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  1. Red Baron Club will reopen its doors on the first Friday of each month, beginning in October. We started on October 1. We will continue in our line of blues music, blues rock and rock melodies close to blues rock, we wait for you More information soon .. https://sites.google.com/view/eyleen3dxbuildings/red-baron-club
  2. BDSMetal Chartshow event. After receiving the lists of songs preferred by 3dx users within the genres of Rock, Metal, Punk, Ingie ... a definitive list is being made with the 50 most voted songs. On July 31st, BDSMetal Gang will broadcast this list. Join us and enjoy listening to 50 of the best songs in rock history. Organized by BDSMetal Gang -icebox-.
  3. Chartshow event coming soon. The list with the 50 songs most voted in 3dx is ready. July 31, at 20.00 cest is the day ... Do not miss the appointment, it will be a beautiful event
  4. Tomorrow night friday last opening of the Red Baron Club. After this event we close the doors until September. We are waiting for you on July 2nd. 4 DJs playing good blues and bluesrock and accompanied by the Moon dance team. Thanks BDSMetal for your support
  5. Totally agreed, this system of organizing the rooms truly invites you to seek other horizons outside of 3dx. There is no more to say.
  6. Join us on Friday, July 2nd (19.30h cest). A night of bluesrock, accompanied by cold beers, good music, MOON, a fantastic dance team and a goodbye until after summer. We wait for you
  7. Come on, Deadline is next! Send your favourite list!!! We are waiting....
  8. On Friday, July 2nd, the Red Baron Club opens its doors. We will celebrate a last session of Blues and BluesRock with the participation of great lovers of this genre of music. After this event we will close the doors until after summer. We want to thank everyone who has supported us. Djs like JYDCockney, dance groups like MOON and TMFdancers. Groups like Moonlight, clubs like DoubleD and The Generator, associations like Japan Productions and United Independents and discord servers like Safe Haven and Modz Comunity Unite. Special mention to Pandora from Japan productions for building the Red Baron plane for us To Dreammarker to make for us the great video about ZZTop event and to Curiousret for his incredible support. And of course, thank to BDSMetal Gang, the gang of which the Red Baron Club is a part.
  9. Geniuses of rock history .... thanks for your music ... only you can compose and interpret these wonders of music. BDSMetal Gang Chartshow event, will be a great day !!
  10. Summer begins, Itaca island, the island of the rockers in 3dx, reopens its doors to welcome summer. If you want to listen to rock music by the sea and enjoying the hidden corners of this island, we are waiting for you. Music by Atlante & Eyleen. Event organized by BDSMetal Gang
  11. ...Come one, send us your list with your favourite 25 songs...watch the video to know the rules. We have already received 10 list ..we are waiting for yours. It will be a nice event, playing the 50 songs with the highest score Remember send it to Icebox#7963 (discord) or by 3dx (3dx name: Icebox -BDSMetal gang parties)
  12. Hi Karen, I'm sorry that we coincided last night opening a room with the same genre of music. When I see your club open I will visit it. The Red Baron Club only opens the first Friday of each month, the rest of the days I will have the possibility to visit you, if I do not have any commitment. Hugs and kisses.


    1. KarenKH


      Not a problem. I didnt even notice to be honest. I have no set time for True Blues. 

      The only set time I have is Fridays at 2pm Eastern, but thats for the K & K Club.


      Thanks for the message



  13. Video made by our friend Dream Marker (Moon dance) of the last event at the Red Baron Club. We are waiting for you... on Friday, June 4th
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