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  1. Anyone got a message saying "Process error: Length of the data to decrypt is invalid" whenever entering a room, especially today, at this hour? I was on earlier and it was working just fine.
  2. @Gizmo Please don't just overlook this topic, it's a serious issue with more than just a few players around.
  3. I've also been experiencing this issue for like a week now, the game works fine till around 7 pm to 2 or 3 am, then it works again just fine. I tried connecting to my mobile hotspot and running with mobile data, then it works just fine, but when I revert back to my router based wifi, things mess up again and I'd have to re-log in around 5 or 6 times till it works, but profiles don't load up and the game becomes slow and bugged. And I'm running it on Windows 10 too.
  4. Exactly what's been going on with me, and yet no one has done anything to fix it.
  5. I'm not sure if there's an issue with the game. I keep getting empty friends list and if it works, profiles don't show up and instead "Can't view this profile" is what shows up. The weird thing is, I keep getting this when connecting through my normal router based connection, but if I connect through the wi-fi hotspot on my phone, nothing of this happens, yet again, my internet in all other applications and websites is working 100% well through my router 🤔 what's the deal now?
  6. Yeah, not working for me as well.
  7. Well, so far, the only gripes I have are these: No full beards like what we could have, thanks to the custom DLL. The freecam operation is now pretty annoying, because of having to hold down the right click to get it working, and I definitely hate that I can't see my friends if they log in on the 32 bit client.
  8. Apparently, something is broken in the servers that makes friend lists not show up, and also profiles have stopped working, same goes for XGolds.
  9. I'm not sure if this problem is specific to mine, but is anyone else experiencing issues like slow loading times and profiles not loading up, or loading up with "Can't read this profile" message, or rooms not loading up for a while?
  10. It's incredibly frustrating, I just can't seem to stay on for more than 2 seconds, I don't know how long should we keep waiting for them to fix things....
  11. Same issue of getting disconnected constantly once I've logged in, and it does stop after a lot of trials, not to mention the lag in opening my profile and the locations list.
  12. Yes, that's one of the issues....For me, All of my list loads up except a name, and no matter whatever I do, I can't click on that name, which is so strange.
  13. Well even after the patch, some profiles don't load up, whenever I click onto them I get a blank screen...
  14. Profile isn't showing up no matter how many times I relog in or even exit and re-enter the game, not to mention the friend list being messed up, not arranged according to the last person you added.
  15. Same issue here, telling me my membership has expired
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