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  1. C'est ce soir, nous sommes pret pour vous bisou ! It's tonight, we're ready for you to kiss!
  2. Vendredi 23 octobre, Baghera vous invite au Tyffany's pour une soirée 80's en accompgnie des sexy MOON :3 Friday, October 23th, Baghera invites you to Tyffany's for an 80's evening with sexy MOON :3
  3. Samedi 17 octobre, sur la plage, DoucaAlizee & Korine, 2 de nos danseuses les plus actives ont fêter leurs 6 mois de vie communes. Pour l'occasion, elles ont invitées leurs amis ainsi que le groupe des Galaxxxy Girls. Accompagnées par MOON, elles ont enflammées la party Saturday 17th October, on the beach, DoucaAlizee & Korine, 2 of our most active dancers celebrated their 6 months together. For the occasion, they invited their friends as well as the Galaxxxy Girls group. Accompanied by MOON, they set the party on fire
  4. On Wednesday 14th October, AnneSo invited DJ Sheiyla to the "Wizards Chill". A new day to relax after a hard day's work, and always accompanied by the dynamic MOON .
  5. On Tuesday 13th October, MOON responded to DjSteph's invitation for the opening of the Infinity Club. Surrounded by the SunShines Girl and the BareBunnies, we accompanied the clubbers until the end of the night. Mardi 13 octobre, MOON a répond présent à l'invitation de DjSteph pour l'ouverture de l'infinity Club. Entournés par les SunShines Girl et les BareBunnies, nous avons accompagné les clubeurs jusqu'au bout de la nuit.
  6. Dimanche 11 octobre, encore une soirée masquée très sensuelle, ambiance toride, une bonne détente avant la semaine :3 Sunday October 11th, another sensual masked evening, torrid atmosphere, a good relaxation before the week :3
  7. Mercredi 13 octobre, AnneSo ouvrait pour la premiere fois au public "the Wizards Chill" en parthenariat avec MOON et Dj DouceAlize en invité. Avec l'école de Pourlard en fond, beaucoup de personnes se sont joinds à nous pour un moment de détente. On Wednesday 13th October, AnneSo opened "the Wizards Chill" to the public for the first time, with MOON and Dj DouceAlize as guests. With the Pourlard school in the background, many people joined us for a relaxing moment.
  8. On Saturday, October 10th, 6 women stripped with charm and sensuality to raise awareness of their audience to October pink. The large audience came to enjoy the show with great respect. We were praised by many for the originality of the initiative and the support for those affected by this disease. Many thanks again to all of you Effeuilleuse : SweetLov, Nehalennia, ThaliaNymphe, CendresdeLune, DouceAlizee & AnneSoBZH Dj : Signar Danceurs : Leyleya, Johey, DreamMarker, ElliotRP & Syrius Accueil : Trianno & AitaNymphe About the event "Les Effeullieuses"
  9. Hello, This Saturday, several women chose to try their hand at the art of stripping. They come from different backgrounds and yet they are united in a common cause. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Educate yourself and talk with them about breast cancer prevention. A quick search on the internet will only take you a short time, look at what is being done in your country and join in the work, kisses...
  10. Hello everyone, It is October and as every year, it is under the colour Pink. We know that we are not going to save the world, but we offer you a different show to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention.
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