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  1. I really LOVE YOUR WORK!! But please.. be more sexy the nun's outfit and head wear!! I know, the outfit on my pictures pretty extreme.. but not the headwear, thats sexy!
  2. Really great and amazing work !!
  3. Let's get started some slapping party
  4. I would love to see moves like slapping on ass grab ass / tits ... IF ... girls get slapping on face move
  5. Nice motivational speech ... this need to inspire those who are trying to give a little plus to the developers ... even if they are players !!! No need some extra rookie help to this amazing developing/updating work...
  6. I have aHell room to... i already show here: Chambers of Hell
  7. wow... almost 3 month passed away! Keep doing it devs... and we can reach the 5 or maybe 6 month! Mmmm... it will be a nice idea, if the next update will be a christmas gift for us!
  8. STOP STACII! No one cares how you want to prove this nonsense truth. I understand what you want to say, but I DON'T INTEREST! People hate rapists and pedophiles! If we see one, ban it !!! Why? Because morally this is what most paying customers need !! And no, the incess and the alleged violence is not the same as actually trying to fuck young children or open rooms of direct violence and / or killing. I met few really sick people in 3DXchat ... thank goodness only 1-2 such people. They don't need us in our community! If i see one, i send a huge report message to the devs!! There is a limit that these people have crossed and it should not be tolerated! Because it's a moral issue ... not necessarily legal! THAT'S IT! Let this shit topic be over! BTW, you have successfully climbed into the cesspool of sexuality, congratulations!
  9. Just for record.... many times see a room in 3DXChat, where do people "rape", "torture" and "kill" people... this rooms call right now: secret society I know this is just a RP.... BUT the people who love this, they are very sick and should be banned. Once I entered, because I didn’t know what this room was, and then asked me a player to join this. Ask: I want him to rape me before he kills me.... this freaks me out so much!!! Does 3dxchat want to be such a game? summ: @Gizmo
  10. I glad to hear that, thank you
  11. WOW... i have 2 week holiday, come back and still nothing! Coool...
  12. Yes, yes ... can say nice sentences about it: "if the pirate version is better, why don't you play there?" ... and "nothing is free" ... "stolen your data.." blah blah blah ... I would turn the question around: How could the pirate version precede the original in many ways? How can it be better than many parts? (of course worse in some ways ) I also have a better question .... How can the developers and owners of the original game afford the pirated version to come up with better development? It was in the most recent development that the pirate version solved the "teleport" in the game. Discreet, elegant solution ... makes sense for multi-level buildings or "travel" in large spaces. The weather was complemented by a Space “view,” giving the sci-fi rooms a huge atmospheric element. There are about 2 times as many BDSM CUSTOM POSES with good animation. (just to answer the many BDSM requests, which is a strong voice on our forum as well) Developers have funding issues ??????? How can gold be used only for beer and to hype rooms? Wouldn’t it be better for players to buy gold and add extra revenue to the development? I’ve been playing for over two years, but we didn’t get anything for the gold we could buy on it .. NOTHING ... not to make some meaningful, usable stuffs! So please ... let's not put the facts aside ... and let's not go past the problems!
  13. As I said before .... the original game can retain its advantage if it develops and protects its improvements. It doesn't do any ... or not enough ...
  14. 434 update, guess when this development will be released !! Feel free to unleash your imagination ... the update may come out in half a year (we saw an example), but even tomorrow! What is your opinion? My tip will be: + 1 months !
  15. I think we need more permanent items to build less sized rooms!!! Example: more cars (special cars to, like policecars), truck and bus models, bar tools (drinks, glasses), party-tools, more lamps... ect ect ect If we get enough items we can reduce the rooms sizes... and thats really important stuff i think.
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