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  1. I agree with you here Xizl that the first person is a bit more... dunno... directly and just better in my opinion. What I do is, I start the first few words in third person and transition then into first person. Would look like that: Loruna humms slightly with the hug, while I start to caress your back aswell It combines both and then you dont need a extra option for it... because I fear, when this option comes to play, everybody would use different colors and we would get a rainbow colored WC xD
  2. Thank you! Finally someone says what I think. In my opinion, this game develops pretty well. And I think this game isi ncredible stable. Other online games have weekly maintenances to keep that stable state. If 3dx would implement that aswell, that would be the dream. But still, without those maintenances, the server barely crashes. Some will say now, that they crash often, but you are wrong. Since 2 months straight, if not longer, the servers are always up. There are many bugs, no one would ever deny that, and they should be fixxed... but people calling this game worse than it is. As @Ross the RoberT said. No wonder that the devs dont look into the forums that often, if they only hear a shitshow. Of course criticism is important, but not with any update they bring and for like the 100th time. Especially when it comes to the pose editor. They never said when it comes, they only said it will come. (correct me please, if I am wrong here. Not a forum camper ) But still, people complaining after every update, that the pose editor is still not up. Just imagine: Your Kid says on the vacation trip every 5 minutes "are we finally there?". You get annoyed very fast, I guess. I say... lets relax a bit and enjoy the game as it is. We all have hopes and wishes for it, but the devs decide if it becomes true or not. Complaining all the time, will bring you nothing but stress for yourself.
  3. I am really sorry that you dont like it. Just so you know: Those were my very first poses I ever created. So be a bit more patient. Or... better idea. Do it yourself if you think you can do it better And in addition. I have created two entire FF poses. Yes they are cuddle but better than nothing, right? And I already planned true FF sex posed to do. But as I said, I have to first get to used to those kind of animations. I did work with 3D animations before, but not sex related. And for your question: Yes I am in contact with Lisa and I already fixing that kiss problem
  4. Happy to hear you like them! Tbh. the bed BJ pose was based on the idea sucking the cock in an exhausted manner after a long sex session The sofa pose is already in planning to be also for penetrating. BUT I thought like... cuddle poses are way less and therefore more priority.
  5. I do like the update aswell. Tho I dont really see exactly what changed with the breasts shape but it does look better. And the haircuts is not mine. But I guess we can fight for ours over tastes xD But I do hope that there will be another christmas update and a bit bigger. But I guess thats only a dream ๐Ÿ˜
  6. The poses are created with a standard breast size. The betty breast size. Every pose is created with that. That's what I mean with static. The hand cannot move or being adjust to the breast size or the nipple position. That's not possible with this system. As I said. Its like a video clip that gets repeated over and over again. Chathouse has a different system. The hand follows a path along the body and adjust to the breast size. But not in 3dx. They have to change the way how they do the poses and only then it will be possible.
  7. Because they have interactive poses. You start one and without a break or something, you can switch within that pose to a different one. Grabbing breast for example. That means the poses are not static. The ones in 3dx are. They are like video clips that you play over and over again. They have a loop if you watch them closly. And as long as that is the system of 3dx poses, breastplays won't happen.
  8. Actually there is a simular bug in terms of breast size. One of the newer MMF pose would do the same. But infact, your breast size will stay at the default Betty size. But in my opinion they shouldn't do poses based on bugs and glitches. They should change the way of poses so they can add additional things like butt slapping for example. To make the poses more interactive and not just clicking an animation and be done with it, you know?
  9. Sadly this wont happen unless they change the way of creating poses. The poses are fix animations. Only the Head can be moved when you press the moaning button. And because of the different sizes of breasts, it will look awkward for some sizes. For a better understanding I made 3 pictures. All 3 shows the same pose but with different sizes of breast. (Its the cuddling mf pose on the couch where the guy massages the breast) First one is with the size which the animations are created with: https://i.gyazo.com/b9a9b90425a22bc3cc1fc6641772c7a0.png The second is with maxed size breasts and here you can see how the hand clips into the breast: https://i.gyazo.com/fb262cb6bed11f19863d1b727a4ca39d.png The third is with minimized size breasts and here the hand just grabs air: https://i.gyazo.com/2cad9fe837d15c7d705b0c0f0415866b.png And now imagine your face would suck air or clip into breasts. Not really "romantic" huh? So, until the devs find a way to fix or adjust the pose to the breast size, we will never get any nipple sucking or boobjob poses sadly. I'd love to see them aswell.
  10. You know, you and I were never really on the same page xD But on this we are kinda on the same one. It bothered me since I started to play here, that it is kind of accepted when male playing as female, with or without the hint in the profile. But as soon as a women has a male avi, she is instantly on the "fake" page. Never really liked it and understood that. There are women out there, who would like to be a men now and then. But it seems that isn't even accepted at all in here, sadly. ๐Ÿ˜•
  11. I'm stating nothing. I don't know how the devs actually do those clothes. But I guess, if you have the models, it is pretty easy to do.^^
  12. I was actually very surprised when he send them to me. I thought it was worth a shot but didn't expect it back then. Maybe, when the people wanted to create clothes, the devs weren't interested in clothes but people for poses and animations. Because clothes are very quickly done if you have the meshes. But animations are a bit more complicated. Maybe they didn't want to moderate those clothes files in addition. But I can only do assumptions here. In the end, it didn't got me anything since my poses and animations I've created, never found the way into the game sadly. But, when I take a look on them now, I can understand it a bit xD Only the one, which I made the picture of, is quite okay for being part of the game xD
  13. I don't know, if I am allowed to hand them out. I had to send a portfolio to gizmo for proofing my "skills" in animation in order to get the models. I don't think, that he want them to be spread to everyone. But on the other hand, there is a entire thread for it: I'd love to share them, but as said. I don't want to get in trouble for sharing them without permission. They still belong to gizmo, after all
  14. Well, to be honest. I got the models 2 years ago, and only the .max file of it. I don't really know, if they have the body mesh or not,. But to me, it looks like it: Picture In this pic, you can actually see why it is hard to do a titjob, for example. The devs are working with that breast size. Smaller or bigger would not match the animation, in the end (when they didn't changed it. As said. I got them two years ago.)
  15. I use 3dsMax 2019. Back, when I got the models from gizmo, they were already in the 3dsMax format so I choose it. I think that just depends on what you prefer.^^
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