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  1. if I can allow myself a little thought

    Is there an internal regulation to be applied impartially or piecemeal when it suits you?


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    1. ☙𝔼𝕩❧


      Potential = Ban shortly. So logic. *facepalm*

  2. I wish a happy birthday to the whole team keep up the work we are with you wholeheartedly ❤
  3. Venita! Yes, I do not speak native English, I am French and what is the problem? the fact here is that, everything i know about OFF GANG (FR too), since its arrival earlier this year has wreaked havoc on the game, threatening me, threatening my friends ... using its hacks in the game, paralyzing the server several times during the year, parties affected by these hacks, as in Bahamas Beach, among others ... everything I could and still can to HELP in the game, instead of harming !, I did, and I'm always in touch with Support, support! Yes, I have the profiles of some OFF GANG members all this t
  4. Wow, i see OFF GANG members still online at Fresco Club!
  5. Le fait Torax ici est que, comme vous l'avez dit, vous n'étiez pas là! White Breeze ou tout autre club soutenait une soirée OFF GANG, si vous ne l'avez pas encore vue, faites-le bien! Oui, ils l'ont piraté sur mes amis, alors je suis entré en contact direct avec GIZMO (check) ... peu de temps après que Lisa soit arrivée à Fresco! et le reste, tout le monde le sait déjà! Je sais, vous gagnez en vendant vos mods, soit à WB, soit à quelqu'un d'autre ici, je ne sais pas quelle est votre irritation, et pourquoi disons que nous demandons l'interdiction de White Breeze! Mais de ceux qui o
  6. What I mean is that it doesn't matter if it's just White Breeze or other clubs joining a group of hackers that is damaging the GAME! but who, knowing the rules of 3DXDevs, is putting their own account at risk of banishment!IamTrouble, said in the conversation that 3DXChat supports Hackers! I don't think I need to speak louder! If you understand that!It is up to the DEVs to judge whether they ban or not. I like 3DXChat, I have been here for more than 3 years, so I support what is correct within the rules, instead of causing problems, as has been happening since the arrival of this Group through
  7. As the famous saying "rotten apple" spoils the other good ones, if you are next ... White Breeze also did this by supporting the OFF GANG group on its website and profiles! YES, support is the right word! Whoever was there at Fresco Club saw this, Lisa herself saw it !, IamTrouble (WB), was ironic when arguing with one of my friends, saying that 3DXChat supports "Hacker" ... and then, they had their clothes undressed, due to the same type of hack that OFF GANG sells on the patreon website and ended up being used here a few times in big events, damaging the parties! ... so it's not the “WB Club
  8. Correct, it is not a FALSE statement, that White Breeze supports this bunch of hackers, it was enough to check LostMelody (this member of OFF GANG, seen almost always with WARNING) as I posted here on the same day of the attack, there at the Fresco Club party, two close friends contacted me and called me when one of them discussed with IamTrouble (Whtite Breeze), about supporting OFF GANG, the girls had their clothes undone, certainly the same one that attacked Lisa in the chat (! Kaesius), they used the same hack used in other moments, forcing them to leave the place, I immediately contacted
  9. Players who identify as OFF GANG are potential threats and will be banned shortly. I don't think there is any need to comment
  10. still some OFF GANG members circling the game. this group is being banned from the 3DXChat community.
  11. 3DXChat has always been my favorite game, and I fight for its development and evolution, and this year we have had problems since the arrival of this gang of Hackers OFF GANG! Now, it was clarified what we already knew at the beginning. Ban all these hackers and their supporters.Congratulations again to the Dev team.PS: Because I like to hunt Hackers !!!
  12. well done by the administration, now we hope that 3DXChat can evolve as it always did and deserves!
  13. well done by the administration, now we hope that 3DXChat can evolve as it always did and deserves!

  14. yes yes yes well it's not too early I thank you anyway for your action Gizmo
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