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  1. Saturday December 4th: Trance Night In Paris - Doors open 19.30 H CET Afterparty Club Entrance - Doors open 00.30 H CET Welcome all! With love EnTranceMF Club Entrance * Mariafun * Jenie.x TMF * Aurras * CarlaLove * Paulina * Ritajean * Silvie Sun
  2. Trance Music: The "Trance" name may refer to an induced emotional feeling, high, eiphoria, chills or uplifting rush that listeners claim to experience, or it may indicate an actual trance-like state the earliest forms of this music attempted to emulate in the 1990s before the genre's focus changed. A writer for Billboard magazine writes, "Trance music is perhaps best described as a mixture of 70s disco and 60s psychedelia". Another possible antecedent is Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kaeashima's electronic soundtracks for the Street of Rage series of video games from 1991 to 1994. It was promoted by the well-known UK club-night "Megatripolis" (London, at Heaven on Thursdays) whose scene catapulted it to international fame. Examples of early trance releases include but are not limited to KLF's 1988 release "What Time Is Love", German duo Dance 2 Trance's 1990 track "We Came in Peace",[and German duo Jam & Spoon's 1992 12" Single remix of the 1990 song "The Age Of Love". Trance was arguably at its commercial peak in the second part of 1990s and early 2000s. Afterwards, popular trance music providers such as Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance, Paul van Dyk, and Above & Beyond remained popular, while lesser known DJs changed to other sounds. EnTranceMF: The name EnTanceMF is a joint venture and a 3DX Chat Music initiative for a common Trance Event made by Club Entrance, hosted for many years by Jenie.x and Mariafun, and The Music Factory(TMF). In the beautiful TMF Paris Room, five 3DX Trance DJ's will play there own trance music, in the range Old School to Trance 2021. We are proud to present as DJs for thee Trance Night In Paris U-gene, Jenie.x, Mariafun, Nadouce and Lizz. With live on stage the beautiful TMF Dancers and Sun & Moon Booties. Hosted for you by Silvie Sun Save the date: Saturday December 4 th - Doors open 19.30 H CET We meet in Paris! Welcome All!
  3. Café Del Mar For in 3DX, Café Del Mar has been specially built to enjoy and chill out, for example, Deep House. Sitting on the terrace, with a view of the sea or just dreaming away on a lazy couch in the café. We asked 4 DJs to make a Deep House set to enjoy for a long time. At 7:30, guest DJ Felis kicks off, followed by our new TMF DJ Aurras, followed by guest DJs Front DE and Palot. Our own TMF DJ CarlaLove will close the evening. We are excited! To be continued!
  4. Café Del Mar Deep House Event Sunday November 14 th - 18.00 H CET What is Deep House ? Deep House is a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of Chicago House with 1980s jazz funk and touches of soul music. Its origins are attributed to Larry Heard's track "Mystery of Love", released in 1985. Deep house is known for tempos typically from 110 to 125 bpm, muted basslines, spacious use of percussion elements (typically using a drum machine), soft keyboard sounds (pads), use of advanced chord structures, ambient mixes, and soulful, predominantly female vocals. Lyrics usually focus on positive/uplifting themes or more melancholic subjects akin to blues The use of vocals persisted in deep house as new forms of house music often abandoned them, but as of 2019, this difference has largely disappeared.
  5. PINK! The Rock Promo 407728256_PINK!RockFestivalOctober29.mp4
  6. PINK! The Rock DJs and Dance Teams We are very happy and proud that the following DJs and dance groups are cooperating with the PINK! Rock Festival: PINK! Rock DJs: Kemistry, Eyleen, Perrie 500, Tammi Lopez, Cardinal Copia and ‘The Boss’ IceBox. PINK! Dancegroups: Velvet Devil Dancers, TMF Dancers and Sirens & Sailors. PINK! The words of Kemistry We are all here just for fun and to distract ourselves from RL.... isn't it that what we often think? And don't we sometimes wonder why we have to deal with issues like breast cancer even in this fantasy world? Well, the truth is: we all know very well that behind these perfect avatars (with perfect boobs) are real people and that some of these people are struggling with really challenging issues like cancer. I'm sure that each of us knows at least one person for whom this is true. And if there is -at least once a year- a way to give attention and show support to these people, then we should fucking do it. And if -with the help of these events- even one disease can be detected and treated in time, then it has already been worth it. Of course, there are thousands of diseases that would also be worth our support. For us the Breast Cancer Awareness events therefore are representative of all those for whom there are no special events. What we are saying with these events is something simple: This virtual world is not a game. Not everyone in this virtual world is well. We should always be aware of that and help whenever we can. Kemistry on behalf of Virtual Sugar
  7. PINK! Rock Festival After the amazing PINK! EDM Festival, we started the preparations for the preparations of the PINK! Rock Festival in the Bodega Rock room, Friday October 29. This festival is organised as a last event in the PINK! October month to reflect on Breast Cancer Awareness. We are very grateful to the 3DX Rock Diva Eyleen for helping us with the organization of this festival. The first invitations have already been made, the DJs and dancers for this event will be announced in this newsletter and the room is almost ready. With the termination of all activities in the PINK! October month it does not stop. We must continue to make efforts to jointly spread the message about breast cancer awareness. And give a warm heart to everyone who is committed to this and to show full solidarity with all to help with the fight! If you come to visit our event next Friday, think of everyone who works so hard voluntarily or professionally and is committed to raising awareness, researching, guiding, assisting everyone who is dealing with this terrible disease. Thank you for all your support over the past month! PINK! The Sponsorship Team PINK! would like to thank Dyllan D Company and Semi Android for the commitment to PINK! EDM Festival to sponsor the festival. The highest number of visitors in 3DX's top room list for the PINK! EDM Festival determines how much we collect. One euro for each visitor in the list. We are very proud to announce we collected 400 euro so far! This is already donated to the KWF Dutch Cancer Society. One the many organizations that also conducts special research, awareness programs focused on breast cancer.
