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  1. This game from the moment of its appearance to the present day is considered the most advanced and technologically progressive among such.This is probably true for several reasons: 1. Modern and constantly updated game engine. 2. Date of release. 3. Development team. But in my opinion, this is the main merit of the people who are now engaged in supporting this project.People who have never been afraid to experiment and implement the most advanced ... or almost ... technology and functions in this still most beautiful and most exciting game.We all know that not everything was smooth with the introduction of something new, but almost always all the errors and inaccuracies were corrected by the following updates. Time has shown that this is the only true and probably the only possible option for the emergence of something new. Now it's 2019 ... and the physics of the body and clothes for modern games is not a new feature...BlackDesert online...Virt A Mate...and many more)))Therefore, it would probably be foolish not to use something that in the future will further bring your character’s appearance to reality. Understandably... visually, the physics of the body does not look perfect and it is not known how our sacred FPS will suffer from this,but PLEASE do not give up something new just because you are scared or you are just used to the old. I think that it will not be a big problem to add a tick in the graphic settings. And one more .... for some reason I am sure that if the physics of the body appear in the game, in the next updates it will be made, if not perfect, then very close to the ideal... KISSES...
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