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  1. As I already posted here: These are my favourite ones ❤️
  2. Oh well they're implementing the facepalm, aren't them?
  3. Be yourself!
    Everyone else is already taken.

  4. @Gizmo & @Lisa I'd love too much having this kind of tattoo 😍 Guys, do you think it could be something you could add in the game? ❤️
  5. In the meantime @Gizmo ... 🤦‍♀️
  6. aaaaaaand here we are again? am I the only one experiencing connection issues?
  7. Awww ❤you’re always so kind my dear friend
  8. It looks amazing Allie, I'm really impressed *-* Coooooongratststststs :3
  9. Please give me my Face 1 back! I don't wanna look like a porn star all the time with my lips full of botox!
  10. The crazy thins is about devs allowing people to set an age value < 18 and then banning people for this reason lol I mean... why? Why don't they add another property like "Are you a terrorist?" and then banning all the people who set "Yes" as answer? It sounds so crazy to me lol
  11. Awww I've just realized Oli will celebrate 4 years very soon Happy birthday bro <3
  12. YeeeEEEEeeeeAAAwwwnnnn \m/ -1 Day to the BIG SHOW! Stay hungry! Stat tuned! DJs lineups will be announced soon <3 In the meanwhile.... \m/
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