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  1. One Year TMF Dancers - Monday October 18 - Summer Beach Club - 19.30 H CET We are super proud! Because today the TMF Dancers exist one year! Spanish, Dutch, Latin American, it is perhaps the nicest and craziest group of dancers together. And that should be said out loud! When The Music Factory was founded, it was also a very big wish to start a nice dance group. With LisAnal and Ladrona as leading girls, helped by Robustiano and Aranxta, a cautious start will be made in October 2020 with a first performance in The TMF Hall. Today the TMF Dancers dance under the inspiring leadership of Puperina. She is a great organizer and super driven! It is not only a dance team but also just a group of sweet and fun people, friends and girlfriends together. Monday, October 18, the TMF Dancers will dance for their one year anniversary in the Summer Beach Club. Everybody is welcome! Congratulations Purpurina, Princecan, Kaatje, Sicario, Zenha, Djace, LunaNegra, Dynna, Daveyy, PiperPaige, Magika, Ladrona, LisAnal, and Lady Venus! Team TMF CarlaLove - Paulina - Ritajean - Silvie Sun
  2. PINK! Thank you: Virtual Sugar, Velvet, Umbrella Cooperation, Xandadu Group, DVS, Galaxxxy, United Independents, Double D, TMF Events, White Breeze, Hip Hop Nation , Hinch World, Green Power, Velvet Dancers, TMF dancers, Sirens & Sailors Green Power Dancers, GMDC, Genesis. Pan CDCA, Janet J, SensationS Group and L&F Dreams!
  3. PINK! The Promo ! 1213879038_BCAPINK!EDMFestival2021.mp4
  4. PINK! The Jingle ! Please feel free to use and share our jingle to support PINK! +++ Prevention Is Your Answer +++ We Are Strong Together +++ 838244215_PINK!EDMFestivalJingleRosa.wav
  5. PINK! The Supporting Groups. Do you also want to support this initiative? Please let us know! Contact Silvie Sun, Discord: SilvieSun#0971 +++ Prevention Is Your Answer +++ We Are Strong Together +++
  6. PINK! The words of Paulina We asked one of the PINK! Founders, Paulina, to share her thoughts with us: I would say that the first motivation that came up was to do something different in 3dx, something with a purpose that wasn't so uniquely and exclusively linked to what happens in 3dx. We all here are adults and have our lives out of here, even if some don't like to talk about it, and I think it's really important to bring up some light and hope over something that tends to scare people. As we already had the Paris room, it came up to my mind to bring the pink October campaign into 3dx and I would just color the pink tower, as they do in real actually. Obviously, the cancer awareness idea didn't show up out of the blue, I have a big influence from my sister of course, who works in an oncology hospital in Mexico, not only with cancer in general, but with children's cancer mostly, and we talk a lot about it and sure she influences my mind and views over this. Bringing the breast cancer awareness event to 3dx was an amazing experience since the first time we did, and if I'm not wrong, I'm not claiming it, but I think we were the first ones to do it, and during the event, we got many really nice comments from lots of people for bringing attention to this and for bringing attention to something serious and real. Besides that I believe almost everyone knows a relative or a friend who faced this and it's just present in our lives, I think it's really important to never avoid it, right, on the other hand, to face it and think about prevention and how things like this can be helpful for many people. It became bigger than what we thought of at the beginning, in the last two years the event grew up a lot, also other groups started to promote their events too and I think that is just the best answer that we started something right and something really good here.
  7. PINK! The DJ Line up We are very happy with so much support from so many different groups, dancers and other volunteers. And proud that the following DJs will be playing for us on Friday October 1st: DJ Front DE ,DJ Nalley, DJ CarlaLove, DJ Paulina, DJ Perrie 500 and DJ Oscar.
  8. PINK! The Message Newsletter 2 On Friday October 1, we are organizing an EDM Festival to draw attention to breast cancer awareness. Together with many groups, DJs and dancers, we hope to make it an unforgettable evening. We ask you to help us with this. Would you like to send us a recorded message? The easiest for us is if you want to do that in mp3 format, for example. The narration: 'My name is ...... And I support the PINK! EDM Festival on 3DX Chat! Send you message to Dyllan D, Discord DyllanD#0200 Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!
  9. The Mix Up Today, Monday September 20, DVS and TMF join hands for a nice and friendly common event, The Mix Up It will be four hours of choice EDM wat a top notch line up DJ Paulina, Lizz, Special K and Perrie 500 Live on stage TMF Dancers en Sun & Moon Booties. The event is in the beautiful Pioneer DDJ Room, created by DVS Lizz & Sam Smexy and wil be hosted for you by Sam Smexy Doors open 21.00 H CET, welcome all!
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