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  1. You mean something like that?
  2. I can tell what the difference is between 3d modeling and 3d animations. And I can tell that both rely on each other. I think you should know that. And no. 3d models dont have to be rendered. As I said. There are many ways to do that. For years I am modeling WoW-Models and I never rendered them. I exported them. As I said. Its doable but not that easy as you say it is. So?... you want to tell me, that because I didnt like someones post but anothers on a forum, makes me less "care for players"? Okay... good. How about I quit doing poses then and you guys can look for an idiot to make those poses and getting called "not caring for the community". And I am far away from being where you were. You were at a place where you not once said something against the devs and always cheered them. I am being fair and criticize them but not hating unnecessary on them like you do. ps.: I wont reply on your postings anymore. I wont continue this discussion with you in this thread. I said my points. You can think whatever you want but dont stick your nose in other peoples business.
  3. First let me ask the question again: Who are you that I have to answer to you, why I liked this post and not others? Who are you to decide whether or not I am liking this or that post? Its amazing how you really think that you know everything about animations and coding. I mean... you even think that animations has to be rendered to get into the game. In some cases this is true, but in some other cases not. If you think everything goes at the same method, you truly dont know what you are talking about. AND I said that its doable. But not in 10 minutes like you implied it. And again. It was a personal attack on me, no matter what your intention was. Why else fronting me in such a manner? As said. Just ignoring it would be the best option here if its not me who you wanted to attack. Why making such a big deal because I liked his post? Cant I have my own opinion on things or what? And as a matter of fact. Yesterday night, before I went to sleep I opened this forum and saw his post. I only read his one and liked it and closed the forum again. I didnt read any of the previous post. Just his. Thats why I didnt liked any other post. And to say that his post is baseless is really wrong. He says in some way the truth. Its way more than you try to make it here. You act here like you know everything about animations, but you are only studying for one year. One year doesnt make you an expert. But its funny though. Even when I say that I am also disappointed on the devs because what they give us, you still not see the mistake you did and keep talking like you are fully right. You make such a huge deal out of it because I liked a "dev friendly post". Really... get down from your hatred. Its nearly like when you cheered the devs. You totally overdo it. Critsim is needed, but not this hatred.
  4. So... basicly I cant like anything that I personly like, just because I said that I want to make the game better? Funny... and I thought making poses and something productive is "support the community" as well. How stupid of me. I now will like everything that is against the devs to "support the community". (watch out... there may be saracsm in my previous sentence) First: I like whatever I want. Who are you to tell me, what I can like and what not? And it is an attack on me. Why else do you have to point me directly out of it? If you didnt want to front me, you could just ignore it, that I liked that post. Second: I am not defending the devs on this right now. I am highly disappointed by them. I was hyped but when I looked closer to it, I saw it and was instantly on the dislike side. I liked his post because he points out facts that you lack to tell the people here to spread false facts. Yes, congratulations. You can make a piercing in 10 minutes. But its something else to get this into the game. Because they have to include different breastsizes AND the physics. And I am not talking about the piercing following the nipple. I am talking about deforming of the piercing. If not correctly coded into the game, the piercing will deform with the breastsizes and physics. But this is not undoable. It can be done within some hours easily. Thats why I am disappointed by the devs right now. Either way. I am not on the "wrong side". I am on the realistic and straight thinking side. I am disappointed big time, but I stay fair to the devs. If the devs pay me for the animations or not, I dont care. Its not about the money. Dunno how you think that I do it for money. I mean its nice to earn from it, but its not my goal. But I also find it amusing Alivia. It seems that for you only two sides excist. Either against or for the devs. Something in between and giving fair and logic critsm seems to not excist for you. You tell me to wake up and that I am on the wrong side. Who are you to tell me this? Who makes you the judge of which side is the "good" one and which is the "bad" one? Let me decide that. Trust me, I am not that blind. Why else would I have offered my help to the devs. Because I love them so much? I offered it to bring more frequent updates and help them instead of blaming them over and over again. It has no use anyway. They dont listen. So therefore I act instead of posting in the forum everyday, how lazy the devs are. It's true, but complaining everyday about it, wont help to fix this issue.
