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  1. The first event is always the hardest in anything. Some will complain just to complain because they don't want to take a competitive chance due fear of failure. Others, will take the leap simply to be involved and for the fun of it. I wont be in this one, but I do hope this continues several times a year. general themes like Spring, Summer, Winter, Halloween and Christmas can be great general themes. SciFi, Fantasy, Movies, holidays..... the ideas can be endless. I dunno who suggested that the winner (if they choose) have their room as a 3DX official room for awhile was. but that is an EXCELLENT idea. What a way for SGD to have new material and the builder community be motivated for the next competition. Personally, I think a 4-5 times a year a competition minimum to be the featured 3DX property would be a powerful motivator. Even more than winning a prize. Can't be too often, but can't be too long a period between either.
  2. Yes, Gizmo liked comments that requested kick and room moderation features in the past, so he obviously isn't against it. I would think much of the scripting is available already made with how widespread it is in Everything from IRC to RLC, Steam and Origin. Not sure why Gizmo hasn't already done this. I'm sure someone has already created an admin pack for Unity, with how many games are made and hosted with it. With most, you simply download the admin pack that you could add to your server within minutes. Having run a fairly large gaming community years ago with a staff of 13 (9 volunteers) My personal favorite kick was the "bomb." Great for use on those using multiple accounts. They come back in with "you can't ban me" you click their name and give them a bomb kick and set the timer for how long it beeps till they explode and are kicked. Doesn't make for much fun coming back in with "you can't ban me." 🤣 Then their is De-voice. Got someone who likes to cause a Ruckus with spamming? Take their voice away and they can't type in your room. Everyone can see them, but they can't talk till you give them voice back.. How about that ass who likes to jump on stage to disrupt an event? Well, say hello to "FREEZE." They can't move or talk and turn blue. Great for making statues. Good times.. good times.
  3. I suggest you know what your talking about before commenting Skippy. The fact you couldn't even identify the three letter source of one of the oldest systems of management (IRC) within minutes of replying tells one thing. The other fact you try to ineffectively argue a broken system that can be spoofed is a 'good enough' tells the rest. It seems you fear what would happen to you with an effective system. All the more reason to get one. Let's also get back ignores and bans that effect all profiles on an account. Then you will have Nunya reasons to whine anymore. And players will have Nunya reasons to care about changed profiles which would make who they allow in their rooms Nunya buisness.
  4. You sound fearful Snowflake. Maybe that is why you worry about an end to an ignore system that can be circumnavigated and is ineffective. What are your in game names again?
  5. IRC Chumlee. At least make an effort to understand a concept before you put your foot in your mouth.. As for your statement it is not needed... that is irrelevant to me.
  6. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which started this whole online social thing - and is still around and used by millions worldwide still, has used the the Kick. Ban, Kick/ban, De-voice, Founder(Owner), SOP (Super Op) and AOP (Assistant Op) system for over 30 years and it's levels of power. RLC (Red Light Center) which adopted this system has used it effectively for 15 years. STEAM uses this system. Owner: Can't be kicked by anyone, Godlike Powers. SOP's: Can only be kicked and banned by owner. Can kick or ban anyone below them. SOP's cannot be ignored. Even if someone chooses iggy, they are visible in the room they are a SOP in. AOP's: Can be kicked and banned by SOPS or Owner. Can Kick and ban anyone below them. Cannot be ignored in a room either. Can a owner pick someone who is a bad choice for SOP or AOP that goes on a power trip? Of Course. The owner then removes them as they are not serving the owners interests. Should a owner be picky in who they give such powers too as it reflects on them? Yes. If kicks and bans occur in someones rooms for bad reasons you get a bad rep and people don't want to be there. In a game without staff moderators in game to make rapid decisions, a community based policing system is the most effective system. As I said, this system has been around for over 30 years. It is tried and true - and effective. Just implement what has been tried and true for over 30 years.
  7. Rolz is good, but a pain in the ass if you don't have dual monitors.
  8. Great Idea little things like this can create a sense of excitement.
  9. Thirty of possible forty eight on a bed. Is that a 3DX record? O.o
  10. A very good arguement for why room owners and those who they might appoint should be able to kick and ban such jagoffs.
  11. Nothing an Iggy can't fix. I don't know of any game besides 3DX that doesn't have WASD and ability to jump tbh. Seems to work fine elsewhere.
  12. I believe WASD is built right into Unity, but could be wrong. The ability to use the features like jumping and such that are basic attributes of any game you would think are pretty standard and already there or easy to add. Personally, I'd like both options. Point and click for long distances, WASD for game like movement. As free Cam already uses it, I'd think it is already there. It could be fun to have the ability to make race tracks, skating rinks, swimming courses, etc. that would obviously benefit from WASD and add another dimension to a 3DX experience.
  13. Hey, you! How do you get a referral for inviting me? Do I need to do something?

    1. THX


      LOL, don't worry about it. I think it has to be done at beginning.  Glad you like it. Makes RLC seem so outdated in many ways.

  14. I'm sure Gizmo gets a million requests and has a thousand things he wants to do himself. However, this is a feature that should be at the top of any list.
  15. It would be great if you had both WASD and Point and Click. WASD is superior for small adjustments, close quarters and is more natural. It is better for Tag or Catch and Fuck games. Point and Click is great for long distances.
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