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  1. Honestly, I dont get the devs. Maybe they have some private issues... I dont know. But the fact, that they have content, which they could give us, but dont do it, is beyond my understanding. As said, maybe they have some big troubles and thats why there is no update. But with the cooperation with Lovense, I thought this will be a change of events. That this would boost their motivation etc. but sadly it didnt. I know for sure, that they have content which can be in an update. Why? Because I did send in a few poses months ago and they got approved. Not all of course, but some of them. This is part of the reason why I dont work on poses anymore. The first reason is, that I have a RL Job now and not that much time to work on poses. Which means, if I work on poses, that time should be worth it. And I dont feel like it is worth it. I mean. 3 months ago, I did send in my last pose and that one got approved, but not yet in the game. Why? Just my opinion on pirated versions: Yes, its really frustrating to see a pirated version, which is free and doesnt has a sub fee, has more updates than the original one. BUT its still a pirated one and you dont know what happens with your data when you registre there. So I recommend to not go there. I at least have no plans to do so. You are of course free to do what you want, but I wouldnt do that. I dont want to bash the devs because I loved the time working for them. Especially the year 2020 was really nice. I was able to create so many poses and saw them in the game being used. It was a pleasure and I am just really sad where this went. 3DX has so much potential but yet, it doesnt reach it. I hope this changes again.
  2. Maybe not in the Forum here or not public. I met alot of people that said, that BDSM is only for sick people and it should be forbidden and all. I just wanted to say, that this filter should not be misused against any possible word that could hurt someone. It should only be against really bad words like "rape". At least in my view
  3. The filter for those room names is an awesome idea! But I hope it doesnt get out of hand. Because some people do have their problems with BDSM for example. How long will it take until someone complains about that in a room name as some rooms are named as "slave garden" for example. I think this filter should be well managed and not misused against any word that might hurt someone. I understand it with rape of course. Its a forbidden thing (in most countries) and its even stated in the ToS of 3DXChat. However, it should not be used against the BDSM community where "abusing" and "slave" are common terms, or any other community where some terms are used that some will find insulting.
  4. @Anaganda Well. i think its good that there are different opinions. If we would think all the same it would be boring. I am just a very open human being and I let everyone live how they want aslong as they dont harm anyone. That includes incest as well. Allthough I might be a bit "corrupted" in that way because I did marry my Stepbrother Its only on paper incest but still. But at least we are on the same page if it comes to rape etc.
  5. I am aware of that issue with the childbirth. But how about, when an incest couple doesnt try to get an own child but adopting one? Like Lesbians and Gays does it. What exactly is then wrong with it? Yes, I give you that with the high risk of the children being disadvantaged. But if we take that out of the concern, what is left to say no to it? Because its not "morality" correct? Sorry but some decades ago people were burned alive when they said public, that they are gay. In my eyes, incest is good as long as they respect that they cant risk to get an own child and be better with adopting a healthy kid. And to compare incest with pedophilla is like comparing apples with pears. You compare a situation where two adults can decide for themself, with a situation with an adult and a lil kid, which isnt completely aware of the situation. Creating over and over again a topic about such rooms is indeed to much attention for those people. They just should get banned and thats it. Maybe Lisa and Gizmo should hire some moderators to actually do that and keeping the ToS true in the game
  6. About the incest thing... I never understood why this is illegal. What is wrong when Brother and Sister love each other more than just their siblings-relationship? If both are good with it and happy, why should that be seeing as "rape" or as "not good"? People are crying loudly about LGTPQ etc. that we should accept everyone as they want to be. Doesnt incest count do that as well? As said, it has to be of course in equal agreement etc. If one wants it and the other not and it will be forced then, of course its then not good. As for the Rape Rooms. I personaly have experiences with rape and I personaly dont see those Rape Rooms bad because its a game. And honestly, sometimes I do actually kinda an RP with my friends where they use me as if they would rape me. Privatly of course and with my agreement. However, in the rules it is clearly stated that this is not allowed to open rooms with such names. So those rooms should be closed and if those owners do repeat that, they should be banned. As Ex says, there is no way people could rape people in this game, but either way. Its stated in the TOS of the Game and those rooms should be closed.
  7. Actually, at least I, am planning to create more non-sexual poses. Although I dont know how far it is doable to make a handholding pose while walking.
  8. That kinda what happend to me when pandora was a thing. Only that I was in the position of that woman that gets assumed to be a male just because having other avis than the main. As I said, I am happy when the devs are able to bring back the account wide ignore, when they can assure that pandora wont come back.
  9. Tsela already answered that. But Tsela missed one big part of Pandora. It showed EVERY Avatar that was ever created on your account. I am not sure if it showed how long you played them, but it showed all of your characters. Even those that are long time deleted. Furthermore you also was able to see old pictures in galleries of the accounts. @TselaYes, you are obviously right. For me, everyone who used Pandora, did not and never will earn my trust. When someone has to stalk my account and cant believe me without Pandora, they arent worth of my trust. But thats a personal opinion because I had trouble with it. But looking at Pandora in an objectively way, it has it good sides as well. But I agree that noone should be allowed to do that besides the Devs.
  10. Pandora wasnt that bad in the right hands. But without context pandora is a real drama producer. If Pandora got used against dramamakers it was fine. But as in my example, people used it to harass people they dont like as well. People see a male avi on my account and saying that I am a fake or fooling people. They would not bother to ask why I have that avi or how much I play that avi. They only care for the "fake or fooling" part. And I am for sure not the only one that had that problem. So. When Pandora gets used against people that cause trouble and all, okay. But people will misuse it again. And it will be more drama, more mistrust again. People will check Pandora first, before going to meet closer. As everything in life, Pandora had a good and a bad side. But the bad side was, in my opinion, the bigger side. But as I said. When the devs manage to make the ignore account wide without systems like pandora will come back, I am totally down for it.
  11. While I am truly sorry for what happens to you people from those people that stalk you and bother you, I am still against it. Because account-wide ignore systems would allow things like pandora to happen again. And I am fully against it. Why? Because when it was a thing back then, I got literally harassed with it. I always had 3 avis. My Main Loruna, an second female avi for when I want to have peace/silence and only being with my very close friends, and a male avi for testing MMF poses. Especially now when I want to know which poses are missing so I can create them, that third avi is important to me. But back then, I was literally harassed with this. Fake-Hunters even created a "wall of proves" that I am a fake and spreaded rumours about me. It went so far, that noone except my close friends wanted to do anything with me. They even tried to spread those rumours around my friends and closed ones. So, a big NO from me! Though, if the devs can implement an account-wide ignore system without things like pandora happening, then I agree with it.
  12. Try the dance 7 or 33... or any dance with much movement and you will see... those breast physics are just to much for that. We maybe really need a slider for the breast physics since some of the players actually like those jiggly breasts... but I dont.
  13. I have created and send in a lick pose for the table yesterday. I dont know if they will come in the next update, but i am working on some FF poses indeed i know there is more than just licking for lesbians, dont worry
  14. Now, lets calm down a bit. I didnt say that my poses get every time denied because of small details. Sometimes there are big issues in my animations to cause them to be denied. Mostly, when my poses have issues with details, I fix them and they are fine then. About the bugs... well. I guess there are other topics discussing over them since weeks. Lets keep that topic about pose ideas. Btw. I am right now working on a sex pose with kissing, like someone here suggested.
  15. Well the issue is, that my animations sometimes get declined by details that only few of the player would even see. But if someone sees them, it gets spreaded. Like "hey look there. There is the issue" and stuff like that. The devs want to prevent that, so I understand it. Through gifs you would never see such details.
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