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  1. LOL Just send a private message here.
  2. There are many things this place needs. Being able to get from one point to another quick is certainly one of them. Not seeing much growth. Not sure why. A few hundred on tops and many clones? Price is low, even a Morty can afford it. Some are looking forward to a new world under development that has an economy. Will that become the new SL/RLC? I guess time will tell. Maybe it isn't about just features that keeps people interested. maybe it's about having a reason to log in often that separates VR worlds from each other. I dunno.
  3. You can send me your idea, but not around much. It's gotten kinda boring tbh.
  4. I don't think they can do anything about this. This happens in many worlds with spheres.
  5. I don't think we will see anything WE for a bit since they are putting so much into accessories and such.
  6. It must be quite humiliating to see your claims exposed as nonsense Morty. But Lea seems to be turned on by you, so you at least have that going.
  7. As I actually respect you Twiggy, I have tried to be cordial and will continue to try. let's use proper terms since we both are trying to be on the same page. Let's drop the TOS. It's EULA. Sadly, you did NOT show me a "Free Dances" nor those that would work here. That was the point with Morty (Tsela) Who claimed to see dances in the Unity store that would work here free. That is obviously now shown to be rubbish. I knew he was a fake long ago as most know.. One of many trying to act important - but can't walk the walk. Nothing of importance, I never claimed to be an expert. I am merely trying to relay what I have learned and I've learned a bit. Things you obviously are not aware of. And what I have learned is it isn't as easy as most think, or "you" do when it comes to a shared VR world. You used to claim (I Think, if wrong then show me wrong) That is was as simple as just logging into the Unity Store and grabbing kewl assets and plugging them in. Many here think it is that easy - and obviously it isn't. There Are MANY reasons why you don't do this in a platform like 3DX. You also once believed major platforms would use $200 dollar amateur software for Mocap.. that is still amusing to me. Feel free to figure out the costs of porn stars and Holofilms along with Animatrix costs. I seriously doubt they use 200 dollar software. LOL Maybe ask what Animatrix charges for a live stage and add the other costs. LOL Your company is not the same as here. I understand why you don't want to go into detail, but it is simply not the same as here. You really don't know (in terms of this) much TBH.
  8. OMG 1. It's obvious you didn't read the EULA or you would have jumped on it not really being a TOS. Furthermore, you would have noted the seat license requirement - which you clearly didn't. Had I not pointed it out you'd be oblivious. 2. Yes, I am saying you need to look into it further depending on your usage. Wasn't that clear? To hear you claiming the Unity Store agreement is al there is - is laughable. Do I really need to post that it isn't also? I mean, I'd hope you can read it on your own. EULA is quite specific. 3. Yes, you are back peddling. First you find an asset you claim is "free" but there are obvious limitations - as spelled out in the EULA/TOS whatever you wanna call it.. Not only do you pick a TERRIBLE ASSET that would never be acceptable to 3DX, you pick one with stated limitations. Again, who in their right mind who wanted such a bad asset wouldn't check with the author for it's usage first? Unity spells out the author can change the terms. Did you not understand that? Do I need to point it out? Do you really not get this? 4. Yes, I questioned if there were free Dance Assets. You kinda proved my point. That wasn't much of a dance asset was it for "Free" and it had limitations on usage, and on top of that, it may require a version of Unity 3DX isn't on currently. We don't know as they don't post the versions anymore. I am still trying to understand what you have said that is correct. Since you claim to use these assets, then please point us to the VR platform you are currently running. would LOVE to see it, the assets you use, and how popular it is.
  9. Actually it is just the EULA. Your right, I've used TOS instead, but it is obvious you never read the EULA which I posted. It is far more complex than you thought. I understand that. Kinda like the MOCAP. Thing and that professional companies wouldn't use $200 software to make them. BTW, I finally found the company who they hired for other Mocap animations. It took a bit, but Animatrix is the answer if you care. Anyway, it should seem abundently clear this isn't as easy as you first claimed. Your back peddling now and that is wise. You also totally missed the "passive part". I even got it for you. Are we subscribers "passive." The other issue is the control of two Computers maximum by the asset holder. No VR platform "Controls" it's subscribers PC. Then you have the issue of 3DX only being allowed to have it on two Computers and they have more. Then, did you follow the link to the authors site? Had you, you will see he grants usage in terms of the Unity Store EULA. So basically, he's using it. I have tried to make this clear - that it isn't as simple as just seeing something on the Unity Store and using it here. I hope you understand better now the importance of the details. Class is dismissed.
