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  1. It does indeed make no sense to say, that 3dx should not bring updates because of this stolen version. Every big onlinegame has those issues. World of Warcraft etc. The key of being ahead of this stolen version is, to bring more updates than them. Make the original game more attractive than this stolen version and you will have not even a problem with them. They can even work in the favor of the original game. A person "tests" the game on that stolen version and sees the potential. Then this person sees the original game which has way more features and a way better quality over a
  2. i wont send you anything. You have to ask the devs for the models if you want to create a pose. I am not allowed to share them
  3. I really appreciate it that you want me and my poses back. But I dont think it would be a good idea to "force" the devs. Its their decision after all and putting to much pressure on them, may cause problems. If they want me back, I am sure they will contact me. If not... well there is another pose creator (as far as i know) so I guess there will be updates even without my poses
  4. You make this place a better place with your talent ! KUDOS ! You ROCK ! Thanks for work !

  5. Thank you Merry christmas to you as well The thing is, I dont really care about it. I stayed true to the rules and if they change it now, so be it. All I want is to create poses for the game but also getting the respect and acknowledgement from the devs for my work. I still wont say how much I got paid, but its way less then a usual animator would earn, and honestly. I was fine with it. As I said, I didnt do it purely for money. Of course it played a role, but mainly I wanted to push the game forward and bring regulary updates.
  6. Funny. And yet I wait to hear from you about my new conditions which I send you on discord about 3 weeks ago. And also interesting: As I started to work for you, you told me to not talk about if I get paid or not. Thats why I always denied it when I got asked or tried to change the subject. And now you say I get paid public πŸ˜‚
  7. Your reaction is as expected. No hint of understanding. You stay on your points and whatever I say, you literally ignore it. So for that: I'm gonna leave this thread again. I said my points and I wont argue about them when you ignore my arguments. If you point at issues with "hahahah" and "lol" and whatever sarcastic behaviour you may have, the devs will be more insulted by you then motivated to fix them. And just because you have a problem with them, you dont have to be disrespectful. Just so you know: I'm no cheerleader for the devs as well. I stopped working for the devs becau
  8. And again you do the same thing as always. You play yourself to be the pro 3d animator and know anything about it. First, you've recreated that pose, nice. But what about the movement? When the guy pulls out, the pussy drags with it. And you made those pics while it did got dragged out. Of course it stands out then. And the balls dont need much movement in the pose you mentioned in the first post of this thread. They do have a "drag and follow" but just a really minor one. As I said, look closer to it and you see it. And if you didnt know: When the men has an erection, the balls usu
  9. Funny... again you point out problems only related to the poses I've created. About old poses or others you never complain hmm... I see something in common there. Anyway, again you proof that you only want to blametalk the devs Alivia. You see no balls movement? Then look closer Of course they are not wiggling like crazy because this is a slow sensual pose. Would be weird if they go wild down there. About the eye blinking thing. This is since the start in the game. Since 8 years. I dont animate blinking. Its a script that makes the eye blink now and then. Next, as you complained
  10. Sounds pretty fun to me. But right now, I am not creating poses anymore even though I still have alot of fun with it. But I have a problem how the things are going lately and I will decide next week if I continue or not.
  11. I was using the US Server and had no issues at all while the bot was spamming the discord server. So I guess its an issue with the EU Server
  12. You mean something like that?
  13. I can tell what the difference is between 3d modeling and 3d animations. And I can tell that both rely on each other. I think you should know that. And no. 3d models dont have to be rendered. As I said. There are many ways to do that. For years I am modeling WoW-Models and I never rendered them. I exported them. As I said. Its doable but not that easy as you say it is. So?... you want to tell me, that because I didnt like someones post but anothers on a forum, makes me less "care for players"? Okay... good. How about I quit doing poses then and you guys can look for an idiot to make
  14. First let me ask the question again: Who are you that I have to answer to you, why I liked this post and not others? Who are you to decide whether or not I am liking this or that post? Its amazing how you really think that you know everything about animations and coding. I mean... you even think that animations has to be rendered to get into the game. In some cases this is true, but in some other cases not. If you think everything goes at the same method, you truly dont know what you are talking about. AND I said that its doable. But not in 10 minutes like you implied it. And aga
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