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  1. You are funny. You realize 3DX chat is pricy as fuck? Right? I dnno any other game with sub costing 20 + euro a month. Do you? Geez, you new ppl are hilarious. Also can we just remove WC? It would do us all a favor. Never in 6 years I seen anything useful there anyway.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what did you wrote them? Also if they keep patch schedule we might see it fixed today or not. So let's see what happens.
  3. Devs should be aware of it Cindy. I asked Lisa in game several days ago ( like 5 hours after creating this topic) to look at this topic and forward it to gizmo, and I seen her browse it. So hopefully it went through. All we can do is wait and hope other people report the issue here. Trust me I was pretty bummed out when I found out cause in first day I couldn't find anyone with this issue and I thought its on my own end, I almost reinstalled windows. Then I got told by several friends and people they all have same problem next day. Unfortunately most don't post on forums, which is shame cause the more replies the better chance it get noticed.
  4. Is it safe disabling certificates in windows? Cause they are there for reason right?
  5. These two issues are related, the clothes etc not saving. I didn't mentioned it as I didn't see it as a big deal compared to not having friendlist and profiles but yes it's related to it. VPN doesn't work for us in this permanent issue. At least didn't for me. Your issue is node somewhere between you and 3DX fucking up going offline / online or too full of traffic, So even if you Lea reinstall windows it will be all same for you. This connection issue was happening a lot during 2014 - 2016 though it was whole server back then and some countries had this issue all the time (like I did ) if you want further read I can link you topics, but basically you are out of luck unless you VPN or IPS (if its their node) or sex game devil host changes stuff Halderim, thank you for going so technical. I am not that smart ❤️
  6. I tried this, made a new admin account (tested 3dx on it.. all okay...🙄 )Then tried to delete the stuff as it says there unfortunately as one the comments there said, options were greyed out and I am not going to manually fuck with it and registry. Anyways as some comments here piled up, I am glad I am not only one suffering from this at least I am sure now it's not my fault and it's something the update broke.
  7. Unfortunately your issue is different one. Yours happen when there is weak connection one way or the other. For us right as we log in on character select we see 0 XGOLD, once we log in, we can go any room, see any character without issue but friend/ignore list is empty and we can't view or open profiles. So no relogging does not work. This is something that broke for people in last day patch. Meaning we can't even establish connection with the xgold/ profile server not even peak of it.
  8. Alright someone suggested it could be microsoft account issue, I converted to Local, changed passes, picture etc no bueno. So any other suggestion?
  9. Thing is it seems to be same issue for at least 6 or 7 people I spoke with tonight. All started with last update. So I am not sure. Am bit afirad of fucking with whole app data folder and even if I reinstall windows I don't see how it will help others less techy people.
  10. Thank you for help my dear Nikki, unfortunately I added all ports I could find on website to firewall and tried with it, in both rules, I also turned firewall completely off and couldn't get to it. However if I logged on different user on my machine ie guest, it worked fine. I use default firewall atm. So no conflicting application. Still thank you for your input.
  11. Edit: Several people spoke to me now in 3DXchat all with same issues, those who tried the "fix" it helped but that ain't fix just temporarily band aid. Portion of your playerbase cannot access the gold server which includes friendlist and profiles. That's pretty critical bug. Now I went with troubleshooting way further than most people would or be capable of, the next step is to reinstall windows. Now before I do something drastic as that I would like your opinion @Gizmo Is this bug related to update? Can you fix this? @weesty might be another person with this issue. Anything I can do? Cause I seriously do not wish to reinstall my windows for one odd weird connection while everything else works just as fine. Even if I do it will just help me, I doubt the people I spoke in game are capable of doing that.
  12. @Gizmo Hello. Can you please look at this as I am at my wit ends on what to do anymore. Edit: See the second post on follow up Since last day update my xgold, my profile, my friendlist doesn't work, talking, interacting etc all works fine. I know the issue is with my PC but I am not sure where or how to find it. It gotta be very specific perhaps or most likely a bug in client. What I tried: Connecting over my phone internet instead of my main ISP Using ancient laptop installing 3DX and using same internet down to same cable - worked on my laptop, not on my desktop Disabling firewall, opening ports, disabling windows defender Deleting registry in sex game devil twice Deleted AppData in user folder. VPN Reinstalling game to different drives and folders Downloaded game from different installers and updated Making new host file Refreshing IP address Logging with different account Safe mode with networking... It's not IP address either Hell even updated GPU drivers and network adapter drivers as well. I managed to isolate it under single user account on my windows 10, if I try different user account on my desktop it works without issue. So it's not internet and its not computer overall. It's a specific window account under which it doesn't work. So what can I do? Cause I tried everything. What can be blocking 3DX gold server on one specific account but not on guest or other window accounts? I am admin ofc I made these accounts for testing purpose. @gizmo in this topic you mentioned " This bug should be fixed. " could this be issue on your side? Did you changed some server or something in last update that could affect this?
  13. Yea it's been this way since I logged today, so I assume the update might have to do with it. I been asking tons of people and I couldn't find anyone else with this problem atm. So I am glad it's not me.
  14. Can this be looked at? I tried everything and nothing helps. I even tried to use my phone (different ISP) as a teehered net instead my normal internet. And yet, still doesn't work, chatting, hugging etc works just fine.
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