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  1. Well you can try running the game in the window mode if that helps. If not try rolling back drivers. Just find previous graphic card drivers before the version you have and do clean install of them. Sometimes it can help. I had problems like that and rolling back drivers helped.
  2. Please there is no reason to get offended. Nobody said that people are rapists. How about you try accepting the ideas that were given and debunking them with what is wrong with that pertecular idea insted of telling people they should be ashamed. And yes it is allowed because that is called discussion. You have people here on both sides discussing the matter. Calling people jerks really dont help your case at all. So far it has been civil in here. It would be nice if it could continue.
  3. Twiggy i am really sorry that this has happened to you and i hope that person will face fate worst then death. I am also sorry to say but i think mods should close this thread down as it is going in circles with everyone agreeing with each other and arguing between each other about the same thing. To explain everybody is saying public display of rape is not ok yet everybody is arguing with some one (dont know who) like as if somebody is saying: yep naming rooms rape or publicly acting out rape fantasy is ok. It is going in circles and nothing productive is coming out of this anymore. Plus it got really far away from what Twiggy suggested in a first place.
  4. Twiggy please tell me how exactly are you going to prove what people are or are not in real life. Do you want them to send developers their ID ? (can be faked) Do you want them to chat on the webcam with developers ? (still can be faked) So how exactly are you suggesting they enforce this rule ? Are you willing to send your detailed information to a small company that has barely any security in place to protect you and your information ? I am sorry but if Microsoft and Sony are not secure enough to protect your personal information i am not willing to send my id to small company. Also the cost to come with a system that would keep track of this and secure it would be really high. If this is not what you meant then there is no way to enforce it, is there. Did you stopped to think about fake positives just for a second ? What if somebody accused you of being different gender then you are, provided devs with few screens of you telling something that is hinting towards it and you got banned because of that. Even thought it is not true. Because with that rule this can happen. Nothing is stopping people from not checking i am roleplayer box. Even if that would be against the rules. There is just no way you can check and enforce this. Room name Rape is against the rules yet it happened anyway. Honestly best thing you can do is start treating people that do lie about their gender or do have written that in their profile, good and with respect (if they willingly come clean to you). If enough people will do that then you will have less people that hide it. I have talked with people that have in their profile that in real they are different gender and they get quite a lot of hate. If they see its ok to come clean and will still have people be fine with it then there is no reason to hide now is there.
  5. Twiggy, i can understand your frustration. But that was one person that named a room like that. Nobody in here agrees with it and to top it off it is against the rules of the game. Problem is currently that the situation is very hard to deal with quickly. Since if you report the person. He or she can get banned in few days if even that happens since all the evidence is gone now and possibly even the character that person was on. And so far you havent suggested anything that could help the situation. Putting rules of the game there will not stop this at all. Putting button to choose if you are real player or role player will change nothing at all since most people that do that now will continue doing that in the future. So what should devs do in this case ? Keep in mind that nobody wants moderators present in the game. That was already here and devs put stop to that.
  6. I have already suggested that but it isnt best solution since as i stated above it is easily overcome if somebody wants to.
  7. A year ago that person would have actually more freedom to do so then he has now to be honest. A year ago we didnt even had forum moderators like we have now that are in contact with developers. Year ago the game was more of a mess then it is now. Just because one person made a bad room doesnt make everyone make it. Also dont forget that there are lots of people who barely speak english. For those people all they see is number next to a room and join. That is also a problem with the rules too. First people that dont understand english will not read it. And most people that do understand english will also not read it . And i really dont know what you suggest how to fix this Twiggy. Because without moderators in the game with power to insta ban it is hard thing to solve.
  8. Well they already have similar system with usernames. If it is already taken then you cant use it so maybe they could copy that there. But it is not the best solution since you can overcome it . Like if you ban Hello then i can write H*e*l*l*o or H/e/l/l/o or simply Helllo. The meaning will still be there. Its really hard thing to do but it could stop at least some people .
  9. I just want to add to what twiggy said that it is ok and allowed to do whatever those people are doing by rules of the game and even if it is against the rules there is no way you can enforce that. However it is not ok morally. Its shitty thing to do and that falls on the head of people doing it. As the horrible choice of name for the room, yeah that is against the rules and sadly again there is nothing in place that would enforce the rules. If the ban comes even 1 day late the damage has been already done. I do not know how to fix that. It would require moderators to be present in the game and that is not good at all. Because who moderates the moderators . Edit: Hmm maybe implement some sort of ban room names ? Like you cant use certain words as a room name. That could maybe possibly work to some degree. Maybe
  10. Twiggy, i think that there is a small problem with what you are suggesting, People that say they are 18 year old with supermodel body from france, living in the fancy place are not considering themselfs roleplayers . I had quite a few people come clean to me and none of them were interested in roleplay (how real roleplayers in the game roleplay). So even if they make the different buttons in profile nothing will change. Also dont forget that the game is not called 3dxDating . I like your ideas but people will scream and kick like hell if they make the choice permanent for life of a character. I more agree with Sera and her solution ^^ . Just my opinion and now i go back to my cave :D
  11. Please stop treating the devs like they are special in special field doing special things nobody has done before. They sell a product for money and therefore customers have right to voice their opinions on it, review it and any criticism they might have. Look at EA, Steam etc... no matter how small or big the company is, they all get under fire if they screw up. Towns (if i remember the name correctly) is game done by one guy, he fucked it up and got all the nasty reviews he deserved. Steam decided to do paid mods for Skyrim and again people went up in arms and they removed it. I dont understand why are people defending horrible practices and unethical behavior done by these devs and attacking and hating on other companies that do the same exact shit. And please dont tell me that you never ever were displeased with the product you got from some company (be it game or otherwise). Riela tried to help them she took her time and got what they have asked for. They on the other hand didnt even bothered to spend 10 seconds on the answer. I dont care if they are small or big company once they start selling something, anything to customers they fall under same standards as everybody else. Do a shitty things and people will be critical of you. Devs you dont exist in a vacuum, Red light center 2 beta has been released among other things that are being worked on like Sociolotron 2 etc.. ThriXXX might be cooking something too since yep there is a hole in the market and you are shoving the customers their away.
  12. No no no no they are too cold. Seriously without a sweater we cant have that .
  13. It has been happening to me too mostly with alt-tab from the game. Solution is in the right corner you have button for the chat. If you click it to close and open the chat it should eliminate the problem. At least it works for me everytime.
  14. Oh comeon its big but a behemoth :D . I am playing in 1920x1080 resolution on a big monitor. My chat is placed like in every game i played in lower left corner where this behemoth of a menu pops. So no i see shit but i use it for 2 seconds so i dont mind even if it would be fullscreen godzilla . But people dont like it so scalable window or whole UI would make it bit smaller. I dont get the docking of this since it is same thing as clicking the location button again no? The shortcut for hiding the menus except chat is good idea i think.
  15. Actually i dont think they should make scalable window. They should make scalable UI the whole thing. That would solve all the possible problems with future and current UI windows . Well that is what i think would work the best .
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