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  1. Following this logic, why do we need basic rooms? 🤔 The answer is simple... we need it.. popular or not! And yes... why need several small basic rooms after many popular player's room? No need, but a basic complex room will be a huge change in gameplay... its a new "toy" to enjoy this game!
  2. I dont know why is so hard to create option: use cars. Click on it, the avi sit in... and "walk" faster! Of course, a lot of things have to work in the meantime, but you don’t need as many options as you would in a car game. Only a quick approach to a larger distance is the goal ... A room with several "nameable" entry points can also be very useful ...
  3. Its a great idea.. i have similar, when create a little city room (City Life)! I think the 3DXChat community need a complex room, to enjoy this fantasy digital world more, and better together! This will be a huge step int this way...
  4. 2. Exciting available part of the room: The POLICE station. Itsa a pretty compact place, bute usefull and impressive. 10-20 players can use easly at the same time... + many police cars are scattered throughout the city in active duty.
  5. That might even be true, but we know it’s not. What sucks stays shit ... no matter how much some people like it. Yes, it is legitimate to ask why there is no correction in this area. If it were just "shit" rooms, everyone would cry where the quality places went. Because there is a demand for it, but the crowd attracts crowds ... that is, if a shitty room takes away some of the people, the others only go there because of the existing staff ... not because that room is more compact or more usable.
  6. I would have a relatively fair solution to the issue. Higher rated rooms are cheaper to place in the TOP with gold. For example: - 100 gold less / star, and in a 5-star system, rooms without ratings have 0 stars ... it would cost 500 gold to place them in the TOP.
  7. I agree with you sweetie! I love to build unique rooms... and sometimes feel to waste lots of efforts for nothing! ☹️
  8. I refresh this post again! Actual again and again.. because we dont have a phone, and enough idle/or partner pose to use it! I think we need more social poses and act to (like partner-dance, social interaction and idle/partner-poses), and maybe can start with these! Thank you @Gizmo and @Lisa !!
  9. 1. Exciting available part of the room: WISH Stip Club ❤️
  10. My goal in building this room was to create a place where everyone would enjoy the game the way they wanted ... together, all at once! City Life is a place where all players can play in a complex way while being in a roughly realistic place with many options and usable locations. Everyone had already encountered the problem of getting into a very good RP room, but they weren’t in it enough to fill the environment with life. If, on the other hand, he goes to a room where the environment is full of life, the room is not conducive to him for role-playing. The point in this room is that ever
  11. And the face tatto lumionisity dosent work by male avis!!!
  12. Just keep repeat... "It will be get some updates tomorrow" ... maybe get it... or not.....or never.. or just something, what not usefull or not fun !!!!
  13. I would rather see a Clothes-editor, and it would be easier for the development team to make it ... and we get a huge motivation to play more! 😉
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