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  1. Oh Warning we tried to talk to you but we've been kicked out when asking for you in local. we were sent to Bonnie Monilla's room lol. When back to our private room we could still hear Bonnie's room in our radio. Oh and don't bother attaquing IP addresses found on your streamer, it's the internet provider's IP. I get a new one when I reset my modem
  2. While you're here Warning, here is my wish list: I'd love to have a bot greeting people like yours, I'm not too demanding I can satisfity myself with any of Emperium, XerrorX, your own clone, Discord, Offgang, Alyssa, Arena, Kenzya, Celinda, Hardy R or Billygame. I'm just a bit worried they could scare off the people, but I guess all peole know them now. On and I'd really love to have the hability to kick people from the room like you do, mind sharing this too? do you get to chose the spawning room or is it random? Have a wonderful day
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