both are women ... and was funny to see my avi poping on the streaming). Can you imagin that... lets say ... suddenly ... 50 of this female avis show her real on the screen and show that they are males? Apocalipsis. The fear to some change that can spoil the things about "how must be the status of the things" is what on general, cause all this "wave of discrimination". Of course it will cause, but not becuase there are the option for show that you are what you are. It will happens cause the people are like they are. And of course, Im not saying that people who get gender ID will be a perfect saints and the others the devil. People is like is, behind avatar or facing, be ona virtual game will not change them magical to some different shape (but they can change after the experiences on virtual as they can change after experiences on real). At the real world happens same, lot of people can accept some reality that is not what they want, but they will handle if can keep some illussion about "this is what I want, Im happy". And of course, donmt talk to them about change something cause you will destroy their happyness. Some people preffer the ignorance in place of the awareness. I can understand the reaction of some people (till the point that im able to udnerstand).
  13. No. Toposecreto was the name taht I had here on the forum just cause was the same taht my mail account. But I found how to change it and changed it to my name on the game. Now all my post answer topics and wnatever appear here with the new name. no care when I wrote it. And no not at all definitivelly hahahaha. The thread is pretty new and no need to trolling. I changed it few days ago. I must admint that did not think about this and that can cause some miskunderstanding doing it in the middle. Apologise. By the way, the number of changes is limited to 3, if I undertood right, so in case someone want to troll about it, will need to change the account soon for continue with the multiname thing.
  14. Well, I was actually very surprised when I opened a topic related to something and Gyzmo answered on some moment that they had planned to do something about it on updates. Yes was a surprise. I continue waiting for it ... but you know? Suddenly the problem that I exposed stoped to happens (or at least, I never saw it before, may be different timing haha). Sometimes, is good to talk about something, even if it will not have practical consequences on the game. I dont have the hope taht they add something similar at all. (except if suddenly they see a veryt easy and good bussines on it, that make the plans related to the game change). About the thing of the names ... Well. is really ridiculos from the point of view of the players. - I think noone asked about this as priority - Clearly they though that was a good idea to incresse the incomes, rising the xgold traffic. And actually can be ... for some little ammount, or if being big, not bigger than the ones we have now (change name or gender, divorce, marry) ... but ... to pay what they are asking? ... May be they are sure that some people will pay a lot and was all what they need. And yes ... some people will pay. $$$$$
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