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  1. 1. Locations have always been selling out, a year ago and two years ago and three years ago. 2. Always something limited and not available to everyone costs money. 3. Time costs money. And finally, the world editor has a built in donation link for patreon, which is also a money grab ) So what is it that you don't like about the site ? ) do not buy )) no one is forcing )
  2. Some snippets from the WIP )
  3. And the second house ) Safe Paradise
  4. Hi all, a new update on our website. You can see more screenshots and make it your own by following this link "Three storms bay" beach house
  5. Probably impossible... Why... Smoking propaganda, it's illegal in almost all countries. As well as the promotion of alcohol - for this reason was removed the effect of drunkenness from the game.
  6. And here we go ) All Lovense toys Lovense_toys.world
  7. How do the devs organize a party? You think this is an organization just because they posted an ad? Everyone does their own thing, devs fix bugs and improve the game, others do their own thing. This is called division of labor.
  8. Provided by 3DXC )
  9. Our latest work for new 3dxΠ‘hat great partner Lovense Lounge More screens here =>=>=> CLICK
  10. That' is correct, and so it counts, because each variation is a separate animation, a separate file, each variation is so to speak unique because of the size of the avatars and other variables
  11. Well, I'll tell you this phrase, better late than never. The game does not stuck, it develops, the conglomeration with Lovense is a great step for the future. More interaction and new experiences. You always want to feel your partner.) Now it's going to get easier.) If it brings a lot of new players to the game, then the goal is achieved, and the next updates will expand the content base. All in good time.
  12. Thank you, unfortunately no, this is a personal order.
  13. Thanks ) We'll keep trying best .)
  14. A few screenshots of recent work completed. You can see more by following this link. CLICK XHIBIT Neighbourhood Some corrections and additions to the existing house, hand-drawn pictures, and building a mini neighbourhood of 3 houses from scratch. Plus some work on the landscape.
  15. A few screenshots of recent work completed. You can see more by following this link. CLICK Papagayo Beach Club
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