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  1. I love the last one... the rest of them not so good, or just got already!
  2. I think more social interaction help to "feel more" this game... This game can be more like a sex-game! I gladly play this styled 3DXchat....
  3. I also met some in the game! Not my type, but they like to be humiliated, the "smaler" feeling ...
  4. I find a solution... 1.: Must delete what you want to keep it (not piece by piece... must delete all at once) 2.: Choose "Delete all props" 3.: Push the "Back step" arrow button ( sorry i dont know how named it) - you get back all props what you want to keep it 4.: Save new the world file
  5. Heey guys! I need some help... I merge in a part of the room built by someone else, but there's an extra 300 size ... I don't know where it is. IF I DELETE EVERYTHING, there are still 300 hidden somewhere. How can I find it ??
  6. What I'm missing from the character edit : - body shape (fatter - muscular slider) - different breast shapes - pregnant body (on / off mode + slider ... this mode could not use certain poses) - for men: slightly larger and slightly smaller cock size -slider ... there is a small distance even in the poses, which does not spoil the animation!
  7. I really like your huge work with this town... and gladly help you to build more! My time is limited, but i can build one building to you as a help.
  8. After some twitter hype i will open the room!
  9. Let me show you the second path... in to Hell!
  10. This is my new/old room. This is the Purgatory.. one place with two direction... one in to Paradise... one in to Hell! I want to show you both before make a grand opening! (The room have many secret alternative way to travel.. example: escape from Hell) Let me show you the first direction: Paradise
  11. Don’t think women did so well with the new update. We got 18 bras ... which is only 2. Same in panties. For women too, the whole update copy / paste ... it's not 6 months of work. We've got a lot of earrings ... but gravity doesn't work for at least half. And it didn’t occur to them to make a necklace out of at least a few earrings with 3 clicks. (Not to mention the piercings ... they have been available on all pirated versions for half a year, the original is nothing). I would note here that the necklace is not included in the awesome "accessories" system ... but in return I can put a bow on every point of my body! And this is just the tip of the iceberg ... I was really looking forward to the update, I was terribly disappointed.
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