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  1. Would be usefull too, What I do currently: I have a "safe Zone" during building its an area at 0/0/0 coordinates what I keep free during the building and I move also the objects to that zone before saving them separately for merging after. Or what you could also do is that you open the objectgroup (would be more easy to find as you have just in the editor) go close to it then you merge your actual room on it. this way you will see where it is. After this you have 2 choices 1) you continue to build in this case eventually you have to reposition the spawn object 2) you remember the position, close everything and load the room again, then merge the object (now you find it more easy as you remember the position) in this case you dont have to reposition the spawn object
  2. I would like that also, but they should keep the old versions too (if the Pimping don't turn out so as anyone imagined they would still have te old)
  3. You can also "cap" your internet connection for a second and then pull the "Red window" for example to the bottom left so its not troubling you that much during the building. => you are offline and can build/save/load files. just remember to save before you exit/press the reconnect
  4. The competition is a cool idea and hope at the end it will be fun for everyone and not source of drama. As of for me I'm very cuorious to see stuff from all of you who will be enternig the contest (I wont). Wish you all Good luck.
  5. I dont know if anyone suggested it before but it would be nice to have a Mirrored version of the Hairstyles. Reason: My ❀️ like to look at us if we slowdance and I hug her from behind, but strangely most hairstlyes cover the hugging persons Face(what is a bit unfortunate): but if the hairstyle of the person in front would be mirrored you could see almost the complete face from the person behind. what would be nice to have imho. so Pleeeeeaseee Thx for reading Regards Luke PS: Mirrored like: Left to Right (not front to back πŸ™ƒ)
  6. As it looks like the textures "repair" themself. if you have them on surfaces in the editor jump into the normal then they look more sharp and when you go back into the WE it looks Ok (still not that sharp as the oter "older" textures but much better as you apply them 1st in the editor)
  7. I completely agree with Anaganda. Nice to have the servers back, and the new stuffs are great expect some of the textures mentioned above (those at current quality are not very usefull). Speaking of Textures would be lovely also if they would be oriented to the objects Local Axes and not to the Global ones
  8. if you color horns full black from palete and exit the char editor horns turn red
  9. Chilles I'll advise you that you start now filling up your Beer supplies, - so you have build up enough for next event 🀣
  10. Thanks for the Party Ana & Chilles Jana & me had a fabolous time <3. I'm more then thankfull for the last "censored" picture .
  11. It was a fun and nice evening, thank you all for coming yesterday and big thx to MissyB for the Awesome Tunes. Some Pictures: And Congrats to WildMaddie & NakedNikki for the wedding, once more all the best for your! Hope to See you all next time... Regards Luke
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