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  1. Oh, it was a fully functioning world like 3DX. Each world had pros and cons. They just bit off more than they could do and never focused on the most basic thing. Like avitar look, shading and aethetics. They were going to worry about that after all the backend was finished. Who wants a fugly avitar and terrible graphics even if the backend was so cutting edge? It was a fatal mistake. They lost millions of dollars.
  2. "Competator" as in past tense. Yes, there was. Those are Meshes made for it. I have around 5075 male and Female UV/FBX clothing I think still. They were released as a map pack for designers to texture in the in game clothing Ediitor they had. There were quite advanced things in it that would be fantastic additions for here if the two companies ever had some agreement perhaps. As silly as I think marriage is in the game, if you have marriages you should at least have a few wedding dress styles. You and JenC and others I'm sure know far more about the mechanics of how clothing is rigg
  3. Never realized 3DX had that issue. Even with wider dresses towards the ankles?? Edit: went back and looked to see if I had any pictures,but don't. These wedding dresses I had started on texturing long ago (I didn't make the mesh). Does that mean this competitor has what you were speaking of? (I don't even remember anymore how to make the texture preview on the 3D) I don't see them ever switching game engines. They arn't even on the newest Unity version.
  4. Really? not doubting you, but that is odd. Even in other Unity worlds there was less issues with clipping in dress's below the knee (more room? or because the dress replaced the legs?). I've seen more issues in clothes that are tight to the body. or perhaps, in other worlds (unlike 3dx) clothes replace the body underneath to save polygons (unlike 3dx)? Good and bad to that from what I see here as opposed to there. Good, cause you don't have clipping, bad cause you have no "body" underneath.
  5. Or perhaps they could use the technique another world uses where no matter the size it defaults to a predetermined size when the animation runs. This technique is also used for avi heights. No matter the avi size.. mini to max, when two avi's interact they default to a common size. Small grows, extra large shrinks. Breast Medium for example, or Height medium for example as default could solve this. However, what you speak of sounds far better if possible.
  6. Yes, this was also a feature in the Curio project, so it is possible to do here if they want. You could have Multiple people building which was way cool. All it took was a slash command like /join worlded for example once setup.
  7. LOL not ignoring you.
  8. A few easy things: WE is due for some things: More textures (if you never intend to let us upload our own). Teleport script or teleport points (A to B). Bots in WE (to test seating, bed, alignments, etc.) *list of .ani files to add to blank invisible furniture props. /roll2 (two seperate dice numbers)
  9. It's not a bad idea. I've seen this made with that float hanging on her back. It was kinda kewl.
  10. The discussion evolved from the OP. Why does it puzzle you in a forum that is barely used it would be closed or locked? Hopefully Gizmo will read it and consider it.
  11. Yes, I DID state it cost several thousand dollars, and yes it DID cost several thousand dollars a to create a few seconds of animations with rigs like that, actor costs, experienced animator(s) etc.. Those are six figures rigs alone. It should be easily understood why it was expensive. Cheap Mocap in VR games looks - cheap. Production level studios are expensive and software like Xexens lisc. for around $10,000 a year. I included this picture to show you a similar setup they used to create the Pole Dance animations which was a domelike setup. there are over 35 different Cameras in this s
  12. As I stated many times, that project is dead. It was far to ambitious and it never was as graphically good as 3DX. However, it has a fully working Clothing Editor, Mocap animations and other things that could be added into 3DX. They lost millions on that failed project
  13. Twiggy, I don't know how to spell it out any clearer than I have. Those pole dance sequence where made by Holofilms which is another company the owner of RLC owns. Those pole dance sequences ARE animations. And yes, their sequences for poses where MOCAP. And yes, the more cameras the better particularly for faster movements and walking around in a VR world in 360 degrees forcextrene close up detail. I never stated anywhere that is how 3DX makes their animations. I am well familiar how they are made here. It is apples and oranges. However, that doesn't mean MOCAP can't be added here in
  14. It's all good. But facts are facts. It doesn't bother me who accepts them or not. Doesn't matter if anyone agrees, the Mocaps are already made. This isn't wishful thinking. This exists. There are many who haven't got a clue what it takes. I just laid it all out. It's all there. Trubones has some stuff but I don't trust that guy personally. He has been accused of piracy several times in the Unity Store forum. Plus, he makes excuses why he can't preview his poses. LOL look at the comments below from, just a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't give this place a red cent no matter how "cheap"
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