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  1. no Amy.. never... I'm a good girl
  2. No no.. of course not. Then again, here we are now after 1 day of being on a new server and shut down again Priorities! lol
  3. I wasn't trying to make any of you aroused but hey.. when in Rome, right? lol
  4. I saw in another post saying something along the lines of not always having a hard cock. Am I the only one that has a fascination or is fascinated with a soft limp cock growing nice and hard as it's being kissed, sucked, stroked, and licked? It would be nice to see something like this in game With women, seeing their vajayjay get nice n creamy wet would be nice as well, don't ya think? I'm not an expert or a game designer by any means but showing a level of arousal for either men, women, or tg/futa, might be a bit complicated
  5. 1) In other games I have played, once you accept a partner request, one is able to switch between poses without permission and yes, there is always an option to end sex for either partner. 2) Yes. There should be more options other than men and women. Keep it simple by adding transgender. I've read the other replies about non binary and or non gender conformity but I feel things would get out of hand i.e. the list would get rather long if we included all of the genders 3) An option for this would come in hand if the "no pose without permission" thing was added 4) Makes no difference to me 5) I agree. Men/women/tg/any other gender you decide to play as, do not need to get naked to perform oral on their partner. As far as pants staying up and on, or even skirts/dresses still staying on, while oral is being performed on you would be nice, I don't see it being feasible 6 & 8 ) yes to both 7) Aren't they always wet and ready though? hehehe 9) Like with the first suggestion, in other games I've played when a room owner leaves the room or even leaves the game, the room still stays open. Doesn't matter if there are people in it or not, the room would still stay open to the public even after everyone has left. Something to add to this suggestion would be to have a way of marking rooms as favorites. This way, if you're online and you'd like to revisit the room, you can easily go to a list and find the one you're looking for. I'm sure by allowing rooms to stay open even after the owner leaves, the list would get pretty long so having the favorite room option would be handy 10) Yes to a larger profile window and more characters. Also, the special coding that we can use like <color="#000000"> for example should not count against character limit 11) Yes and also to be able to set a time limit maybe? Let's say it's just something small, maybe a 5 minute period in which they can not reenter the room? Sure you could ignore the person that you kick from room but that makes it to where they can never come back. Some offenses aren't as harsh as others, in my opinion that is. Also to add to this: being able to give trusted friends moderator roles so they too can kick people from the room should the room owner be busy or afk 12) I haven't really paid attention to this in order for to comment on 13) This could be a good and/or bad thing 14) Yes One suggestion I'd like to add to this is being able to hide. There are times when I'm online and I'm with someone and do not wish to be bothered. My friends see me online and pm me while I'm with someone and it gets annoying. Being able to go on hide mode and keep me from showing online to my friends would be great
  6. Why? There was nothing wrong with it to begin with. Fix the damn server(s) first!!! No point in a friends list update when the server(s) are always crashing
  7. yep... figured that out a while ago but thank you though 🙂
  8. I use myradiostream but I pay like $5 U.S. a month for it which is more than enough for what it offers and have never had an issue with people not hearing my music
  9. I went 10 on rgb... could probably go lower like 3 or 5 but I would still prefer a true black... all 0s >.>
  10. Whenever I color my clothes all black in the character editor, the colors change. Whenever I go to any room (public, shared, or whatever) ears and top go white and shoes, bra, and panties go to a purple/grayish color. This only seems to happen when wanting to do any clothing all in black
  11. What else are you gonna spend your xgold on? lol Not like we can spend it on other things lol
  12. Everything should be colorable. All clothing. If an item has more than one colorable option, then we should be able to color both like I would love to be able to change the white part(s) on the striped socks like make them pink and blue as an example and the same goes for shoes. Being able to put prints on everything would be cool too. And also, I would love to be able to wear kitty ears with a hat. That was something Rochi's dll allowed us to do if we wanted but then we couldn't have a necklace either because the ears would be in the jewelry section as well.
  13. I know with the mmf/ffm 3 somes, it's much easier. There really isn't a need to have to stop sex with those
  14. As much as I love the fact that we finally got these why can't there be an easier way of swapping positions with someone just like a normal one on one pose? Example: I was in a fff pose today. I believe it was no.4 (2nd row, on the right). I wanted to give a bj to partner A while partner B was behind me but when I clicked the pose, partner B was giving me a bj while partner A was behind her (partner B). We stopped sex, I reinvited them in a different order, and partner B had to click that pose in order for it to work right. Now, we can't just a simple swap option like one-on-one not work? It kinda kills the mood for all of us if we have to stop and start like that constantly. Edit: I hope what I explained made some sense lol
  15. For me, this issue was because I had saved some outfits from the old 32bit client to the new 64bit. It was from Rochi's dll. Whenever I'd reload a saved outfit, if I had any prints or had changed the color on something that wasn't base game (example, blue jeans I had made darker and had prints on) I was able to still changed the color and add prints on them. I had made some of the smaller boots black complelely black and had prints on them and I was able to do this. But I never had an issue with prints showing up in a room if I had taken them already
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