  10. First of all it isn't the "TOS" it's the EULA. Secondly, if you read it you see it is limited to only two computers max DIRECTLY owned for that asset. Lastly, you have totally ignored that assets can have further limitations or freedoms. Why do you think the assets have links to them on the Store and the EULA states specifically different terms can apply other than the store? There are many different licensing options on the Unity Store. . 2.3 2.3.1 EXCEPT FOR EXTENSION ASSETS, END-USER is granted a license to install and use Assets on an unlimited number of computers provided that these computers belong to END-USER. If END USER chooses a “multi-entity” tier for an Asset, this license grant will extend to any Affiliate of END USER, where “Affiliate” means, with respect to END USER, any entity that directly or indirectly Controls, is Controlled by, or is under common Control with END USER, where “Control,” “Controlled by,” and “under common Control with” mean possession, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, of the power to direct or cause the direction of management or policies of a person, whether through ownership of equity, voting, or other interests; “Affiliate” will also include any Contractor of END USER, provided that such Contractor’s use is limited to work on the project for which Contractor is hired by END USER. 2.3.2 END-USER is granted a single seat license to install and use any Asset categorized in the Asset Store as an "Editor Extension" “Scripting”, or “Services” (collectively, “Extension Asset”) only on a maximum of 2 computers. For the avoidance of doubt, Extension Assets are licensed on a per seat basis and may not be shared or used concurrently on more than 2 different computers. As an exception, build farm servers and virtual machine instances used only for running, testing, or building projects with Extension Assets do not require separate seat license(s) or constitute use on more than 2 different computers. Q: What does “use” mean for per seat licenses? Does anyone who would have even only passive access to a project require a seat license? A: This means any use that requires a license under applicable law. Unfortunately, Unity is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. If you are unsure if your specific case is one for which use would require a license, we suggest that you consult appropriate legal counsel. As an example in cases where Unity is the Provider and licensor of an asset, we can say that we, as licensor, do not consider only passive access to a shared repository as requiring a license. And yes, I would NEVER assume a thing without direct permission -especially in a subsciption based platform. Might as well paint a target on you back. Only a Morty would.
  11. Ok, let's start with the first glaring error. Your link means nothing anyone using the Store wisely doesn't know. No one has claimed you can't use assets there commercially. It is the liscense it falls under that determines those you can use commercially and how. I've said this over and over. Had you understood what you were looking at, you would see rhat particular asset falls under the catagory of 'extension.' Had you then read the EULA about the extension liscense you would have found it is a "per seat" liscence. And it is terrible quality asset to boot. Secondly, you are partly right in regard to SL. Perhaps a real scenario will explain. Years ago, when Curio was supposedly close to allowing a pipeline for scripts and assets for subscribers to upload and add to builds, a group of us debated over if we could use a standard Unity store asset in our personal builds that wouldn't be resold. To make a long story short, Unity Legal suggested we contact the author which we did. Originally,we were told yes, as it was a standard liscense. However, in later email exchanges, they changed their minds about this. So again, it's always best to contact the author. They brought up SL as a reason, which had no similarity to Curio in terms platform usage. They cited something a out the SL agreement had some legal claim over their IP if they allowed it. I still have no idea what they meant or do to this day. I chalked it up to a language barrier issue, and didn't care. So in conclusion, it isn't a free no holds barred shopping spree on the Unity Store as your presenting, and reading and understanding the TOS before posting that link would have been wise. It is also wise to read the limitations on their website that may be specific. I could make an asset for commercial use, but have an exclusion "Twiggy can't use it" in addition to the Unity Store TOS in my terms of usage.
  12. Aall assets in the Unity store fall under the Uniry store TOS by default unless otherwise designated. And the better ones are subject to seat liscences. I am eager to see these unrestricted free dance moves on the Unity Store. Additionally, many asset makers who allow free use wont allow certain platforms to use them (especially SL) something to do with IP causing asset maker to give up rights. I still don't understand that. There is usually a link that leads to the asset makers website that explains terms. You simply cannot assume anything without researching it. Email to asset creator is your safest to cover your ass. I would NEVER assume a thing without direct permission from the asset maker. As Ashbash has said, many require a one time usage fee and Gizmo isn't that dumb not to assume anything.
  13. Lol, you always try to bring in others to fight your battles and ignore when they try to educate you. It should be clear by this point to anyone you don't have a clue and your claims can be even harmful to someone foolish enough to take you seriously. Most people don't understand why things are as they are and you can't just go to a place like the Unity Store and the Devs pick what they want. The Devs don't need a Morty insulting them I truely am suprised they haven't banned you yet. Especially for insulting Lisa over and over as she is the art side. Constructive criticism is one thing and insulting those who provide the service is another. Constructive is "there is a large male presence being underserved by the lack of options for men" along with ideas how to solve that problem. Only an asshat who has no idea what they do day to day and claiming to know better would insult them and call them 'lazy" or any of the other insults you've hurled at them. I doubt you have a job, whereas they have to be available 24/7, address bans and reports, settle disputes, promote, develop, deal with legal issues that arise, pirates stealing from them and a host of other things not even mentioned. If it is so easy, build your own platform by going to the Uniry Store and doing as you claim to know. As most of us are fully aware Gizmo has stated a clothing customization feature is coming so stop your whining.
  14. Why isn't this sinking in? How many times by how many people does it need repeated. For a guy who whines constantly about the Devs being lazy and his cartoon doesn't have socks, and he pays the cost of a McDonald's value meal a month and is "owed" is just a comedy piece on it's own Morty. I believe Ex explained to you already that the company that makes artist paint has no claim to the artists work they paint. I believe it was Ex that explained that Blender, 3DXmax, or whatever Loruna uses to make animations has no claim to her work anymore than anyone elses. Maybe if you ask her nice, she can educate you on how she transferred rights to 3DX for her work.
  15. I hope anyone reading this now realizes just how little you actually know. Would you like me to post the automatic Copyright for an artist again? As our builds are art, they are automatically copyrighted unless another arrangement is made. And if you cannot understand any of this, I suggest you test it if you have the balls... maybe youtube. Copy and post someones work like textures they made and give us all a link so we can bet on how long you are banned, face legal issues or both. I'm sure many of us are still laughing a out your claim 3DX isn't copyrighted so they can't also do anything about piracy -even when it is clearly marked as registered on their main page the software is registered and trademarked.
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