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  2. IamTrouble is exHaran, who is old player like me who allways wanted to play the pimp. she is called ☙𝔼𝕩❧ here now on the forums. so that was another information you need to know, yes, exharan has multiple accounts like the iamtrouble one and much many others. but mostly that one to play the pimp. anyways thats not the subject, even Lussian who is 3dx official DJ is a member of OffGang. lol good joke right ? thats the reality.
  3. for your information, Lussian is one of the best friend of Warning and he is in the offgang too even if he dont put it on his profile, and he manage music in the maps of the game since some time (except if this changed), so he can throw party whenever he wants 😛
  4. Malboro is on of the many many alts of WARNING. as you can see in the video, he hacks the game and turn it off , since months him and OFF GANG group launch DDOS attacks on the official 3dx server and on their website they sell fake gifts and more. its surprising that white breeze collaborate with such hackers.. but at least their girl maybe received ton of fake gifts xD and by the way, all members of OFF GANG are in their discord server and are perfectly informed of all hacks. I really hope they will get reported and banned, that all what they deserve
  5. the stupid little wanna be hacker of warning and his shitty group seems to had fun recently 😁😁 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTgX2bQdpN4Uknn0-F_uP2g you are late Devs, warned you several times. you should listen to your all first customers, sometimes.
  6. i wish lol. but he will be back with his little weirdos and all his bots. for sure
  7. LOL. and when offgang and their leader known as WARNING hacked my room and opened it for all, they all insulted me while they were inside my own room. i called Lisa on discord. results was : i got banned 15 days for insults. they got no ban at all. funny. it was time for you dev team to open your eyes about this warning and his offgang. by the way he created a lot of bots, maybe more than 100 in game. so i dont think you will stop them from coming here
  8.  2-PS: See the profiles of WARNING, KiraSuicide and OFF GANG friends, many with a fake, unpaid gift with 3DXCHAT Xgolds!
    More than 400 gifts in a single day on KiraSuicede's profile !!!

    download (2).png


    download (28).png

    1. Laina


      I don't usually like to call people out like this, but I'd like to point out that I find your claims against Kira not only demeaning, but outright offensive.

      I was present in the club when two people literally showered her with gifts.  Hell, I was one of the people giving the girls on stage gifts that night - and I was even on the stage myself, and I received multiple gifts myself.

      The two people in question have literal proof of buying XGold that they spent in order to gift Kira gifts.

      I'm attaching screenshots and screencaps for reference.

      @Gizmo I can provide further proof if need be.

      Take a moment in the future to take a step back and actually look into and research your claims before bumbling into them and risking causing inappropriate bans and irreparable damage to others reputations, yeah?







  9. same issue for me and for some other players, even after re installing.
  10. and i can see all the hackers still want it and post it to download ahaha... poor jealous loosers (winks at warning the french hacker and all his 30 accounts)
  11. you know it my rouquette 😛 everytime there is a new patch, they add a new bug. they should stop update that game so no more incoming bugs 😂🤪 Viens sur SL sinon , c'est mieux 😛
  12. i am really sad for all players who still thrust on what devs keep saying. there is no DDOS attack, they just mess again and again with their server that is all. WPB got hacked and opened again, they didnt ban the person, got banned myself for insults haha. see you all on Second LIfe, much better there !

  13. /me Throws you a stone, then chill 😂
  14. hmmm not sure its a DDOS attack. DDOS attacks programs are not able to shut off an IP adress for days. only some hours max. i think they messed up something in their server, and telling us its a DDOS 😁😁 (Also, Lisa would not have mentioned remboursement in the discord, if she expect server to be down for only short time^^)
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