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  1. Why you always only female? Lol.. I wish to add for more male!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dunno, it will take time cuz there is many bugs that needs to be fixed before they released on 3dx original
  3. I found a new bug.. there is a glow stick where you are holding hand, and you go dance and bla bla.. but when during sex, you can't take off glow stick.. its weird to have sexing with someone while holding a glow stick, I would love to have a new option where to turn on/off glow stick, not only that but a handbag for womens too I would suggest to add a new tab.. "Accessory" for handbag glowstick.. earring.. etc.. to have option turn on/off.. well yes in clothes tab but would be weird? cuz it will have a lot space and it gets in way and can't see avi? Clothes are outfot, Accessory are earring, handbag, glowstick, necklace.. etc
  4. Yeah, my gf wanted to wear a top jacket with bra.. I hope it will fix and don't removes the bra... it would be more hot
  5. I found some bug.. on keyboard inputs, it wont work anymore, pressing 1 or 2 for moaning and cum Another bug, while having sex, there is one 1 pose bug, on wall pose - bisexual I hope they will fix that before they released on 3dxchat original
  6. ah oh, yes there is a war but I never noticed gizmo post
  7. Guys.. when is update? its been almost 4-5 month.. idk.. yes I wasn't here forum and not active, idk if I missed... but cmon...
  8. Still no update yet :'D and its February 2022 now.. nothing update.. lol.. sigh.. so again update will come every 5-6 month..
  9. Hai, I did everything and delete all and reinstall again, but seems I can't log in, I dunno why...
  10. Here I found a bug in game test version, when u want to wear headphone in game, you can't take if off.. ofc in character editor can but when go outside can't. I really would like to wear headphone when go outside and when want to take off during sex. And I may miss something, I didnt read all history here, im too lazy
  11. These poses... for all "Vagina" to add new "Anal", so that it means to add for BI-sex poses? You know BI-sex poses lack... I mean futa/tg/sissy fuck guys.. so I would love to have many options...? Or make to swap between male-female?
  12. Well i think big update come in october or november... Every 5-6 month come big update, that is what i think... Wow
  13. That one added in Settings.. "Breast Physic" to turn if off, you wont get laggy... well I don't like it much.. before 431 patch there was breast physic and there were no laggy... and now 432 patch.. there is breast physic but there is laggy too.. wtf? isn't it weird?
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