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  1. I try my best to keep calm and believe in mirracle 😉 .. but sure... just take time much as he need!
  2. I need a fucking clothes editor... why? Because we need clothes... a lot!!! And we dont get any...
  3. You can be a psychic to... just feel the next update! 😁
  4. @Gizmoshare ONLY sexy pics... nice update btw, cheer up the community... true story! 😉😂😢
  5. Heeey everyone .... Hungarian people make amazing party at 8:00 PM (CET) - 12.02.2021 (Friday) !! All of you welcome...
  6. Free to buy it...
  7. How many times do you want to open the room per week?
  8. Exactly ... I note here that Gizmo did not write his message as a announcement at the usual forum point ... or would have used the discord for this! No, He remarked this in a side topic .... that is, he had no intention of announcing anything or informing the players ... no, it was just a sudden benevolence.
  9. Yeah yeah yeah... like about pose or clothes editor and piercings of course.... i believe it if i see it...
  10. What’s very annoying is that the developers test how long the players tolerate the lack of improvements ... why improve the game if the players don’t speak for its lack? Because the developers are so cheeky and don’t even bother to keep us informed about the future ... that’s my last subscription for me. I won't renew anymore ...
  11. After 2 month without update....not so early to give some ironie.
  12. You thought it was already, didn't you??🤪 Sooo sorry..... 😪😪😪
  13. We’ve been waiting two months so far for the next updater, we got something for that on 01.18. There was no Christmas update, no New Year's update ... just this ... Devs... what the fuck is this? After 2 month.....
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