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  1. Everyone prefers something good. This idea is just for the future. I`d like to see some doors and elevators too.
  2. Spoilers in this forum are glitching again, so open them to continue.
  3. Mentioning @Gizmo @Lisa to make`em know about the idea. This is an old idea and it can be implemented in 3dxchat in my opinion. Just few new simple animations/pose spots and simple code needed with the same randomizer as we have in the /dice roll. I know that some people like to have X Gold just because they like to collect it or because they need this for anything that they can buy. We still have to pay for weddings and stuff. Some people isn`t good in hosting or they are not so known and pretty new here. It doesn`t mean they are bad. We are different and its okay. This idea is half a mini game and at half to help new people to show their room by increasing traffic. Gold Hunter. A Bank object should be created in the World Editor by developers for this idea. The room owner can place this item in the room and, by clicking on it, transfer any amount of gold inside from own pocket. All the games will be sponsored from this bank. Fishing. A fishing spot (a chair with a rod for example or just a fishing rod) should be created in World Editor. The room owner can place this spot (any quantity) somewhere where it will looks okay. Would be great to create a fishing animation. Would be great to make the rod clickable. So you sit on the chair, and your fishing rod appeared in your hands or just appeared. You`re clicking the rod, 45 sec timer appearing above the fishing rod. After 45 seconds ( just an example) - "ready" word shows you that you can take your fish. You click the rod again and take a fish. In a chat you can see what amount of gold you got from your fish. Use the same randomizer as we have with "dice roll".
  4. Yea, I am "so disliked in circles" of liars and trolls like you and your friends lol I am not surprised because you guys suck in trolling and it`s so easy to show this on. Find out what online diaries are. Find out what an offtopic Is. Learn what good manners are. Learn what the right thinking is. Think better next time and have a good one
  5. Do you see a diary as something for a chat? Buy brains somewhere, troll. ps: I have a real life things and Jade can`t miss me, Jade can only hate or afraid of. There are both things.
  6. Democracy is what gives conservatives a chance to exist, even if they bark at every corner for no reason.
  7. All Jade had to do today was blame others for her own mistakes. Trolling, false, attacks. Whatever.
  8. His opinion isn't worth a shit if he thinks so wrong way lol Sometimes we don't need 150 people to give them the middle finger : ) Just my opinion. Have a good one ; )
  9. Rig it on mesh, not on bones. Thanks for the new update. Looks good.
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