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  1. I actually remember it took them around 2 years to implement a private message from friendlist. Back then you had to write an gift to a person to meet at some location just to open chat if you didn't had them added outside of the game or on forums. (mind you a paid gift as there was no free xgold at the time). I think 5 gifts were like 3 euro in xgold back then? I bet most people know don't know that. Edited due to being tired as f.
  2. Since this is my last post in this topic. My personal beliefs doesn't matter. Not that I do believe you are trans or anything, I don't even believe you are troll, cause trolls are clever and you... well, you are pathethic. Block me in game or not. I think that's just going to do me favor. I did reported you, and several your post and none of the reports are because what you have between your legs or what you think or feel or seek pity that you are. All the reports I done were basically, spamming, trolling, breaking rules, literally pushing people away from forums. It's very sad that the forums are regulated so poorly as the ban implementations here are so easy to work around. Once every year or two some fool always shows up who gets banned 5 + times before they get bored and move onto another platform.
  3. Honestly, I am not sure why you all even responding to that person posts, the best thing to do is click report > write a short or lenghty message how is breaking all the rules, spamming and breaking discussions that he is lowering quality of forums as well discussions can't proceed due to his spam. Not first time they closed his accounts and won't be last unfortunately.
  4. As someone who been here longer than most of you (6 years) you are wrong on numbers. Where did you pulled out a 9$ each month, from the Corona sale? As long as I remember the game at least in Europe is priced at around 20 to 27 Euro per month depending on country (due to tax) that roughly translates to 23 - 30 $. I understand at the moment there is heaviest sale there ever been on the game lasting past 2 months which is basically result of Corona and their initiative to fit with big companies who all offered some discounts or bonuses in online games. There is also a heavy sale each year from around mid December to mid January for a year of subscription. There was no other sale as far as I am aware. Majority of new players are not joining during a month over Christmas, not to mention a new player tries a game for a month and not buying a year asap to get discount. As well I know tons of older people who still pay by a month. So majority is still likely on a month sub which is around 20$ before Corona. This is also standard in most online games. Most people pay by month to try then leave, new join etc etc. People paying for year are usually a minority as it's sum of money most aren't willing to pay upfront. They do not need a manager to communicate. They are small company with very few members and communicating issues can be done easily. I insist you look at 2 indie games - Rimworld and Stardew Valley. While it's true these games made millions, Stardew is done by single person and he keeps responding on twitter, on reddit and so on. So no it's not hard to communicate. They refused to, In fact you should be happy they are giving you any info at all because from around 2016 to end of 2019 there was basically a radio silence with update once every 3 to 9 months. I seen a lot. For example their stance for user content, in past it took them months to communicate if we send them some poses, collars and so on and they still refused to add things to game regardless of quality. So the development over past several months changed a lot. From discord introduction to monthly, sometimes even weekly updates. Back then many speculated they only do this as a side job. You can speculate how much they make from game all you want, you don't know size of their staff, they only ever posted something several years ago a single picture about their staff. servers are cheap as f these days. You don't know where they live (pressumably somewhere in russia) where the living standard is much lower than US or Western EU meaning for same cash you can buy a lot more. Not even mentioning gold. Gold wasn't always free and during first 2 to 3 years you had to buy it and many did. Not to mention we know there are several people with 4 to 8k gifts, they aren't getting that from daily flow. As for them not doing anything you can obviously seen they are trying some (pretty desperate if you ask me) measures for example the last patch introduced 2 things - User room update limit and Friends online status limit (both once per 10 seconds, instead of instantly) to lighten the load on the server. Most likely the server finally crapped due to spaghetti code they have or awful hardware or both. It's very likely they were / are waiting for corona pandemic to end so the load on the server lightens up as people go back to work and streets but as the corona outbreak is still happening even coming back up here in west it didn't worked out so well . Seems like enough players stayed over and server finally crapped out.
  5. To your first part -> DDoS is punishable by law in about every modern country. Random google search shows 10 to 30 years in prison + penalties upwards to 250 000 $ obviously It's case by case and I am no lawyer just good old google jutsu. To the second part -> Competitors have more to lose than to gain, company usually acts in good of shareholders so not 1 person. This is either some troll, some hacker group flexing or someone trying to blackmail for whatever reason.
