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  1. Glad u liked Doc! I have no regular schedulles but I usually open around 9AM to 3PM on GMT-7, I guess that is 5AM to 12AM CET... but as I said, no regular schedulles, can be on tuesdays and thursdays usually....
  2. Rain and snow would be amazing.
  3. Hi CSmithten, no they are not, sorry. I started to show my creations since I had my Paris room stolen. We have room stealers in the game. So I hope it helps to call them out and to let everybody know them and avoid supporting their stolen "creations". They are a shame!
  4. Always think on equality! When release a new pose, in my opinion always should worth for all genders and ways FF, MF, MM, MFM, FMF, FFF, MMM, vaginal and anal, bissexual, anyways... for all. That would be a big diference comparing to other games that are a men's world. And, EARRINGS!!!!! Please, EARRINGS!!!!! Cant be that difficult! Cmon! lol And ofc, its been very nice on Devs part that we are getting many updates recently! But we will always ask and/or maybe complain, thats part of it! lol Great job and thank you Devs!
  5. Just sharing some pics of my first deco laboratory! I made this from my default home, step by step, room by room, getting always bigger and this actually what I consider my home on 3DX! I guess still has some of the default home walls! It includes a bedroom with fireplace, balcony with romantic dinner corner, an ofuro, a hottub, closet, a big kitchen with dinner room, two living rooms, a big swimming pool with barbecue and bar. Underground I have a greek bath pool, a charming roman style bathroom and a secret dungeon with some nice stuff... lol It also has a gazebo over water where I got married! At this point I was still learning about deco and ofc I have many stuff there that is download from another users who shared here and other sites...
  6. I would love to open them more but I dont have so much opportunities... same time I feel most of the rooms quite personal, I dont know... I already thought about sharing, I think its nice... but in the other hand I dont know if I would feel so comphy seeing some of them around there all the time... lol... as I said, its a personal feeling and thought.... maybe one day... maybe soon Kealani... I dont know... 😘
  7. The new lights are amazing!!!! Pretty nice deco!!!
  10. Ty Manyasha! Ive been trying to shrink the places but is what I like lol Cant help myself too much lol
  11. Ok Im drooling here lolol Just Wonderful!!!!! Congratulations! Amazing work!
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