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  1. Gizmo already said there are plans in a future update to make all clothes compatible
  2. There are people that pay to have many multiple accounts in game. These are probably the same people that see no issues with buying more xgold just to keep their fancy new name tags. If they got the money to burn, let them have at it but it is not a feature I will be using
  3. I agree with the one time fee and also bringing the cost down. I don't think it should cost more than a normal name change which I think is like 20k xgold?
  4. THIS!!! ALL OF THIS!!! I want the new gloves too!
  5. I don't see why that's not possible. The only issue I see would be the avi's body and face would be set to whatever you have it set too and others would have to completely redo their avi's look. Not sure where you'd share the files though. Maybe here on the forum somewhere or on one of the other mods sites?
  6. myself along with Crissly, Lillian and Mulan are ready to rock your socks off today/tonight starting @ 8pm CEST/2pm EDT
  7. Get ready for another rockin Wednesday @ Wet Angels!
  8. that is correct. The FF anal pose is turned 90 degrees like Yvonny said
  9. Do you mean the chair pose because if that's the case, it most certainly is not. The ff anal pose is not the same as ff vaginal or mf vaginal and anal pose.
  10. I haven't really noticed any lag or drop in fps but breast physics is just as bad as the previous update
  11. Breasts physics is not fixed. It's just as bad as it was on last update
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