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  1. Sadly you do remember that wrongly. I thought like that for a long time too. But it's infact a part of the DLL. Here a screenshot from the 393 version of the game without the DLL. In order to change the dance, I would have to click on the pole again and if I click on one pose, it will change immediately. You can time it correctly so it would look good, but the menu is way better as it let the first dance finish with the animation and then start the second one.
  2. In the terms of dancing I also have a request from Rochi's DLL. She added a menu so we were able to have a smooth transition between the pole dances. Here a screenshot from it, how it looked. Would be really awesome if that would find it's way into the game.
  3. So insulting the Devs as worthless doesn't count as an insult? Just look through the "Upcoming Updates Discussion" thread. There are plenty of examples. Where exactly did I attack users? I said they should relax. I didn't said they should shut up. I said they should show at least some respect, nothing else. Where the hell did I "flat out attacked a user"? I already explained that I just said what I think about quitting a game. She can do what ever she wants. I am even happy that Twiggy exists in this community. She did some great things for us and I know that. Why should I ever attack her? I just said my opinion about quitting a game. And you are here since 03/2015 so you have the right to silent me? To say that I am not allowed to say my opinion about all of this? But I won't continue to argue with you in that case as there is no point. You have your opinion and that's fine, but then let me have mine aswell. Though I have to say this, as my last sentences towards you: Your last sentence. I don't show respect towards other users? The hell? I never insulted anyone. I only said, that people should think about their behavior. If you take "But crying like a little child that didn't get his lollipop will bring you nothing." as an insult then sorry, you insulted yourself by that. That was a neutral sentence targeted to nothing but a behavior style. If you identify as such, then it's your fault not mine. If it's correct what you said, that you only criticize the devs and not crying at them, then you shouldn't take this as an insult
  4. I'm guessing your lovely post is kind of towards me, huh? Ok first off. You say to me, that it's wrong for me to call people out that insult the devs but on the same post you say that people have any right to go after the devs? Hmm... so I am not allowed to point out my opinion about that shitstorm towards the devs? Wow... you outminded yourself right there. Second: I never said that criticism is not good. You really didn't get my point then. I only said, that every human deserves respect. And many people in this communitiy treats those devs like slaves without any rights. The people that posted after my post are the best example. They did say what they don't like with this update, but in a good manner. It doesn't matter how long you've been here. It matters how you act here. Just so you know. I am here since August 2016. I read many of the threads and many of the suggestions. And as I said in my original post. I am not kissing the devs ass, like you so lovely put it. I treat them with respect. You guys fail to understand that they can drop this whole project in no time. They can say "Ok we're not selling any gametime anymore and as soon as the last gametime expires the game is done". If you truly want that game to succeed, then you should change your behavior. I criticize them often. Mostly in PMs but sometimes in threads. Especially the fact that the game lacks of updates. Noone is doubting that. But crying like a little child that didn't get his lollipop will bring you nothing. So... for people that still don't get my point: Criticism is good. That's what the devs needs. But they won't read something like that: "Shit devs... doing nothing! Fucking put this shit in or riot". (A bit exaggerated but I think you get what I say) What you get by criticize them in a good manner can you see with gizmo's post. He appreciate it that we are friendly towards him. This community went that far, that a dev appreciates someone who has respect towards him? You really need to think about that. Still though. Maybe my type style sounds rough or something, but I'm not. I just want that community come back together and being excited for the next updates instead of flaming each other or the devs.
  5. Sadly I think a boob play is not possible to do. As I said in another thread, I created some poses too. And I used the model package from gizmo directly. Back then, I wanted to make a tittfuck pose. Here a little screenshot from it: https://i.gyazo.com/355d2769554cde7c3e76cdae41ee2caf.jpg And as I send it to lisa, she said that this is not possible since the breast size is to different. As you can see, there is a fix breast size with what those poses will be created. So... boobplay poses would be based on that size. Every other size will look awful, just like the breast pose on the sofa. I mean this one: https://i.gyazo.com/ed01ba268fe1cc646cb81d2db603b2d9.png As you can see here, Bob's finger already clipps into my boobs. Now imagine that with a Face or something. That would look not good. Or imagine it with maximum size boobs or with really small breasts. The only way, how boobplay poses could be possible is, when our devs change their way of creating poses. Because the poses are just small clips of a few seconds which repeats over and over again. They are pretty much static. They would have to make the body part, that touches the breasts, flexible. So it would adjust to the size of the breast ingame. But don't know if that is possible It's been awhile since I created a pose. Maybe they already changed that Little funfact: Ever noticed that cocks changes their size between poses? Just try it out: MF pose on the sofa where the women rides the guy. And then look at the laying BJ pose on the sofa. If the size would be the same, the dick would come out of the back of the head
  6. yes, that's 393. Some small bug fixes Be prepaired. I assume there will be some more patches for bug fixes in the near future.
  7. Ohhh whaaaat? The great gizmo sends me hugs and kisses? Ok. I'm done. Now I can die happy Jokes aside... I really do like this update. Especially the barstool pose... and those single poses on the bed. I didn't even notice that new Free Camera control That's awesome Still though. Please... I really miss it... clicking on the "Shape & Colors" Tab in the Character Editor and my clothes get's hide and if I click somewhere else my clothes are back. That was in Rochi's DLL. I guess I am the only one who misses that
  8. If you mean me, then I say this: You missunderstood me. I don't care what you do. You can do whatever you want. It doesn't bother me and many of your arguments are true too. I just said what I think about quitting a game. I'm just saying that people (not you btw) should calm down and not all the time complain. It's still just a game. If you don't like it, quit it. Complaining will get you nothing if you do it over and over again. I just want to remember you when the game wasn't running for some days and the forum went all crazy against the devs. That's some shit that some of us don't want to see and it shows that many people take this game way to serious. That's my point. My post was never against you Twiggy. Sorry if it looked that way.
