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  1. After this option i think vuilders save own rorm more.... maybe will be end of the free objects and rooms
  2. Yeah yeah yeah ... I didn't know what was missing from the game so far! It’s not about having to fix silly clothes (like a dyeable old chlotes/caps) or helping a little bit of incomplete areas (like jewelry) ... NO! I need more hairstyles! PLEASE NEED MORE! EVEN MORE ...... The new hairstyles looks really cool.. but we have so many missing parts in the game, urgent things! And the devs dont give a s...t of them....The new "tools" have become great work.. really... but devs didnt read the forum about players wishes?????????????????????????? 😔🤬
  3. EXACTLY!! So why so hard to put them into the game? Many content to wait to use month by month.....
  4. I pay a full year... after year.... no need time compensation! I need better contents and better gameplay! (this will be my compensation... and i think many players think like that!)
  5. We pay not just play with a simple online game.. but more content to! You know... keep our attention on
  6. How big this file @Alliehotass ??
  7. Wow.. great work all of them (especially "Erotic Bathhouse" )! I hope we can make a video of my new room in the future! That call "City Life"! I think you would like it! XOXO
  8. Clear communication about updates? In the future?
  9. A saw again the mixamo's poses..(https://www.mixamo.com) ...so many option... but devs still not use all of them (of course only usefull poses)!! Why???? These can hype so high the game.... and make it much better! So why not?
  10. I know the DDOS attack was the big enemy, and needed so much extra work.... but this is still a big question!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Summ @Gizmo and @Lisa ... XD maybe work... and read you opinion dear @Kliwp !! BTW.. i thank you personally this amazing research, to try help for devs! ❤️❤️❤️
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