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  1. I enjoy being naked, a little dreamy my fingers trace small, lightly tickling circles around my navel, and slowly wanders deeper...
  2. With a teasing smile on my lips, I peel off my clothes, the hem of my waistcoat caressing my bare breasts as I slide my panties down, and my hands gently and seductively stroking the curves of my body.
  3. Maybe I don't know enough about game programming, and even though the idea might work for some thematic rooms, I personally see it as a lot of effort with only manageable benefits. I think there would be enough things that would benefit us all much more with less work, not to mention some really important bug fixes. Fantasy and sensual writing (yes, this is still a chat) give me much more than mindless porn clips. And I don't need to see a DJ live (many may not even want to) to enjoy good music. But of course that's just my personal opinion.
  4. A very impressive build. I really like what I've seen of it so far and would be very excited to explore it in the game as well.
  5. Different Avi sizes would of course be visually nice, no doubt about that. BUT... it wouldn't only be very time-consuming with the clipping of the clothes, and to not break the poses. It would also make all those precisely placed pose markers in self-built rooms almost impossible to place correctly. If Avis were set to the standard size during poses, whether single or with a partner, it wouldn't be realistically worth the effort, at least in my eyes.
  6. The feeling of soft grass and moss beneath me, and sun rays pampering my naked body while the wind caresses my skin like a gentle touch. Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy nature in this very special way, and sometimes it turns into more...
  7. Even though the warm season is coming to an end, it is still a wonderfully exciting feeling to enjoy nature.
  8. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who helps me keep this project alive with their feedback and suggestions. Since my first attempts, I have slowly become accustomed to the rather different approaches to virtual models and have been able to bring the quality of the images to a level that fits to my ideas. I'm looking forward to many more sensual images to share with you here.
  9. You can fix it with the Excel World Editor by dragging your whole room down to -1. But I agree, we should be able to save our changed ocean levels, just like with the light settings without any problems. @Gizmo a fix for this problem would be really nice...
  10. I use a lot of curtains in my room instead of "doors", and some flat ones to make real doors too. Everything is scaled and adapted to my needs and still works without problems after the update. There must be another reason for your problem
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