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  1. You wrote, "If someone is spending their earned money just to bother you, a person with high self-esteem would see that as flattery.", Prince Charming...
  2. Nope, he said, "we are considering the possibility of creating this editor in the near future"...
  3. Sorry to say but I don't think an open relation will last long if just one of the partners takes all benefits of it...Usually when one partner decides to be exclusive he/she is secretly looking for an exclusive relationship and at some point jealousy will come up and that is probably the downfall...And you question points in that direction. To answer it short: No, the exclusive partner has no right to accuse the other of cheating.
  4. Important to know might be that here are no missions to accomplish nor you can level up here. It is all up to you, 3dx is what you make of it.
  5. And it doesn't take Sex Devils out of the responsibility. As they are the owner they can easily Implement a rule that stealing/copying is against the rules. But they just don't care...They take the benefits from the World Editor, advertise the game with user creations but don't protect the creators.
  6. I really don't understand the "Escalation Management" of the admins here. This is a thread directly addressed to Gizmo and he just ignores it...Of course the builders are getting angry. Reflecting that the "World Editor" was announced here as "THE" big thing and a game changer for 3DX you would expect the Admins to pay attention at least. A lot of people jumped on the WE and created awesome things right from the start. The plan of the admins took off and some shared their creations with the public but others wanted to keep it for themselves (what I can understand as they put a lot of afford in it). Gizmo chooses the easy way and just says that you should stop building when you don't want your work copied/stolen...This is short-sighted because Sex Devils should protect their builders as they make the Word Editor what it is. Without people creating things it is just as useful as the "saloon world"....
  7. Oliver Cream


    Best wishes to you and your daughter - I hope she feels better soon
  8. Oh, I know. I thought that was someone checking SBM with Pandora telling he just uses 1 Avatar.
  9. That just means he has no ALT on this account but he can still have a separate account. He knows about Pandora and would be aware he could get caught easily.
  10. Since 1 or 2 days the email notification for personal messages in the forum doesn't work for me anymore. I checked the settings but everything seems to be ok there. Can please someone have a look into this, thanks
  11. Well, at least one of them accepted your request so can't be too shocked ;-) And this is fun :-P
  12. For me, it works best to go into the "dressing room" once a room has been closed. Doesn't work every time but better as everything else I tried.
  13. Switch to US Proxy - Worked for me.
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