  9. Twiggy. I know that this has been said many times. I'm here since a couple of years too, you know? Thing is: What does it get you when you complain over and over again? It will make you only get your pulse high. Nothing else. If you aren't happy with their service then quit and be done with it. That's the language they will definitely notice. And I mean really quit it. I mean. You can do whatever you want, I don't care. But quitting the game but then nearly every day complaining in the forums isn't really "quit the game". And I don't making any excuses for them. I think just rational about it. Ofc I would love to see the kick option implemented. But its their thing what they will put in this game. It's their game and we have either to like it or not. We can say our suggestions but nothing else. We pay them willingly. They aren't forced to do anything for us besides giving us the server to play on. Basicly they can say "fuck it. We will not update anymore". It's not against any rules or something. Ofc they will lose subs for sure, but they could do that. Maybe we are just completely different persons, but if I am not happy with the game, I quit it. And if it becomes better I return. I did that many times with WoW for example. What I wanted to say is simply this: Don't go crazy on the devs. They are just human beings as we are and they deserve respect. But some people on this forums threat them like they are slaves for us and have to do anything we want. What if the devs just don't want to put in this kick function? What if they don't want it? As said. Just relax a bit and don't take this so serious.... if you don't like it, stop playing. It's that easy. Ohh and before I forget: If someone screams over and over again the same shit into my ears, I get really pissed off at that person. Just saying
  10. I've been silent for a long time. Read many threads and... I must say. This community is toxic af towards the devs. If I would be one of those devs, I wouldn't have much intention left after all this crying. The devs create a big update where many of things we wanted got into the game. But then people still keeps crying because they didn't add specific things that people asked or even commanded for. Ever thought about it, that they can't add any things you guys want? They have to do that step by step. If they want to implement everything the community wants, we would have to wait even longer. Some people have to take a serious chill-pill and relax a bit. Some people seem to depend on this game and their updates. That's just crazy. You didn't get what you wanted? So what? You think you are the king of this game? How about just quit the game, be silent and return when they add what you like? Telling them over and over again what you want, will get you nothing but stress for yourself. The devs read our suggestions. They really do. But in the end of the day, they are the devs. They decide what will be implemented, not you guys. You only can say what you wish for. But people kind of command them to add specific things. And if I would be a devs, I would throw a gigantic middlefinger towards those people and add things that other people only wished for and didn't try to force it. Just so you know: No I am not a Gizmo-Fangirl or something. I'm even kind of upset with him because I have send him plenty of poses ready for the game but he didn't even answered me back. But I have respect towards him what many of you guys failed to have. He is not a dev-god you know? He is just a human being and I think 3dx isn't his only job. I am pretty sure that 3dx is just a side-job for him. Yeah I know, I will get targeted now by many people, but I don't care. Those things just had to be said once. Some people really do take this far to serious. Instead of "eeeehhh this is shit you didn't add this" just say something like "Nice update but please in the next update this and that". Sounds way better, doesn't it?
  11. While I agree to 99% on this, there is still something that bothers me with this: How do you want to prevent hosts to kick people they just don't like even if those people played after set rules? I'm here long enough to know that some people really hates each other. For example: person A has the friends B and C. But B and C hates each other. What happens if A wants to go with B on the party from C, but C just bans B out of the room? As said. I am on it. We need this. But still there are some few points to discuss about.
  12. I really like the whole mod from Rochi. Not one function is not used by me at some point But there are two things I really like. One was already mentioned. The other not so far. Frist would be the cum. I really love it, that Rochi made it possible to get covered in cum if you use first the bed cumshot and then the couch cumshot. In fact, I would love to see, that it all just stays. If someone cums on you, that it will stay even if the other pose will be used. At least people with a cum fetish would love that. (Like me) The second is a feature that nobody seems to see but I love it. When I have the mod installed and I press on the "Shape & Colors" option in the Character Editor, the dress on my avi would disappear so I can see what I am changing. Pubic hair and so on. Without the mod, this does not happen. It's an small function, but it has an big impact on people who want to change their avi now and then. But as many here already said. Nearly everything in those mods are great. I only used Rochi's mod so far, but I am sure the other mods are also great. So... I would suggest that you contact those modders and ask them, if they want to give you their moded dll so you can make them official. There is no work needed on your side gizmo. Maybe you need to pay them. But I don't think they would take much as they do it for free right now.
  13. I had the same issue. I turned down the grass setting and it worked for me. Maybe it will help you too.
  14. And of course you do know what a "real man" is supposed to be? After your respond couple days ago where you said to me I should "Maybe drink a big cup of bleach to clear your mind?" it is clear to me that you are not a real man. All those guys who I had bdsm fun with, were always friendly and nice to me. Even more, they were gentlemans before AND after. BDSM is all about trust. But you seem not to understand it so it is pointless to discuss with you. For the pose: I will not use it that much. Why? Because such an slap has to come during the act not like a single pose. OR the RP has to really fit in like an slave/master rp.
  15. Wow. What a "nice guy" you are huh? Not at all an "turd" (warning sarcasm right here) Alone this comment of yours makes it clear for me, that you are no person to discuss with. Just saying: I do know the difference. But you obviously don't know the difference between sexual actions and violence.
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