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  1. same issue for me and for some other players, even after re installing.
  2. and i can see all the hackers still want it and post it to download ahaha... poor jealous loosers (winks at warning the french hacker and all his 30 accounts)
  3. you know it my rouquette 😛 everytime there is a new patch, they add a new bug. they should stop update that game so no more incoming bugs 😂🤪 Viens sur SL sinon , c'est mieux 😛
  4. i am really sad for all players who still thrust on what devs keep saying. there is no DDOS attack, they just mess again and again with their server that is all. WPB got hacked and opened again, they didnt ban the person, got banned myself for insults haha. see you all on Second LIfe, much better there !

  5. /me Throws you a stone, then chill 😂
  6. hmmm not sure its a DDOS attack. DDOS attacks programs are not able to shut off an IP adress for days. only some hours max. i think they messed up something in their server, and telling us its a DDOS 😁😁 (Also, Lisa would not have mentioned remboursement in the discord, if she expect server to be down for only short time^^)
  7. ask there http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/user/9386-3dx-help/
  8. Hi Lorance what a shame, but im not surprised anymore Hey, you can send a message here, and he/she will change your forum name, i've contacted 3dxchat help few months ago to add a Majuscul in my name and they fixed it. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/user/9386-3dx-help/ hope this will help you. hugs hun
  9. Post of the 14 june....we are the 2 july, lets see how much time they will make us wait this time... since years, its usually some months after they announce new poses lol
  10. Pierrousss


    He wont do anything even with a screenshot too, maybe 24h ban thats all. he takes the money.
  11. simply add back "Assembly-UnityScript.dll" in the scripts list , thanks
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