  6. Actually, the only one who tossed insults here is you. I given you a reply and then you insulted me and in indirect way developers in your previous post. I wrote earlier on this topic why not. You came here obviously not reading a second post in this topic and then using a few sentences that aren't your own calling developers out that they have no protection, which you again have no clue about. If you were educated in basic IT security or just little bit interested in tech world you would know that many major companies that face these issues were shut down for days while someone done attack like this. All I did was called you out on something you done and then gave you two examples of large multi-billion worth companies that faced same problems, so you could check on your own. But I guess I am stupid cow while you paste articles trying to look smart without even understanding what's going on. And to answer your question directly. -> Yes, I obviously have more experience than you in this matter. Since I said enough why, several posts before you even wrote your awful question which you stole from some PR article that tries to sell a product.
  7. Riela


    No, it's highly unlikely anything like that can happen. DDoS is more about connection. In simple terms imagine a straw in your ice cold drink. Now part of ice breaks and gets stuck at bottom of the straw and no matter how hard you try to sip, the drink ain't coming. So imagine DDoS is the ice in this case. The water is still there, just the straw is clogged. Not much with their database / and stuff as much as connection.
  8. Mhm, sure. Very fancy read, looks more like copy pasted from some random article and not something from your brain. Oh here I found it https://www.myrasecurity.com/en/what-is-a-ddos-attack/ . Next time, talk about something you understand instead trying to look smart and pasting some random article. Tell me if it took Blizzard / PSN / Other major multi - billion companies days to week to solve. Why you think about small indie dev team with less members than you have fingers on hand can solve or prevent this? As far as I know no protection is perfect, and you don't have enough knowledge to know if they have protection or not. Not to mention we don't know their infrastructure or if they can even afford protection if there's not one in place. I do remember when there was last DDoS on WoW around time the last expansion released. There were issues and downtime for several hours each day or perhaps even full downtime for day or two in row. There was police and brightest of engineers working on that attack to solve it as thousands were cut from their services and yet they couldn't restore it fully for days. IF a company worth 20$ billion ain't capable of resolving DDoS in a day. What makes you think 3DX can?
  9. Because magic and fairy dust. Playstation network was DDoSed for several days to weeks couple of years ago.. well in the era of PS3. Blizzard battle.net went down for a weekend twice in row this year due to DDoS and that wasn't first time in their history. Am sure there were many more attacks on different companies, I do remember BBC(not the 3DX kind) few years ago. You can use google to find out more, I doubt our mighty overlords Gizmo and Lisa can prevent DDoS if big companies like these can't. Obviously there are security tools and measures that can and I am sure are implemented all over networks. But even that might not be enough in some persistent cases. So ignore opinion of the armchair administrators that it can be solved in seconds. I have my opinions about developers but in this case not much they can do.
  10. Riela


    You people are funny. @Rondon Racist 😂
  11. You are funny. You realize 3DX chat is pricy as fuck? Right? I dnno any other game with sub costing 20 + euro a month. Do you? Geez, you new ppl are hilarious. Also can we just remove WC? It would do us all a favor. Never in 6 years I seen anything useful there anyway.
  12. Just out of curiosity, what did you wrote them? Also if they keep patch schedule we might see it fixed today or not. So let's see what happens.
  13. Devs should be aware of it Cindy. I asked Lisa in game several days ago ( like 5 hours after creating this topic) to look at this topic and forward it to gizmo, and I seen her browse it. So hopefully it went through. All we can do is wait and hope other people report the issue here. Trust me I was pretty bummed out when I found out cause in first day I couldn't find anyone with this issue and I thought its on my own end, I almost reinstalled windows. Then I got told by several friends and people they all have same problem next day. Unfortunately most don't post on forums, which is shame cause the more replies the better chance it get noticed.
  14. Is it safe disabling certificates in windows? Cause they are there for reason right?
  15. These two issues are related, the clothes etc not saving. I didn't mentioned it as I didn't see it as a big deal compared to not having friendlist and profiles but yes it's related to it. VPN doesn't work for us in this permanent issue. At least didn't for me. Your issue is node somewhere between you and 3DX fucking up going offline / online or too full of traffic, So even if you Lea reinstall windows it will be all same for you. This connection issue was happening a lot during 2014 - 2016 though it was whole server back then and some countries had this issue all the time (like I did ) if you want further read I can link you topics, but basically you are out of luck unless you VPN or IPS (if its their node) or sex game devil host changes stuff Halderim, thank you for going so technical. I am not that smart ❤️
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