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  1. Eagle's Nest Club: https://sites.google.com/view/eyleen3dxbuildings/eagles-nest-club
  2. Red Baron Band will be there! It will be fun!!! 😃
  3. ACDC live in 3dx do not miss it next saturday 24th, join us and enjoy the best rock live with you Organized and Dj Moris supported by BDSMetal Gang Red Baron 3DX Band live on stage
  4. Hiii friends.... In May, server issues forced us to suspend the Elvis Presley event The illusions of a project that took a lot of work in room editing and musical selection were truncated 😪 But we get the event back again for January 29, 2021, Friday 😃 The king will be with us, live, playing at the Eagle's Nest club... ...one of the first clubs where he began his artistic career. Join us and enjoy his music We will be happy to have you with us and
  5. Two days for the Powermetal to sound and make the land of Gods and Dragons vibrate
  6. BDSMetal Gang invite you to join us......if you dare!
  7. ---ORGANIZED BDSMetal Gang--- November 20th, 2020 (friday) 20.00h-24.00h (CET) Dont miss it!!
  8. LIVE PERFORMANCE -Do not miss it- Second edition A review of his entire discography the 60s, a decade that revolutionized Rock Join us... in a tribute to John Lennon and George Harrison
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