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  1. TMF Summer Beach Club - Your Monday Evening Event - April 19, 2021 TMF Summer Beach Club opens her doors for your Monday Evening Dance. With a great DJ Line up, Perrie 500, Paulina, Invictuss and Silvie Sun. And we have a scoop: DJ Perrie 500 will present her first EDM set! Live on stage the dancegroups Flaunt and TMF Dancers. Welcome All - Doors open 20.00 H CET. Team TMF - CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun
  2. Tonighits DJ Line up Zanok - Jeniex -Aurras - Dyllan D - Delight - CarlaLove .
  3. The TMF Hall - 27 March 2021- Your Saturday Evening Event The Hall is prepared and dusted ready for your House, Electro House and Techno House event. Save the date, Saturday, 27 March, doors open 19.00 H CET ..... Stay tuned .... To be continued! ++ Team TMF ++CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun United Independents Member
  4. Wednesday, 24 March 2021. We are proud to anmounce that our gamepartner DVS organises our second common event. In the Planet P room of the host DVS DJ Perrie 500, she, Silvie Sun, LisAnal and Lizzy will play your 90's tunes. Live on stage dancegroup TMF Dancers. Doors open 20.00 H CET. Welcome all 😊
  5. TMF Summer Beach Club - Your Monday Evening Event We open our doors 20.00 H CET for your Monday Evening Event. Today live in the mixx: DJs Felis, Paulina, Nadouce and LisAnal And dancegroups Flaunt and TMF Dancers live on stage. Welcome all ☺️ --- TMF is a United Independents Member --- Team TMF
  6. The Music Factory Summer Beach Club - Monday Evening Dance - 8 March 2021 For now, a lazy Sunday in the New TMF Summer Beach Club after a nice event yesterday. About the TMF Summer Beach Club, the Beach Club is complete rebuilded and ready for your events during the spring! To be honest, we can not wait !! ... So guess what, we will open tomorrow, Monday 8 March. Save the date! To be continued. -- Team TMF -- CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun TMF is a United Independents Member
  7. Welcome in your TMF Hall. Doors open 19.00 H CET With a amazing DJ line up, StarrFyre, Silvie Sun, Dyllan D, Perrie 500, Lisanal and CarlaLove. And live on stage Flaunt and the TMF Dancers Looking forward to see you! - Team TMF -
  8. The weekend is knocking at your door and we work hard to prepare The TMF Hall for you! Don't miss it !!
  9. Saturday 6 March 2021 - Doors Open 19.00 H CET - The TMF Hall Disco - Funk - Nu Event. Curious? To be continued! Save the date ☺️ Team TMF
  10. TMF did not had a common event with GalaXXXy on Sunday 28 February Today, Sunday evening February 28, the roomlist showed that GalaXXXy had an event called: GalaXXXy ** MUSIC FACTORY ** It may be clear that we were quite surprised about this because The Muscic Factory (TMF) did not have a joint event with GalaXXXy that evening. Inquiry showed us that the name was chosen by GalaXXXY just like that. And they hadn't thought about the fact that there is another club so called in 3DX. So, for those who had questions whether we had a joint event with GalaXXXY, no we did not! Case close
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