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  1. SwingSet has an own discord now: Get latest news Vote for rooms Meet other players https://discord.gg/pApJD9Y The discord is open for all, members, non-members, prospective members...
  2. New White Girls at White Breeze White Breeze is very proud that Reena Rain joined us as a freelance escort and support for our upcoming White Breeze Exclusive service. Reena is one of the most experienced models, porn actresses and adult entertainers in the whole of 3DX. Her curvaceous and enticing figure is well known in the community from her famous “Tushy Tuesday” installments. Friends call her “the booty of 3DX”. Check her profile here: https://www.white-breeze.com/reenarain/ Another fantastic and naughty new member of White Breeze is Fiona. Fiona is an adventurous and fun loving girl from southern Germany. She spends most of her time outside. No matter if it’s downhill on a stiff mountainbike saddle or underwater in a tight diving suit. For this sporty hottie life is always a walk on the wild side – like biking a bumby trail or swimming with sharks. Only one thing she is more passionate about than daring adventures. And. That. Is. Sex. Uncontrolled rough sex with no strings attached. You wouldn’t believe what dirty mind lurks inside that pretty head. Do you dare to unleashes her inner beast? https://www.white-breeze.com/fiona/
  3. White Breeze introduces new porn actress Emelie Emelie is a sexy and naughty brat. Instead of going to her lectures, she hangs out in fuck rooms and hits on men. That is where we met her and immediately signed her up. Read the whole story here: https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/22/emelie-in-fuck-room-fun/ Movie teaser: FuckRoomFun_Teaser_med.mp4
  4. SwingSet is open again for new members! After the change of control from JamieSweet to the White Breeze Orga Team, there was a there was a stop for new members. With immediate effect, SwingSet is open again for new members. Read all about it here: https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/21/swingset-opens-again-for-new-members/
  5. Kemistry


    Whatever you say :D I wouldn't have used it when another escort had used it before… Question of self-respect ;) Nevermind.
  6. Kemistry


    You are such a copycat…
  7. Escort of the month: Nesy Meet Nesy, our escort of the month february! By JamieSweet being a virtual escort is like any other role you can take on in 3DX, or in real life for that matter. You can “phone it in” and cut corners, putting in the minimum effort to get by, or you can take what you’re doing seriously, striving to not just improve, but to become the very best you can be at what you do. And, while this world is full of people who never aspire to more than mediocrity, there are always a few who do their very best both at work and at play. One of those people is Nesy. Coming to 3DX with only a tenuous grasp of English and rudimentary cybersex skills, she committed herself to helping make people’s fantasies come true. And, with practice and persistence, she became not just a good lover, but a great one—providing some of the best sexual experiences that can be had online. Read more: https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/14/escort-of-the-month-nesy/
  8. Truth or Dare Questions and dares for the most commonly played game on 3DX. By JamieSweet Almost every night on 3DX, someone is running a Truth or Dare game, and, without a doubt, they can be fun. That said, provocative questions and outrageous dares aren’t always easy to come up with in the moment, which is why I’ve compiled a list of 50 questions and 50 dares for you to draw from. Enjoy! https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/10/truth-or-dare-questions-and-dares-for-the-most-commonly-played-game-on-3dx/
  9. EntrapmentThe danger of puritanical policing By DarkAmber "Sadly, many police departments have shown complete disregard for fairness when it comes to online sting operations, deliberately taking exchanges out of context and pushing “zero tolerance” agendas for individuals while ignoring the same materials being openly propagated by giant tech firms like Google. As such, it’s important to follow some basic rules when engaged in conversations and cybersex online." https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/08/entrapment/
  10. Miss February: KatkaKMeet KatkaK, our 3DX player of the month! By JamieSweet https://www.white-breeze.com/2020/03/08/miss-february-katkak/
  11. Some additions from White Breeze: SwingSet JamieSweet changed the name of her ava to SwingSetHost and made a new ava called JamieSweet. So if you meet JamieSweet ingame or at a SwingSet Event, you can be sure that it is the real JamieSweet. We set up a discord for SwingSet organization. Invitation link will be distributed on the SwingSet events. All additional information regarding SwingSet will be given here: https://www.white-breeze.com/swingset/ Cybersex Magazine So what will happen now? We will try to put together a team of writers / photographers / editors / whatever. JamieSweet will be part of this team. If you are interested in helping with that, you are welcome. Just get in contact with me. We will publish whatever we have (okay, should have some quality of course) on the White Breeze website in a blog-style. https://www.white-breeze.com/cybersex/ Whenever we have collected enough stuff, we will put it together in a "Best of Cybersex"-PDF-Issue. That might initially happen every 2 or 3 months. If everything goes well, we will try to put out a monthly publication again somewhere in the future. We set up some discord channels within modz discord to spread news etc. So you might join modz discord if you aren't member there already. https://discord.gg/pAW3mYQ
  12. Update: The future of SwingSet and Cybersex Magazine We got some info from JamieSweet and she asked it to post it here: "Hello SwingSet members and Cybersex Magazine readers. This is JamieSweet, and today I wanted to take a moment to explain my long absence from 3DX, clear up any misunderstandings about the present status of SwingSet and Cybersex magazine, and to clarify my future plans. To begin with, I want to make it clear that my absence was not related to 3DX itself, nor anyone on it. I left purely due to a real-life family matter, and to prevent SwingSet from abruptly ending asked IamTrouble to keep the event running along with the help of several White Breeze and SwingSet members. At present, IamTrouble is still in charge of SwingSet, and that is entirely by my choice and with my full support. This leads us to the final matter I wanted to clarify, and that is what my plans for SwingSet are. At present I don’t intend to return to managing SwingSet anytime soon, and so it will remain in the hands of IamTrouble. Perhaps I will come back to the event at some point, or take on some other role within White Breeze, but for now I have no solid plans other to log on to 3dx occasionally as just an ordinary player. Over 2019 I made a huge number of friends on 3DX, and between SwingSet and all the key parties, gangbangs and private functions I was involved in, helped organize and host over a hundred separate events. In order to preserve that work, I shall be using this account purely for the management of SwingSet going forward, and will be creating a completely separate account for my personal use. If you wish to keep attending SwingSet events (which I hope you do) then please remain on the friend list of this account, even when the name changes. As many of you have noticed, the February issue of Cybersex was never published. I would like to apologize to all those who were kind enough to contribute to the issue. That said, I have completed layout on several articles, and will be releasing them over the course of March. For the next few months I’ll be writing articles and releasing them on the White Breeze website as a kind of blog, though the goal is to put together a team of writers and editors so that we can return to putting out monthly, full-length publications. Thank you to everyone who supported SwingSet and Cybersex magazine through 2019. I deeply appreciate all the DJs, builders, escorts, writers, hosts, artists and regular players who contributed so much of their time and talent to these projects, and who supported me personally. I look forward to catching up with all of you again in the coming months. Sincerely, Jamie Sweet"
  13. Backcatalogue: Porn Cinema Models: Kemistry, Gustavo Lafica
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