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  1. Candy.. clearly! Some you might need to unwrap, some not.
  2. @Anaganda and the Dangerous Divas in-BITE you for a FANG-tastic Halloween party! So, join us disguised for a spooktacular rock party! A wicked good time for everyone! Ghosted by Stellania!
  3. I'll just add my voice to the numerous others that already have and say .. WOW! Awesome work! So many great ideas, so many of them well integrated! The builders in this community never cease to amaze me.
  4. 😀


    1. Stellania


      ?? What is that.. can't make out the text!


  5. Oops.. I had not read you reply prior to posting mine!
  6. I think if someone goes to those lengths to create a room using any format to circumvent the room name filter .. the account holder needs to be permanently banned / terminated. It's one thing to post something or act in a way when the rules are not clearly defined (for example the recent advertising issue in WC) .. but when you blatantly go against them .. No pity.
  7. Yes, I understand your point .. I was asking about the rulings on that because I used to administer / own a Canadian web radio registered with SOCAN and the PRO's in the USA. We had reports to file every month about airplay and profits .. even if we weren't generating any kind of revenue and we still had to pay a Royalty fee to be able to stream the content legally. Of course those fees were less than those that were generating a profit BUT there still was a fee to pay. Don't want to get in an big explanation as this has been discussed many many times here before. I do agree that 'Personal Use' is a pretty 'vague' statement though and can lead to many interpretations and legal debates. I wouldn't know about 'MIXING' my own creations, from what I'm getting .. that IS your intellectual property (unless using samples from someone else) Music in your car, music in a bar(or any other venue) is different .. the broadcasters HAVE paid the royalties in accordance to their platform(fees vary from platform to platform) But I agree, it's a big pile of spagetti that's very difficult to untangle!
  8. Please do provide me with the link to any such ruling from the major P.R.O.`s (Ascap, Socan, BMI, SoundExchange .. etc..etc.) as the rules might have changed from when I was streaming more 'professionally'. AFAIK, Internet Radio's (even the ones that do not make ANY kind of profit) OR any other entity that streams copyrighted material have to be licensed to broadcast legally on ANY platform and even then, there are a multitude of other sub-rules that exist to control what they do. And .. HEY TERRY! Nice to see you!
  9. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    $$$$$$$  '$/ `/ `$' .$$$$
    $$$$$$$$. i  i  /! .$$$$$
    $$$$$$$$$.--'--'   $$$$$$
    $$^^$$$$$'        J$$$$$$
    $$$   ~""   `.   .$$$$$$$
    $$$$$e,      ;  .$$$$$$$$
    $$$$$$$$$$$.'   $$$$$$$$$
    $$$$$$$$$$$$.    $$$$$$$$
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$     $by&TL$
  10. Agreed.. We sound like broken records which is why I decided to shut my trap about it. (mission accomplished for them i guess ?) And yeah, you can feel @Aliviax `s deception behind that smile.
  11. There's nothing more permanent than something that is suppose to be temporary. But yeah, without communication, it's all but an hypothesis.
  12. Let's just hope that wasn't the big 'fix' we were promised to make things more 'stable'. Cutting down on the quality of the avatars is unacceptable .. IT IS one of the main reasons some(if not most) of us were attracted to 3DX in the 1st place.
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