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  1. You go in Customizate World Editor, then press F6 to move your avi in world editor, freely around.. test bed chair etc... and if u want back to editor, then press F5 ^^ Btw I don't think need invite somebody to join in your world editor...
  2. Hmm... well I just saw today in game 6:31PM (CET) in Havasu Falls.... did has banned..? lost account? I am just asking...
  3. Amazing, love this DanyFR, maybe to make it 3dxly for android? just suggesting
  4. Why do you care about Update so much? Wtf? Can't you leave this and have fun with friends? @Angelqueen which is important Big Update game or Friends?
  5. Sigh... Again toxic and anyone who can't wait for update lol... WTF? Don't you have friend in 3dx? Have fun and djing? Chatting and Laugh? Enjoy? There are so many things in 3dx lol... I am really relax and chilling much, having enjoying so much chatting friends and laugh lol Don't you have some in real life stuff?? If you can't wait anymore, go play another game.... And don't get me wrong, ofc I want come a big update in game, but I can wait.. there are another so much fun.. friends.. chatting.. etc... So now.. Deal with it
  6. Damn you any males who voted for females clothes... 😭
  7. Female Female Female Female clothes.... cmon... I need, of course more male clothes... oohh damn... I suggest some male clothes... Now there is few clothes for male... damnn please... πŸ˜‚
  8. Well yes I see new Cage.... but I am not into this and I would prefer not add in game, but since if anyone want like this then no problem me, hopefully there will be more and big update than only Cage... and where is Customizate Clothes, huh? Btw yes there is some new poses, but I wonder where it can place another again? Bar...? Chair...? idk... 4 month, huh... Yup I agree with u Dee, but will devs put pose on bar or counter..? We will see... Hope to be sucessfully and big update.. Peace !
  9. Did I miss something? Lol, any news? I am too lazy to read some history... lol πŸ˜‚
  10. Thank god @Derai and @Leeloo...
  11. Don't get me wrong, I am really pissed off so much bcs Gizmo is not good his job and development and its taking too long time... but I can calm... have ppl and friend here and chat.. Alrighty im gonna leave here chat
  12. Yeah I agree, he shouldn't have said in the first place "in next a month will come a big update".... he did not promised bcs of his rl stuff or talk with other company.... if he said that... here ppl will get stressful....
  13. Then go quit 3dx and forget all, Angel... if that is what u feel, I cannot blame you but yes u are right, but you can't do anything.... He is the creator of game...
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