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  1. myself along with Crissly, Lillian and Mulan are ready to rock your socks off today/tonight starting @ 8pm CEST/2pm EDT
  2. Get ready for another rockin Wednesday @ Wet Angels!
  3. that is correct. The FF anal pose is turned 90 degrees like Yvonny said
  4. Do you mean the chair pose because if that's the case, it most certainly is not. The ff anal pose is not the same as ff vaginal or mf vaginal and anal pose.
  5. I haven't really noticed any lag or drop in fps but breast physics is just as bad as the previous update
  6. Breasts physics is not fixed. It's just as bad as it was on last update
  7. I wouldn't say that's a bug but I did notice prints do not show up on the new t-shirt
  8. Anyone else notice the prints don't show up on the new t-shirts?
  9. You and many others complain about this stuff and are never happy. Don't like the new clothes? Don't wear them. Not all of us want to dress up like a slut 24/7, including me and you know me Nikki. Don't like the poses? Don't use them. There's a reason why I never do 3somes, especially with all girls. Better yet, if ya don't like any of it, stop paying for a sub and go back to RLC or Second Life? I like you Nikki but not all of us are here to fuck around when we log on regardless if you, like so many others, think this is just a sex game
  10. Oh and also, being able to make the new boots and skirt actual white or any other color would be nice. The way they are now, the colors look weird. Like white looks more like a gray color which gray is fine if that's what I'm going for but pure white or actual color (red, pink, blue, etc) instead of some "washed out" color variant. This also applies to the dungarees/overalls but I'm sure those would have to be a white jeans material like the white jeans we already have. BUT if it can be done for pants and maybe eventually done for the overalls/dungarees, then do it for the white jean shorts too!
  11. I miss those days as well. Being able to color change or add prints to everything was nice or being able to wear caps with kitty ears, granted doing that meant we lost the ability to wear an actual necklace (I think the kitty ears were place in the bijourie category in order to do that). The transparency slider would be nice to have again as well
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