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  1. I have been suspended for "chat ads". The ONLY thing I have done that even comes close to that is to put an announcement in World Chat when I open a public room. Is this a problem?  If so, your EULA, and rules do not make that clear. At least I can't find it. All I get is "Reason: Chat Ads" with no further explanation. I am not directing people to something outside of 3dx nor am I advertising anything other than 3dx itself. I'd like further clarification on this. In 5 years of being on 3dx this is a first.

  2. What happens when two record collectors team up for a night of 80's music? You get the largest private collection of 80's tunes on 3dx! Join Kricky & Karen at 9pm Eastern U.S. time (GMT -5), this Saturday, Jan. 9th as they take you back to the 80's on 3dx. Listed as Kricky & Karen Back to the 80s
  3. Disconnecting at random
  4. uhhhhhhhh..... not here it isn't..............
  5. I rarely read these forums because of the childish troll rants. I came here hoping to find some intelligent info on why the service is down. Silly me. All this waste of energy could have been avoided with one simple post from management: "We will be taking the service down for the next (insert number) days for (insert reason). Please bare with us while we improve the service." How EASY is that? Everyone wants an improved 3dx. However, paying subscribers don't appreciate service outages and then getting total silence from management. Whoever runs 3dx needs a serious lesson in customer
  6. Same thing is happening to me. I tried to reinstall the test server version.... didn't help. Still says "renew subscription". My regular subscription works fine.
  7. Live DJ - Laurianna's latest beautiful creation -----
  8. https://s20.postimg.org/xsrhq2dy5/KSpot_Xmas.jpg
  9. The 3dx Chat update forced me to rebuild K Spot and it’s better than ever! Come join me for its inaugural party this Sunday!
  10. Today!! 3pm Eastern Daylight Time - Noon Pacific - 8pm London
  11. https://68.media.tumblr.com/250c37fa63b0f00d7766f0342e7e2da9/tumblr_ots4twAkUF1vmdpm9o1_1280.jpg K Spot Presents.... Saturday, August 5th...............
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