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  1. Nothing against these pictures, but the topic here is Erotic "Photography". Erotic is just like art different for each viewers eyes, but they are definitly no "photography". So maybe better open a own post for them?
  2. A bed of flowers with view down to the beach
  3. Maybe a kink for some... and for some people perhaps also a very sensitive topic... I think there are enough other things that the developers should pay attention to.
  4. The overgrown ruins of an ancient tower hidden in middle of the green
  5. The entrance to the heart of this place, the huge tree house
  6. Flycam helps a lot if you want to see fast who's in a room. Not sure if such a chatlist wouldn't become very messy. But I agree, I can be difficult if you want to reach a person who's not at your friendlist. But on the other hand it helps a little against against trolls and people with just creepy games in their mind.
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