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  1. all clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. should be made color changeable or be able to add prints to
  2. this! so much this! Everything in the hats category make color changeable!
  3. Animay's Pussy Riot will be host by me, Danididit (DJ Danger Dani) this Sunday. Party starts @ 8pm CET. DJ Mulan- 8pm, DJ China (Cinammon)- 9pm, DJ Danger Dani (Danididit)- 10pm
  4. I wouldn't know about the rouge. I never use it
  5. I noticed after this new update (build 423) that my lipstick color is gone. I tried changing the color, adjusting the sliders, but none ot it is working. Please fix this. I don't like having pale colored lips
  6. this has happened to me before but it was with a pic that wasn't either jpg or png so might check that As far as the process error goes: I've been having this issue today. I was having other issues yesterday and not sure if the process error is a result of that I've also had the issue with pics in my or others profile taking too long to load or not loading at all. Pretty sure all these issues are server issues. I'm not going to gripe and complain about them do because that's just a waste of time 😛
  7. no Amy.. never... I'm a good girl
  8. No no.. of course not. Then again, here we are now after 1 day of being on a new server and shut down again Priorities! lol
  9. I wasn't trying to make any of you aroused but hey.. when in Rome, right? lol
  10. I saw in another post saying something along the lines of not always having a hard cock. Am I the only one that has a fascination or is fascinated with a soft limp cock growing nice and hard as it's being kissed, sucked, stroked, and licked? It would be nice to see something like this in game With women, seeing their vajayjay get nice n creamy wet would be nice as well, don't ya think? I'm not an expert or a game designer by any means but showing a level of arousal for either men, women, or tg/futa, might be a bit complicated
  11. 1) In other games I have played, once you accept a partner request, one is able to switch between poses without permission and yes, there is always an option to end sex for either partner. 2) Yes. There should be more options other than men and women. Keep it simple by adding transgender. I've read the other replies about non binary and or non gender conformity but I feel things would get out of hand i.e. the list would get rather long if we included all of the genders 3) An option for this would come in hand if the "no pose without permission" thing was added 4) Makes no differ
  12. Why? There was nothing wrong with it to begin with. Fix the damn server(s) first!!! No point in a friends list update when the server(s) are always crashing
  13. yep... figured that out a while ago but thank you though 🙂
  14. I use myradiostream but I pay like $5 U.S. a month for it which is more than enough for what it offers and have never had an issue with people not hearing my music
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