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  1. A beautiful large bathroom. You can enjoy a large bathtub and an open shower and numerous plants give the room a cosy atmosphere
  2. Of course, this would be a desirable option, but there are already several topics about this.
  3. With the new Tropical Pack, I was once again tempted to rework already existing locations. And since I'm slowly but surely developing a little further, I didn't just leave it at the greenery. I have updated the pictures of some of the already reworked places, the rest will follow bit by bit. First, though, a new place which I wanted to have... A high, wooden lookout tower offers a beautiful view of the sunset, provided you don't suffer from vertigo...
  4. I love this picture... Do your job well, Bob, or I'll hit you with my handbag...
  5. So far I haven't noticed that my breasts jiggle more in some rooms than in others. Apart from that, this topic has hardly anything to do with the World Editor.
  6. I wouldn't complicate things too much, but in the general locations to which we can choose from different skyboxes there are already lights that react with those, for example the lamps on Love Island or the Public Beach. It would be great if we could also get such objects that already exist in the game
  7. Apart from the fact that I would welcome the idea of saving outfits independently of our Avi, this reads rather strange to me. You want to "sell" the outfits presented at a fashion show??? Something that anyone can easily create themselves? How many more pointless ingame business ideas do we need here...
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