  8. One Year TMF Dancers - Monday October 18 - Summer Beach Club - 19.30 H CET We are super proud! Because today the TMF Dancers exist one year! Spanish, Dutch, Latin American, it is perhaps the nicest and craziest group of dancers together. And that should be said out loud! When The Music Factory was founded, it was also a very big wish to start a nice dance group. With LisAnal and Ladrona as leading girls, helped by Robustiano and Aranxta, a cautious start will be made in October 2020 with a first performance in The TMF Hall. Today the TMF Dancers dance under the inspiring leadership of Puperina. She is a great organizer and super driven! It is not only a dance team but also just a group of sweet and fun people, friends and girlfriends together. Monday, October 18, the TMF Dancers will dance for their one year anniversary in the Summer Beach Club. Everybody is welcome! Congratulations Purpurina, Princecan, Kaatje, Sicario, Zenha, Djace, LunaNegra, Dynna, Daveyy, PiperPaige, Magika, Ladrona, LisAnal, and Lady Venus! Team TMF CarlaLove - Paulina - Ritajean - Silvie Sun
  9. PINK! Thank you: Virtual Sugar, Velvet, Umbrella Cooperation, Xandadu Group, DVS, Galaxxxy, United Independents, Double D, TMF Events, White Breeze, Hip Hop Nation , Hinch World, Green Power, Velvet Dancers, TMF dancers, Sirens & Sailors Green Power Dancers, GMDC, Genesis. Pan CDCA, Janet J, SensationS Group and L&F Dreams!
  10. PINK! The Promo ! 1213879038_BCAPINK!EDMFestival2021.mp4
  11. PINK! The Jingle ! Please feel free to use and share our jingle to support PINK! +++ Prevention Is Your Answer +++ We Are Strong Together +++ 838244215_PINK!EDMFestivalJingleRosa.wav
  12. PINK! The Supporting Groups. Do you also want to support this initiative? Please let us know! Contact Silvie Sun, Discord: SilvieSun#0971 +++ Prevention Is Your Answer +++ We Are Strong Together +++
  13. PINK! The words of Paulina We asked one of the PINK! Founders, Paulina, to share her thoughts with us: I would say that the first motivation that came up was to do something different in 3dx, something with a purpose that wasn't so uniquely and exclusively linked to what happens in 3dx. We all here are adults and have our lives out of here, even if some don't like to talk about it, and I think it's really important to bring up some light and hope over something that tends to scare people. As we already had the Paris room, it came up to my mind to bring the pink October campaign into 3dx and I would just color the pink tower, as they do in real actually. Obviously, the cancer awareness idea didn't show up out of the blue, I have a big influence from my sister of course, who works in an oncology hospital in Mexico, not only with cancer in general, but with children's cancer mostly, and we talk a lot about it and sure she influences my mind and views over this. Bringing the breast cancer awareness event to 3dx was an amazing experience since the first time we did, and if I'm not wrong, I'm not claiming it, but I think we were the first ones to do it, and during the event, we got many really nice comments from lots of people for bringing attention to this and for bringing attention to something serious and real. Besides that I believe almost everyone knows a relative or a friend who faced this and it's just present in our lives, I think it's really important to never avoid it, right, on the other hand, to face it and think about prevention and how things like this can be helpful for many people. It became bigger than what we thought of at the beginning, in the last two years the event grew up a lot, also other groups started to promote their events too and I think that is just the best answer that we started something right and something really good here.
  14. PINK! The DJ Line up We are very happy with so much support from so many different groups, dancers and other volunteers. And proud that the following DJs will be playing for us on Friday October 1st: DJ Front DE ,DJ Nalley, DJ CarlaLove, DJ Paulina, DJ Perrie 500 and DJ Oscar.
  15. PINK! The Message Newsletter 2 On Friday October 1, we are organizing an EDM Festival to draw attention to breast cancer awareness. Together with many groups, DJs and dancers, we hope to make it an unforgettable evening. We ask you to help us with this. Would you like to send us a recorded message? The easiest for us is if you want to do that in mp3 format, for example. The narration: 'My name is ...... And I support the PINK! EDM Festival on 3DX Chat! Send you message to Dyllan D, Discord DyllanD#0200 Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!
  16. The Mix Up Today, Monday September 20, DVS and TMF join hands for a nice and friendly common event, The Mix Up It will be four hours of choice EDM wat a top notch line up DJ Paulina, Lizz, Special K and Perrie 500 Live on stage TMF Dancers en Sun & Moon Booties. The event is in the beautiful Pioneer DDJ Room, created by DVS Lizz & Sam Smexy and wil be hosted for you by Sam Smexy Doors open 21.00 H CET, welcome all!
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