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  1. WEEK 2021-16 Monday, April 19, "Velvet Golden Roof" 6pm to 1am Dj : Velvet Dancers : MOON, Sinshine Girls Golden clubing atmosphere Friday April 23, ""Havasu Salsa Noche 20h to 01h Dj: Djbom Dancers: MOON Salsa and Kompa atmosphere on the famous Havasu Falls room Sunday April 25th, "Studio 54" by DjBiacat from 7:00 pm Disco night with the Studio Fantaisy Label Dancers : MOON Relive the madness of the party in the mythical Studio 54
  2. Bonjour, vous avez un message ! Ce jour je reviens sur la soirée du vendredi 16 avril 2021 et l'ouverture du Quetzal'Club, un temple d'inspiration pré colombienne où nous avons évolué sur l'invitation de Nehalennia, sa buildeuse et hôtesse. Hello, you have a message! Today I'm coming back to the evening of Friday 16th April 2021 and the opening of the Quetzal'Club, a temple of pre-Colombian inspiration where we evolved on the invitation of Nehalennia, its builder and hostess. Endossant le rôle de grand prêtre, c'est le superbe Signar qui a réveillé les anciens Die
  3. https://talaesylvanha.wordpress.com/2021/04/16/jeu-concours-de-build-international-build-international-contest-game/ Hello, Talae & Sylvanha organizes a builde competition, notice to the amateur
  4. Hello, I'm coming back to the Bloodie Velvet party on Monday 13th April, organised by the Velvet. The evening started at 6pm with sets from KatKak, Zerk and Fabsi. At 9pm, Moon took over the dance floor, under the direction of Johey, accompanying the rhythmic sets of Nalley, CrixPL and TonnyD. The evening ended with a mix by NathanHauk. Thanks to Velvet. A big congratulations to our dancers @DreamMarker, @CendresdeLune, @Tahiny, @elliotRP, @Johey, @Calicha et @Nehalennia who lit up the stage with their aura and showed once again their mastery and co
  5. WEEK 2021-15 Monday 12 April, 'Bloody Velvet' by Nalley 6pm to 1am Dj : Velvet Dancers : MOON, Sinshine Girls Muffled atmosphere of a glamorous club all in red and black velvet Friday 16 April, "Quetzal Club" by Nehalennia 9pm to 1am DJ : SFL Dancers : MOON, Sinshine Girls Dance party in a magnificent Mayan temple guarded by an army of status and surrounded by mysteries. Saturday 17 April, "THE CUBE" feat Velvet by BOBTHEHARDER from 8pm DJ : Velvet Dancers: MOON, Sunshine Girls Monthly opening of the superb room builder by Zorg by BOBTHEHARDER
  6. Bonjour, Moon au rapport Je reviens ce jour sur un anniversaire en effet nous fêtions hier soir, le samedi 10 avril 2021 la première année de création de la Magical Radio. C'est sur l'invitation de la Magical Radio que nous avons partagé la salle et la soirée avec les Pole Cats et les Crow. C'est dans la jolie room créée pour Capricieuse et sur une spectaculaire scène créée par ManonFr que nous avions pris nos quartiers. Hello, Moon reporting I'm coming back today on an anniversary, because last night, Saturday 10th April 2021, we celebrated the first year of Magical Radio'
  7. Demain, la Caserne n°69 accueille vos deux pyromen préférés. Tomorrow, FireStation #69 welcomes your two favorite pyromaniacs.
  8. Hello it's Moon! I'm back today to the opening night of the Blankita Hotel, where Blankita and Tico hosted us on Wednesday 07 April 2021. The evening opened with mixes by ZhaNee and ShaaneC from Studio Fantasy Label, accompanied by the DreamTeam dancers. It was with the superb DJBiacat that Moon took to the stage at around 10pm, under the direction of Calicha for a two hour show where we travelled to the incredible beats she offered us. We thank Blankita and Tico for inviting us to participate in this evening and Bia who made us vibrate. A big
  9. This is Moon, we have a message. Today I'm going back to the party organised by Velvet to which we were invited to participate, on Monday 05 April 2021 in the geometric decor of the NudeClub (realised by AlexaDarkness). The evening started with sets from KatKak, Nalley and a very good set from Crix, of which we heard the end, it was to the wild rhythms of Shyva, Fabsi and RoyMiller that Moon played symmetry under the supervision of Nehalennia, to animate the coloured cubes of the set. The evening continued with Miah's mix. Thanks to Nalley and the Velvet team fo
  10. WEEK 2021-14 Monday April 05, "Velvet Nude Club" by Alexa Darkness 6pm - 2am Dj : Velvet Dancers : MOON , Sunshine Girls EDM atmosphere, the best of Velvet for you, every Monday This monday, we are invited to the Nude Club, minimal dress required Tuesday April 06, Anniversary Amnesia by DjStefDE feat SSG & BB 20h - 01h Dj : Velvet & Dg Guest Dancers : MOON , Sunshine Girls & Bare Bunnies 1st anniversary of the Infinity by DjStefDE Wednesday April 07, "Grand Opening Hotel Blankita" by Blankita starting at 8pm Dj SFL, Biaca
  11. Moon reports! Hello. I come back this day on the evening organized on Saturday, April 03, 2021 in the superb Octo-Club (realized by RichardXoX) to which we were invited to participate by Richard and the team of the Studio Fantasy Label. We joined the superb Studio Fantasy Label team who were hosting the evening and it was to the driving rhythms of the incomparable Dolcinakill that we were carried away under the supervision of Nehalennia. Followed by the wonderful ShaaneC, ZhaNee and the fantastic Biacat. The evening continued with the grandiose Chevy.
  12. Moon appel la Terre ! Vous nous recevez? Je reviens ce jour sur la soirée « Les Moon en vacances » une collaboration organisée entre la Magical Radio et Moon le 01 avril 2021, sur le sable chaud d'une plage Caribéenne. Moon calls the Earth! Do you receive us? I'm coming back today to the evening "Les Moon en vacances", a collaboration organised between Magical Radio FR and Moon on 01 April 2021, on the warm sand of a Caribbean beach. C'est un nouveau format qui a été testé pour cette représentation inédite. La soirée étant animé par Manu de la MGR, calant entre d
  13. Hello, you have a message! Today I'm coming back to the opening of the new Velvet room, named Club69, which was scheduled for Monday 29th March and to which Moon had been invited to participate. The evening started with the mixes of TonnyD, Jualy and Zerk, but it is on the edm sounds of Nalley and Aurras that our dancers showed all their grace and elegance, magnified by this new cosy decor, cabaret atmosphere in the red and black tones under the supervision of Nehalennia. The evening ended with a mix by NaomiS. Thank you to Velvet for offering us the opportunity t
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