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  1. Yes, the menu system would need to be redesigned. It will need to be if there was a clothing editor added too. Utherverse solved this problem in Curio many years ago, so I know it can be factually done. I also know storage was server side. I believe the next attempt Oasis is still up and running even though not being developed. You could download it and check it out for free, and get an idea of what I'm talking about if you want too. It is far more limited than Curio was, but may answer some of your questions. The question though is how Gizmo might choose too. If Brian Shuster of Utherverse chooses to open source the failed Curio project as he has stated he is considering or selling it, I would think Gizmo could incorporate the system in to 3DX. I don't know how easy or difficult that may be though.
  2. I would disagree with the assumption 'user made poses would overload a menu and render it unusable'. I would argue, just as no one has all the places built by users now cause they pick and choose what they want, so would it be with poses and Clothing. You only use what you choose to use. Creating a world where users could fill the world with clothing, props, mesh and customer scripting was the essence of the Curio project by Utherverse. They wanted their interface to become a portal to worlds built by users not limited to sex, but racing, FPS shooters, etc. It was quite an ambitious project that assumed if the backend was created, users would fill it and they would make money off subscriptions and micro transactions between creator and buyer. It was quite ambitious project. I believe the huge inventory of poses would become a master list users would choose from and add them to their custom limited menu of poses by catagory similar to what some have described Achat to use. If Gizmo and Lisa's project is getting ripped off, I can understand their frustration. Security has always been an issue with Unity. I dunno the answer to anything. I just know the pros of something can be offset by the cons at some point and become less interesting and cause people to look for something better. The reason why games like Call of Duty have to constantly create new titles in order to stay fresh.
  3. I guess if Lisa stated they haven't worked on a Pose Editor in two years, that pretty much puts this to rest. As for a Clothing Editor, it may be 'easier' to make, but it took Utherverse nearly THREE years to get one user friendly enough to use - and they had a team of over half a dozen at points. I hate to say it, but I think everyone may just have to learn to accept things as not changing much or look for another place that they enjoy more.
  4. THX

    Water in a Pool

    If building above ocean level - easy. Just take any Prim (square, circle, whatever works for you pool shape) and add the water texture in the nature materials section to it and scale to width and depth you need.. For better effect, color it a bit, and take into account the reflection of whatever color the bottom of you poil is. Pale blues tend to work better than dark blues most of the time imo. Just rember, adding a water texture isn't something you can swim in. If you need swimable, then build down into the ocean that has that scripting.
  5. Good stuff. Only suggestion I'd have is add a couple shadow line's at top of sock to give it an illusion of thickness away from the skin. shame we didn't have a proper mesh for socks, but you can only work with what you have.
  6. Few Halloween Props https://mega.nz/file/YEoRTa6C#YOxQbKrm9hluR79nRud0xA0YDzJZ6-WtLym0lV1dU9k Coffin Lounge, Grave Bed, Tall Gravestone Saved up in air on flashing white platform to find easy.
  7. THX

    Community Update

    I don't see any reason you can't make certain skin tight things with the Avi bodies they released if you wanna give it a go. You should be able to make body/cat suits for women, leggings and stockings, skin tight things in general. Even nipple piercings I guess if that is the way they are going.
  8. @Jawok Still working on things dude or did the lack of communication get to you?
  9. We really all need letters as single props in Word Editor that size scale if we will never be able to ad our own images and textures. I understand people like special fonts, but all the pieces to make letters could be drastically reduced in a rooms prop count with single prop letters. At least one basic decent looking font. GottaGo made a nice text generator, but one integrated directly into 3DX would be very beneficial to builders.
  10. I wouldn't be hard on them. DDOS attacks, servers moved - was a lot of work in itself. Stabilization complete? That is a big thing if so. Now he's freed up to do other things. As for poses and hair, at least it's something. Maybe they will have more time now for different WIP's.
  11. Pfft I better take your Temperature, you must have China Virus. 👨‍⚕️
  12. I'm not knocking those who make them here for free. It's very generous they put the time into it. They however have a vested interest in them. If there was an economy here where you had to buy the poses for X amount, you'd get more animators making poses from outside 3DX. They would price them low because of the volume over time they would make money off. Personally, I think the pose loops need to be far longer for some poses. Some just are too fast of loops and look mechanical. Like the girl sitting running her hand from her face down over her body every few seconds. Maybe some MOCAP animations, but those are expensive to film ($3000 -10,000 per second filmed professionally.) Like were made for Curio. I rember watching the pole dancer they filmed do the routine under something like 30 cameras all shooting from different angles at once. Shame the Avitars were never the focus during development. But if you can ignore the God awful Avi and focus on what it could look like, it's rather kewl.
  13. Game time isn't money and 10 bucks equivalent I'd think is far below scale. Full time pro animators earn 6 figure salaries. I doubt they will attract skilled people outside 3DX for 10 bucks or a month of gametime.
  14. Personally, I think the Devs should just pay those who want to make them whatever the going rate would be. Freelance or contract. There are many from other worlds who might take interest in making them for $$$. As we all should know,: "Money talks, bullshit walks."
  15. That sux. Sounds like it isn't the right thing to paste into the browser. Should be a web address.
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