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  1. Too weak... Here's the best cover for me)
  2. GIMP will not give you the features that these programs can give you. If you want to do something, you have to do it well, in those packages that are designed for it. You forgot to mention Blender, it's free and you can texture in it too. About "but allow to texture meshes passing quality control" it's too awful. Nobody wants their dick to fall out of their body during animation. Let's say during a blowjob the penis comes out of the cheek or the lower back during a doggy style. Or nobody wants to see during walking the body textures that come out because the meshes of clothing was not made correctly. Say hello to SL. So quality control is necessary. Otherwise, we get a game of mediocre quality. One of the reasons why people love our game is the picture we see on the screen. The game is beautiful, so you don't have to demand something that can make it ugly. Don't forget about the optimization. One more reason about control is meshes and textures are controlled by the quality for optimization. Because in our game a lot of users of laptops with built-in graphics cards. Therefore, high resolution textures and meshes with a large number of polygons are not allowed. And another thing... than trying to make a fuss in each topic, it is better to try something. You'll understand more and more and all the questions will be gone.
  3. ohhh what a topic ) that's very nice to see some competition for 3dx Builders ) And a few words for the worried) Keep Calm And Build On ). Me and Manyasha will not participate in this contest.)
  4. You're welcome, but I think Lisa is doing a great job. It's just that some of the poses are, let's say, so specific ) and only suitable for girls ). If you mean Table, Pool, Sofa, from the discord), I can't even imagine a guy in such positions ). A guy needs to be animated differently, given the specifics of his body and attitude. So it's gonna happen sooner or later. )
  5. Hey to all )) some new free stuff for you )) you can get it here --->>>> JUST CLICK ME
  6. "VITA" BANQUET HALL is available now )) you can find it here ====>>> CLICK
  7. Finally )) Shelter is available , you can find it here ===>>>> CLICK
  8. "Shelter" by ReM - is a space residence hidden among the islands of the planet's far-flung edge of the universe, the station's mission is to hide space agents, traders and forbidden races in a "new light".
  9. Thanks Ali )
  10. With specific persons you can contact in "facebook, twittter, discord, viber, whatsapp, telegram" and many others social networks ) πŸ˜‰
  11. Go with peace young Padawan
  12. I didn't say a word about a pirate, patap and pirates aren't connected, read the second post, and stop writing stupid things, don't be ridiculous.
  13. Where you saw stealing? open your eyes and read the second post .
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