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  1. Need i add more arguments to this? There are hardly any necklaces in the game, piercings are completely missing... I know this is a century-old request on the forum, but I thought I'd throw it into the arena again! The game will be more, if more stuff like this comes into play... +1 shoes are nice, but these get a lot more results with little effort! Thanks... summ @Gizmo @Lisa
  2. Maybe what I wrote was misunderstood... We now get free stuff during the update... keep it that way! BUT: it would be worthwhile to put 1-2 things in the VIP-shop during the update, and they can only be bought for gold. For example: with the update, we get new angel wings for free (we pay a monthly fee), but the VIP-SHOP includes a gold-plated, decorative angel wing, which can be bought and accessed for gold. It's important to understand... if you pay the monthly fee and get everything, then the developer is not motivated in the update, and xgold is also a less important element. It won't be any other way just for a few new things to buy! It's just like that... So xgold should be made important!!! With these modifications it would be!
  3. I'm reopening this topic because I feel that this is one of the missing parts of the game, the shortcomings of which can be decisive in the future! Why is it important to significantly change this system? Because similar erotic-social games like 3DXchat are appearing on the market one after another... and these rivals are already paying attention to player needs and mikrotransactions. These will make the game very profitable and the players will be motivated to play!!!! This is missing from 3DXchat! Observations: One of the main shortcomings of the gold system is that there is not much you can do with gold. Everyone knows this, but why is it a problem? Because it does not motivate the player in the game, and does not generate extra financial resources for the developers for development and transformation. A new option has appeared since the last update... you can buy xgold for other players. This is a very good step, but the system does not do anything more with it. Why? What can be done with xgold right now: - buying beer in the game: there is no extra effect or any significance for this item... a small animation and that's it. - you can change characters, change names, etc.: basic function, this is the minimum, it works - you can get married, get divorced: there is no extra effect or any significance to this item... - you can imagine an open room: its importance used to be more, now it is insignificant. Advertising your party rooms online gives the room more visitors. There's nothing wrong with that anyway, it works fine. - buying picture space for profile: basic function, this is the minimum, it works - buying fine name appearance: total fail... to much gold, less to get. Suggestions for development: - Marriage/divorce: extra functions should be introduced. E.g.: wedding ring logo next to the name, that she is married, pregnancy is available as a body modification, etc. That is, let's give importance to the function. - Buying beer: an extreme "drunk" movement is available for a limited time to those who buy and drink beer. - One-time cost and cheaper name optimization - NEW - buying other drinks (different item appearance): same effect as beer - NEW - buying a flower: the character gets the same extra item as for beer. Extra kindness, it will spice up the RP game. - NEW - Buying a monthly fee for a high amount of gold: it makes sense to collect gold!! (e.g.: 100,000 xgold/month) - NEW - the "dollar gift" can be redeemed for 300 gold. - NEW - In addition to the regular update, there is a VIP-SHOP where you can buy clothes and accessories... and even poses for just gold. Most of the update stuff is free, but some special stuff can be VIP stuff. (e.g.: 5-10,000 xgold/clothing/accessory, etc.) - NEW - phone as an accessory (there is now 1 pose for this, we need more). The basic phone is free, but if we want to decorate it, it costs gold. And a few other things: - Accessories cannot be turned off in the wardrobe!!! PLEASE! FIX IT! - More BOTs can be placed in the room (the first two will be partnered with us). At least 6-10. These bots can be inserted even if the room is opened to other players, i.e. they will not disappear. Inscription above their heads: "BOT" ... and they cannot be chosen as partners. The BOTs can be given movement... that is, if the owner of the room clicks on it, he can set what the BOT should do in a small menu. Let the BOTs choose an avatar look from the saved avatars!!!!! Summ: @Gizmo @Lisa
  4. Once you have it in your hand, you can't let it go even during sex... professional work!
  5. It's worth learning from anyone... and highly recommended for original developers! At least I think that...
  6. Or more breast shape type as one?
  7. New vehicles in the world editor (example like this helicopter):
  8. I would love to see similar or exactly the same things like these in the new patch! Thanks devs Female tops: New cum shoot poses:
  9. I love the last one... the rest of them not so good, or just got already!
  10. I think more social interaction help to "feel more" this game... This game can be more like a sex-game! I gladly play this styled 3DXchat....
  11. I also met some in the game! Not my type, but they like to be humiliated, the "smaler" feeling ...
  12. I find a solution... 1.: Must delete what you want to keep it (not piece by piece... must delete all at once) 2.: Choose "Delete all props" 3.: Push the "Back step" arrow button ( sorry i dont know how named it) - you get back all props what you want to keep it 4.: Save new the world file
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