  5. Well. I honestly not really feel "screwed". I never started to do poses for acknowledgment or fame or what ever. I only wanted to increase the quality of this game and pushing it forward Though a bit of fame is not that bad either
  6. Without points and commas its hard to understand.... but I guess she ment it like this: "and its not the easy animation 3dxchat has, cause they (the other games) animate boobies, butt, hair - where as in 3dxchat u dont have this" But only my guess... dunno if she truly means that
  7. Good thing that you know now finally @Leeloo And I write this @ thingi just so you get an alert that I wrote you. If its bothering you, well bad for you
  8. Okay... for the fourth time and this time I will write it bigger so @Leeloo cant overread it: I will create lesbian poses next. Its on my prio list on top of everything. And your last post just proofs that you are a egoistic person. I spend my time which I could spend otherwise, with creating poses for the game which you will enjoy in the end. And you dont even have to pay me a thing. I will work on poses either way. You directly will be not inflicted by it. Nothing changes! And Support means to support someone by your OWN WILL. I never asked anyone to go to my patreon. You not once said "hey thanks loruna for spending your time on poses" which would be a "Support" in your means. You not once made a request for poses. So for you personally nothing changes. Nothing at all.
  9. I think you missunderstand this whole idea behind Patreon. Its something where you can support other people for their work. I added this commission thing just to give something in return. That doesnt mean, that you have to "pay" for the poses. I will keep creating poses even if noone commission anything. And FF poses are on my prio as I said in my last two posts as well. Its completely up to you if you want to support me on Patreon or not. Just know that its my freetime where I create those poses. Yes I decided so and I am happy with it. But there are people out there, who want to support me, because I do that. This has nothing to do with "paying for poses". Its more like "supporting the pose creator".
  10. @Aliviax Thank you for your words. Honestly the only reason why I created patreon is, because some friends asked me how they could support my work. And in the end, I created that. First it was only the T1 thing. But I created the other two aswell because I got daily at least 10 pose ideas from people. So on that way, people can support me and even request a pose they would love to have. The lesbian pose is for free because its my top prio to do them so people like @Leeloo are happy. Thing is... I am no lesbian and more interested in Men. My imaginations for lesbian poses is a bit lacking, so... thats why I asked my lesbian friend for advice
  11. And what exactly has patreon to do with lesbian poses? Just so you know. I just finished some days ago a FFF pose, two infact, for the couch. Its just cuddling but better than nothing. And I am in contact with a lesbian to get ideas for such poses. Stop being so unpatient... lesbian are not the only group of people in this game.
  12. Its true that my name doesnt get stated anymore on the poster but I dont really care. I dont create poses to get "famous" or something. I just want to push the game and make it more fun for everyone. What I want is to hear, that my poses get used much
  13. People always complain about this bad communication and yes, that is in some way true. BUT if I would be in the shoes of the devs, I wouldnt talk to this community either. Some of you remember somewhat 2 years ago when the servers were down for couple of days and we all saw the shitstorm in this forum. Whatever the devs will say or post in here, it will get hated. If Gizmo says "we bring this and that into the game" people will be like: "Yea just like the pose editor?" and stuff like that. For me its way better when they proof their love to this game through updates and stable services. I barely hear anyone in this Forum thanking our Devs that the Servers are really stable now. At least I had not once a DC caused by the servers, but noone is thanking them. The only thing they hear is complains. And they are human as we are. At some point they are just tired of it. This lack of communication is something we as community are to blame ASWELL. We are not completely responsible for it, but we take a huge part in it. Yes we paying them, but that gives us not the right to treat them like that. And about this raping thing. They cant just put this word into the ban list because this term gets used much more than you think. I, for one, use it now and then in BDSM. When my holes get destroyed I sometimes use this term to describe a really hard fuck. It doesnt mean that I get raped then. People complaining that it took so long... but it took only 2 days. Its not like they can just rightclick on the room and ban that person. It is a bit more than that. And Lisa has nothing to do with that. She is for graphic content only. If you report to her, she can only tell that to Gizmo and he has to ban that person then. Of course this takes a bit. In the end, that room and player got banned. Just my two cents to this topic^^
  14. Lol. I said "people like me" to address the other players that create poses for the game. I dont "think so highly" of myself.
  15. To get you straight Tsela.... you want the devs to create half made poses, upload them to the game and letting the players create their own poses? Why not letting the devs, or people like me, doing full made poses and upload them to the game and playing with them directly? And if you want your own poses, as said, learn to animate. And if you are to lazy for that, then just suggest poses you want to see. Ohhh before I forget: I have to do any pose in any combination that is possible. For example: If I work on an anal pose, I also have to make sure it is also a vaginal pose (if possible) AND in every sexual combination. MM, FF, FM. So... every pose are 4 animations. And if I do vaginal pose aswell, 8 animations. This has to be in that pose editor aswell. Thats way to much work for the results that would come from it.
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