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  1. I agree with you. Female/female doesn't involve Dicks. Can't change Y chromosome to an X. It's like pouring Mountain Dew into a Pepsi bottle and expecting everyone to believe it's Pepsi just cause of the lable. The Devs should just move all the Tranny poses into a seperate catagory called TG. Straight women and men, most rl gay men and lesbians aren't interested either. The menu's could us a rework.
  2. Well, if they don't stay proactive they will suffer. Utherverse is considering Open Sourcing their failed Unity Curio attempt. They will be seeking moders and creators like those who want to build a new world here and be very open to content. Plus they have a bigger staff and intend to use the newest Avitars. Maybe Genesis 8. Things could get competative and competition is always good for the customer. Devil is always within the details.
  3. It's also possible they ran into some unforseen problem with adding a pose editor. When RLC added back end things like their clothes making editor and catalogue (you could create and post too for other players to get), their code really fucked up and as they said got 'spaghettified..'
  4. It may boil down to what company provides the most for their user base. Seems there is an old player who is going to make an attempt again and they are going to use the newest Avatars and such and start off like 3DX once did - basic, and grow with potentially open source or user content.
  5. Oh, I agree about them being a small team and such and how many things that are common in other games aren't still in. Gizmo was the one to post about what they were working on. I'm not asking about anything new, just what he posted about. It's also possible they have decided against them for whatever reason. We will never know, until they say something.
  6. Out of curiosity, will the features shown in the upcoming updates still be coming? Hair morph? Clothing morph? Jiggle (Advanced breast and butt physics?) Pose editor? (Gizmo asked if wanted). Xgold trading? (Voted on in Discord). Are those a WIP still, or has the team decided against them? Will more materials be added? Will more Prims be added for building?
  7. RobT/Ross/Femneedindsex and his other accounts use this function. He calls it the 'tie back.' He has a post in his diary about how when he plays as a female he 'ties it back' RL to immerse himself in the fantasy. He likes to feel the part. Ask him, he knows everything the Devs will and won't do. Ask him about 'the tie back.'
  8. The mouth of the Devs so sure something like that isn't in the works?
  9. A good upcoming feature for the forums would be the ability of a topic starter, to delete nonsense posts made in their topic. Like taking out the trash, but more enjoyable.
  10. UI is far too cluttered. This has been brought up many times in the past. Not sure why this has never been addressed. You can download the Avi and make clothing meshes and submit to Lisa if you'd like. Alivia made a nice little tutorial 'how too'. Cobra has provided the UV maps and a link to Alivia's tut. Just no way to see how they look in game is the flaw that still exists. There was a time not long ago you could have gotten your movie and porn streams in game (if you wanted to provide that that is) and hooked up to the TV, but they closed that security back door with newest Unity patches. Contact Gizmo if you wanna see if you could provide a porn theater. Who knows, maybe he may be open too it.
  11. THX

    Free Designs by THX

    You should be able to strip that room of props easily I think. I think most were saved as groups. I just don't have the desire to save them all as individual merge files tbh. I hope all the textures are ok. There have been many updates since that was made.
  12. If he doesn't return her phone calls after a night of choking her and leaving mark's around her neck, do the cyber cops arrest him on abuse charges? Might need a PFA pose in next update.
  13. THX

    Free Designs by THX

    Ask Female Anything Room https://sabercathost.com/i4eg/Ask_Female_Final_4.18.19.world Originally designed for the event 'Ask Female Anything' ran several times last year and was enjoyed by many in excess of the hour planned time. Original premise was for one hour a woman would be in her Boudoir answering any questions posed to her from the audience on any topics ranging from sex, personal pleasure, cybersex - whatever she wanted to answer. There should be two chair two people can sit on that once she is inside, two people can sit on the steps and block the entrance keeping people from entering the boudoir Anyone who would like to run such an event or a spin off this is not too big and not to small. Intimate yet not easily crowded. Designed for 20 or under, but exceeded 50 several times and wasn't over crowded. I don't have the rime to devote to this event anymore. Enjoy
  14. 10 bucks for first monthly referal yes. Not $10 every month. Annual and semi annual may need to be handled differently for sure. All Gizmo would need to do is to create a linked banner webmasters could ad to their websites. Someone clicks on it and signs up - you get a payday. Rather cheap form of advertising for them. People not interested in the game don't care about game time, they want cold hard cash. Gametime doesn't pay webmaster costs.
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