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  1. We have so few skirts in the game.. only just 2 (3) type. Maybe we can get some longe stlye one and some loincloth style!
  2. Why don't I wonder if we get more, but less ... and it's a good question when! 🤨
  3. yeah i know but im not that girls, who slapped guys face.... well only if just pissed me off .....but the point, normal guys dont like if try somebody humiliating them... why want this the girls? 🤨
  4. So if women want to tell men what clothes are good for them or how they need them, then shut up! But can men really tell women about strangling, slapping sex? " nothing problem with that...." Wow... im speachless!!!! Really... Well turn this situation.. WHY NOT WOMEN CHOKING MEN????? After that i can slap men's face few times to.... and "We can enjoyed by both sides actually" ❤️
  5. Dear @Gizmo and devs team! Question! Why doesn't the pose do this instead of choking? - she leans back and kisses the guy while she make lapdances - she leans back and kisses the guy while jerking his cock My opinion... both solution will be more popular and sexy as chocking things!
  6. Sexual needs change according to the environment: Suppose I'm measure 10,000 women! Who is being measured? - rich or poor women - highly educated or low educated - hungarian (european) or japanese (asian) - Live in peace or live in danger - violent religion or peaceful religion - old or young (after 18yo) - married or not Of course this is my opinion! But I don't believe in any survey until you look at the total female population in at least one country!
  7. Interesting survey !! What percentage of the female population was measured? How were you assessed? These are important questions, because if I look only at my own environment, no one of my girlfriends loves to have more than biting and a bit rude sex! And I have a lot of girlfriends ... Do you like to get some beating, and chooking??? Im not, thank you! I like hard fuck, passionate sex, and make romantic love! And im not special, and not less, because dont like if hurt me somebody, how like to hurt weaker people!
  8. PLEASE... You can't say this seriously either! What percentage of women love to be slapped, strangled, or humiliated? Only a guy can say that women love it! And if you're a girl who likes this ... imagine most women don't! Just talk to your girlfriends, and ask them.
  9. Dear @Gizmo and devs team! Dont be shy please.... if you dont have imagination, or clue, or taste to make good and sexy sexposes... just type in the google "Porn poses"... you get so many variations, what we dont have yet in the game! NO.... not choking, beating, slapping... just FUCK.. or SUCK and SWALLOW... and yes, KISS! Thank you! Few example for you... beacuse im kind and cute, and want to help you :
  10. Thank you so much dear @Gizmo and devs team! The girls always need one more choking, face-slapping pose... please more! Dont make any sexy, passionful poses... no! Please dont!!! I know men need degradate poses.. but girls dont need it! And if, and maybe... well, we need more common sexy poses before you give it to us some choking, slapping, humiliating things... THANK YOU!
  11. This referral program come right in time.. dont? When did started this game? Few years ago? We (paying customers) ask and want many things.... and get a referral program! Yes.. so much thank you devs! I want give to you more money... not just mine... my friends money to... and please.. dont do any updates what matters a little bit!! No need... The referral progrm is good... need this game that! BUT.... if we didnt get enough usefull things to this game a same time... the "other" updates only just piss me off!!!!!
  12. REALLY???????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is the new update? This is what the devs did... in the last month? Referral program? Why people use this channel? Our suggesstion means nothing, not matter!!! Im a lover this game... so i paid a year membership... i get it... referral program! Yesssss!!!
  13. @Gizmo it was a relly good idea, but not working well! The logo is to huge size and and not fit on the chlotes, looks terrible! Please be smaler logo on the chlotes, and put this logo to the baseball hat to (or the badge)! Thank you!
  14. Heey! Can be public the general location music stream links? I REALLY LOVE the music of these rooms (Fresco and The Yacht), and gladly hear it in my own room ! Thank you to help! Summ: @Lisa
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