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  1. Valentine Game 2021 https://mega.nz/file/dNwwFJzC#fv7XaEL9yMVypowUFpClgkJKKISorKCHBrphoVs9gR0 Author Valentine's For Couples Game type: Couples/Lovers How to play. Couples will move together. Interactions only occur between the couple. Must roll exact number to take one of three places. there are two possible paths to choose to complete the game. Your choice.
  2. As great as unique meshes are, that isn't the only avenue to more clothing. With just the basic T-shirt already in game, .png, transparency, some textures, bmp, specular maps etc, there could have been THOUSANDS of shirts made already. Same could be said for all the other meshes in game already. The best way to negate pirates is to out produce them and make using their platform undesirable. As long as things are the way they are, knock offs will become attractive.
  3. I wouldn't be suprised of a fairly big update being added during server maintenance or shortly after.
  4. It most likely is already in but disabled. It used to snow at Love Island.
  5. I think we have to be practicle. We are not going to get a Pose Editor anytime soon if ever. The closest might be 'puzzle pieces' like the ghost partner mod provided. However, hands, arms and legs rarely lined up with the ghost partner trick and the only way I can think of would be to create literally hundreds of single poses that many shared a common contact point. Take the male superior doggy for example. His hands around her hips never changes, but female single poses can change as long as her hips contacts his hands correctly as well as cock and her vag. Several of Loruna's two
  6. I liked your creativity also. I've often wondered since a Pose Editor seems unlikely in the near future, if single poses couldn't be made that you could line up with other existing poses. Sorta like puzzle pieces or how the ghost partner was used, only the alignment of hands etc. is correct. In terms of games, this would be fantastic as you could sidestep the need to accept poses and games would move smoother and quicker with less wait time.In theory, you should be able to make group poses beyond three. I still think two repeating poses that could be added to a 'chair trigger
  7. How To Play Master list WIP Prisoner's Base Players: 4 vs 4 (or more) Two warring kingdoms have each captured the others princess. Rescue your princess without being caught and also tossed in the dungeon before they rescue theirs. Should you succeed. She may become very very 'grateful.' Object: Free the princess and all caught players and return to your territory safely. How to play: Black team dresses in black. White team dresses in white (for easier teammate identification). Each team designates a player as their 'princess' (or prince)
  8. The Ram usage is much improved in Unity 5 (which we have been using here for last 3ish years. It about 3 times more efficient than Unity 4. I've built in both. Imo, there isn't any issue I've encountered with performance that should stop it in personal builds. It just goes with the territory of any build. Overuse something and expect consequences.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Devs have no liability as long as they themselves aren't using copyrighted material. Using custom images and textures has been a part of RLC for over 10 years. That pretty much proves they can. However, they would have to remove any usage of copyrighted material if a complaint was filed and ownership proven. They may not want to be bothered. It's not that they can't provide this feature, it just that they don't seem to want too. They already have the ability to add images. The 3DX club images change from time to time. Should have posted this elsewhere.
  10. I believe -9 meters was the default of all of them. But it should be easy to tell when the water level is too high.
  11. File links Catch n Fucks Isl Of Catch N Fuck final 8.20.19.world https://mega.nz/file/QVwGFLja#8Dy8-PpZ6Zyl5hNboggW0J5B1pYBVBlN0FPdYjvqrEo Hide N Fuck V.2 https://mega.nz/file/MAwxUa7I#MX6Bb7ov0rsHQWVTYBp2NrXiL8pKe61o0EtxbT1m3HY Hide N Fuck 2.1 https://mega.nz/file/gV4jmATT#Rder7MF5AVTJSxwOEk--EjVqBlbwxmqzyJTSjbDrDZs Meth City https://mega.nz/file/YIhUhJ7J#Pih4zHM6BrXFVzcrKJO8RIdcKXRHF4GwjZ50RHDsqh8 Old and Newer Builds Swingers Beach Atoll https://mega.nz/file/4VwQ1bKJ#vFYkAJFS8IyHPbXC77qfkB7PnRh7mQJ0MErllNv_LcY Masquarade Re
  12. THX

    Dice /Roll2

    Oddly enough, you'd think it the best bet in a Casino, but it's the worst. Ah, how to manipulate probabilities.
  13. Is there anywhere to download the hunt and fuck world links are not working

  14. THX

    Dice /Roll2

    Exactly. Each Die has a greater probability to make a three or 11, than a 1 or 12. A good games maker uses 7 for an event they want the highest probability of occuring and a 2 or 12 for ones with the least probability of occuring. It seems like such a minor thing to have a true /roll2 over a 1-12 random number generator where the probabilities of any given number is 1 in 12 only. But as we can all see with the chart the significance can quite impactful having two independent dice. Not to mention being able to incorporate doubles and events linked only to that condition.
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