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  1. They surely meant host (as mentionned on the update post) .... just bad translation in game I guess If it was only gold transfer but no... its buy gold for others, patreon and real money transfer... just what this game was missing... good luck lol πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
  2. I feel like this has been answered already, tho no specific ETA, and it has been like a month or so from what I'm reading but it is being worked on. They just wont keep reposting the same answer over and over, that's not how things work with 3DX, and quite frankly that's already more informations than the game had gotten in the past on other issues lol. Take what you get. Just gotta be a lil more patient, as frustrating as that is πŸ˜„ Just two cents from an ole granny ! πŸ˜…
  3. Yes who has time to scroll forever through who replied to what, and who reacted to what and blablabla. I quickly looked through the Activity stream tab and there wasn't a setting that only showed the latest created topics, without feeds on who joined forum and who reacted where, and who commented where (I repeat it cause I just find it annoying lol). So yeah I agree with Torax that little window was useful, or at least add sharper activity feed tools πŸ˜›. Ps : About time the forum had an update πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ ! Could still use some more efforts tho πŸ™„.
  4. 148452976,width=500,height=500.png

    I Love your Profile... 😍

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      Haha thank you ❀️ !

      Gotta freshen it up a little I guess πŸ˜‹


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    *If you mean the spoiler option, then : 1- Click on Special BBcode 2- Pick "Spoiler" and then type your text in the box. PS : if you have already typed your text, you can always select the part you want to hide and then click special BBCode > Spoiler > and press ok *If you mean it the way ExHaran, just showed on the post above, the font color has just been changed to white.
  6. Oh yeah that wasn't targetted at you, just picking up on that line that made me chuckle. Just a general remark pointing out that it's impossible to satisfy everyone and things will just escalate until each side feels vindicated, as is human nature, more so on the internet. And surely the lack of consistency in moderation doesn't help either side.
  7. The same way it was accepted and respected when it was removed in the first place ? But yeah this is just an endless back and forth, until someone reports it again, and "Moderating Team" changes its mind again, and so on ! Happy weekend y'all !
  8. My opinion on this hasn't changed after going through the latest pages. For me it's still a private matter to be taken with a pinch of salt when broadcasted on such platforms. So I won't try to get into a debate about it with anyone or try to change anyone's mind. To each their own. Just wanted to point out something, as a then mod, since it is being brought up. Indeed this was never added to the actual rules but it was certainly a common agreement between members and moderators. As far as Gizmo is concerned, he was also notified of it, and saw no reason to object it. So from that point forwa
  9. Smart move ! Now hoping this moves forward and doesn't remain a fruitless tree. Rochi has been a member for a really long time, and you know very well that she isn't ill intended at all with her work. You can tell from the time she has spent before helping people in your technical support thread, to creating these mods to help improve the gameplay. Improving user gameplay to a level I can't even express, as some are very basic features that we should already have in game after 6years of existence. She listens to user feedback and does her best to follow through. So you'd gain in finding a
  10. Sent this on the bug report link, but I'll leave it here too. Since the update, the hair shadows got messed up, almost like the hair is floating.... quite triggering X.x See below (sorry if you recognize yourself, you may contact the copyright service) Edit : Ps : thanks for the face fix
  11. Although they get many things wrong, it is great that they now offer the possibility to delay an update while in game. That being said, it's not their duty to warn anyone of an update at login, since we are using third parties (not provided by the game) at our own risk.
  12. Okay ! Usually I'm a person that thinks all updates are good to take as long as they keep coming and dont overthink about them. But this just pisses me off. When I started the game back in 2013, the faces were actually much prettier (too annoyed now to go looking for pics) ... Yes they were better in 2013/2014, I stand by it. Then two or three years ago, you changed them without warning and turned them ugly with one or two that were still usable. Then you added a few more years later that were just in bad taste if you ask my opinion. And now this ! You ruined the faces that were still us
  13. That's most likely because you have miniature trees on your map. For example, my friend had the same issue with a snow globe that had a tiny tree inside it, which in consequence showed that bugged inflated tree in some camera angles Edit : I watched further into your video and I can see that you have flattened your trees as well, to make the leaves disappear. That's a cause too, since we can clearly see the leaves flash and reappear when you zoom out.
  14. Another Xmas prop. Wanted a simple illuminated tree. So here it is if anyone wants to use it You can play with the lighting pattern as you wish. (with 127kb, this might be bit heavy tho ) DOWNLOAD This item is merged in four different parts : - Tree (made of bushes lol) - Tree lights - Outter stars - Inner stars
  15. A little companion for the winter... cause who doesn't love Olaf ??! (I call mine Creepy Oly ... not you OliU ) DOWNLOAD
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