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  1. Thank you, unfortunately no, this is a personal order.
  2. Thanks ) We'll keep trying best .)
  3. A few screenshots of recent work completed. You can see more by following this link. CLICK XHIBIT Neighbourhood Some corrections and additions to the existing house, hand-drawn pictures, and building a mini neighbourhood of 3 houses from scratch. Plus some work on the landscape.
  4. A few screenshots of recent work completed. You can see more by following this link. CLICK Papagayo Beach Club
  5. As for the Daleks, don't let them find this place ðŸĪŠ
  6. the reason is not that no one or do not want to do, the reason is that not good people steal meshes from the game )
  7. Well in a short time you can do garbage things like this skirt, if you want to make a quality thing. you need a lot more, a lot more time
  8. 6 mins for this ? What a long and complicated blender... 637085704_2021-01-1718-14-11.mp4
  9. I don't know what kind of clothes you can make in 10 to 30 minutes? Show it to me, I want to smile. 1. choose the design, what you want (2 min) 😭 2. start modeling, create high poly, you can do as in zbrush. blender or marvelous (2 min)😭 3. create low poly through retopology, making less polygons, creating an optimized UV (2min) 😭 4. baking high poly on low poly, texturing (2 min)😭 5. skinning (2min) 😭 You can't even make a sock in that time. for example, if you take the thing directly from marvelous to zbrush to finish the high poly, you will not succeed, why,
  10. Alice Club and The "Comet" Club are available now on our new website ) Welcome all ) http://rem3dx.fun/
  11. Soon... On Our new website...
  12. Hi guys) Happy New Year . Here is a little man's fortress from us ) A_Little_Mans_Fortress.world
  13. If you haven't found a home yet, this cabin can be a temporary place for you homeHome (1).world
  14. Happy birthday!!! @Gizmo @Lisa ðŸ’Ĩ Happy birthday players!
  15. And here we go...some new feelings...
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