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  1. Happy birthday to my favorite 3d chat! These 10 years in the game have been colorful! And a little history...
  2. What a panic, find something to do in the real world and don't get drama in the virtual!
  3. I think it's the ancient Mayan language or am I wrong?
  4. Gifts can only be sent from the player's profile, when you try to send a gift from the chat box, nothing happens
  5. the problem with languages other than English is not solved
  6. I think it was written in Russian )))
  7. Hey there All the music that plays on the island of love, plays in the format. Music played by Milena on the island of love, played also in the format of the island of love. No matter what language music, English, French, Spanish, Italian or Russian. The music format is strictly adhered to. If you don't like Milena as a person, that's another topic of conversation!
  8. This is a patch I've been waiting for a month....as 8..hairstyles and every hairstyle is the same as the other 8...
  9. Hey ChillyWilly ))) You forgot to say that especially for this party, the developers added in game - Santa Claus Hat in black color
  10. https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B3hWHAZvXhx9MzFIN1h2MzN1bjA&export=download- 363 version
  11. Good thing I'm at work and I have things to do
  12. Same problem and also AMD Radeon VieoCard
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