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  1. You should be able to just "paint on" some socks as a tattoo, or even make body suites like Lisa did with the latex body suit she made.. The only flaw imo is they will have the same flaw as womans hose and leggings that already exist. You know, were instead of toes being inside a sock they are all wrapped individually like toe socks. Men will need at least 50 different socks. 😛
  2. Jawok. it's been over 4 days. Surely you have around 50 tats done of the 100? Can we see the 50 you have ready already??:P
  3. This is literally like talking to a brick. If you use common sense it should be clear what the difference is.
  4. But your missing the point what 'sharing' is. If you lent me your truck to go pick up something because I don't have one. Should I lend it to another to use? If you let me use your beachfront vacation home for a week and I only go for 4 days, should I give it for the last three to someone else without your permission? To me the concept of sharing is pretty simple here. I build something you may like and you can use it for personal enjoyment. Hell, take anything I made and add it to your build, mod it, whatever. I am sharing with you. For someone then to take the builds of many and pass them on isn't what sharing is about. Sadly, the result is less and less sharing and that will continue to grow. In worlds with economies it is up to a banning offense to redistribute. However, things are clear cut. I can sell assets made for redistribution and profit off it. People are expected to know the difference. I like to share personally. I like to see the enjoyment. It's really grade school level concepts.
  5. You STILL don't get it. Can you take an artists song, change it at all upload it for others? Hell no. Can you take a piece of art and change it a bit and share it? Hell no. Can you take an image off google not designated royalty free and use it? Hell no It's reasons like this people don't share and I am stopping.
  6. I think that was plenty of examples. Don't you? As for solutions, don't donate to someone you don't trust, and for certain events approved by the company, they could provide a link themselves.
  7. I'm not worried about it in the least. I like the idea personally, and I also know how it can be abused. You can do a lot of good things with donate as they intended it. I wasn't sure if Gizmo was aware of some of theCons that can creep up. It was meant to be a 'heads up.' and then there are the pros: Event's like: "Save the Ta Ta's" for Breast Cancer cancer research could be done. "Autism Awareness" "Disabled Vets" Hardships Or just plan showing a little support to a DJ or host.
  8. What you continue to not get is it was never yours to put on anyone's site as yours. You seem to think if you change a few words or notes to a song, you can give that out as your own. I don't know why this doesn't make sense to you. You should have just made your own game. Instead, you chose the lazy way.
  9. There is an upside to all this too. With the Donate feature, someone having something bad happen in life could have a fundraiser held for them. Or, if Gizmo wanted more events, they could create a link that goes into an account they would control and send a check to some charitable organization for some special event that was held. Years ago, in another world we hosted a Toys for Tots event for Christmas for children who wern't going to get anything. All donations from donators went to the company from the event who then sent the check.. it made people feel more secure there was no bullshit going on. I believe that and others are still being held yearly. It was over $4000 raised in 48 hours.
  10. No Alivia. That's why there is personal and commercial use rights. They are not the same. You may have given your clients resale rights, but that isn't common. I've been selling for over eight years and made thousands elsewhere. I never give resale rights unless spelled out.
  11. There are a few ways to solve it. . Most applicable to the current situation imo is you get permission to use someones assets for sale. (Less likely, but does happen) Another way is make some deal, but whatecer it is, get it in writing. In world text, or email. That way if they try to make you look like a thief you can show a screenshot for proof. Best thing to do if you build to sell is make all your own stuff imo. Sure, takes longer but no one can say shit. Or make some kinda deal for things with someone ahead of time. Sure the intent of the 'donate' may not be meant for this, but in other worlds it's used a a means to make sales under the guise of donate. Gizmo may, and most probably will define how much they may or may not get involved, but I've seen how messy it can get elsewhere, when people are selling things they used from others. Stalking, harrassment, etc.... can get ugly.
  12. Love the idea Gizmo about donate. I really do like the idea if being a to 'donate.' I also like the idea of Xgold transfer. I'll keep this brief and mildly entertaining. Without enforcement here are things you may have to deal with. If I was an asshole.... I'd make a room using another account and sell things others made as mine till things got too hot. Then I would make another room with a new account and repeat till it got too hot again. If i was an asshole... I might open a brothel and require patrons to 'donate' for 'services.' And after payment or poor service or no service, simply close up and laugh at how i just scammed them. If I was an asshole... For a donation' up front will show you a good time in my place. And after payment, simply close the room. Rinse and repeat. If I was an asshole... (This one makes a lot of money) "Oh Gizmo...I'd love to cam for you on skype, but my dog died, I have no money...and I really need $50 dollars to pay for my daughters life saving treatment...you sexy hunk of man you. But, if you wanna help poor little me, you can donate in my room and I'll meet you on Skype." One last one...but there are so many I've seen. If I was an asshole... I'd use a room and the donate feature to claim to provide complete hosting packages. I'd offer - for a fee up front, to provide DJ's greeters, and and dance teams to make your club popular. I'd pay some and not others. I'd promise to pay them and when I can't put them off anymore I may take what I made delete that account and lay low for awhile till I thought of how to pull that off again. Just a few things to think of. Last 4 aren't your problem. That is user to user, but you will hear complaints for sure and will need to spell that out. First one is though.
  13. No leeloo, tell the full truth. It wasn't you modding a game I made to use, it was you trying to make a few changes like colors and upload it to share as yours on Toraxs site. Yet I was the one to create it and work out the gameplay mechanics that took weeks of testing. And you change a few colors and want to upload it to share?? Back then, I chalked it up to a newbie mistake as I knew you were new to all of this... but now you make a joke about it? And you're goddam right, that goddam pisses me off now.
  14. I'm sure they could simply make a blacklist of words that simply don't stick when setting a room name. To try and evade the blacklist by using characters to circumvent the filtered name would show obvious intent to circumvent the filter and could be an obvious no brainer banning offense. Who could claim ignorance?
  15. I wouldn't worry about "fake DJ's." That's never been a problem in worlds with economies I know of. Do you really want to go down the 'proof' route? Someone may come back with "prove you have a license to to play the music or mix the music that you do." Usually, you hire a DJ because of their following they have or ability to entertain to make your club a draw. The best DJ'S talk on open mike. The best DJ's I've heard often DJ as a team at times like a talk show. Going rate in paid worlds is about 3-5 bucks an hour. . Hire a spammer or two at about 2 bucks an hour, and a dance team for about 10 bucks an hour. All that is good imo. If you can make something in game to offset the costs all the better.
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