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  1. Here I found a bug in game test version, when u want to wear headphone in game, you can't take if off.. ofc in character editor can but when go outside can't. I really would like to wear headphone when go outside and when want to take off during sex. And I may miss something, I didnt read all history here, im too lazy
  2. These poses... for all "Vagina" to add new "Anal", so that it means to add for BI-sex poses? You know BI-sex poses lack... I mean futa/tg/sissy fuck guys.. so I would love to have many options...? Or make to swap between male-female?
  3. Well i think big update come in october or november... Every 5-6 month come big update, that is what i think... Wow
  4. Ofc.... Still no update wtf...?
  5. That one added in Settings.. "Breast Physic" to turn if off, you wont get laggy... well I don't like it much.. before 431 patch there was breast physic and there were no laggy... and now 432 patch.. there is breast physic but there is laggy too.. wtf? isn't it weird?
  6. Yeah its good I like it.. but..... that sex pose... is the only one I am sad bcs there is no full option.. no bi sex pose.. not happy.. And there is add more laggy... before I was in Havasu Falls and all is perfect and no laggy, but when Update has come.. and then I joined in Havasu Falls again.. its getting laggy more.. wtf what? why? why is it laggy? the one "Laggy in room"... I hate laggy...
  7. Well I dunno why lol.. no update and no info from Gizmo and Lisa? or did I miss something?
  8. So guys, have you any heard Gizmo or Lisa said something about update? Yes love to fun and friend and etc... but I am really pissed off so much, I wanted to try new things but all is same... nothing is news... and I want to get more BI-pose sex... wtf where are you Gizmo and Lisa? No report? Come on @Gizmo and @Lisa??? What are you doing? Not care about game and devs? Why is it taking soo long? Nooo update.. 5-6 months no update
  9. You go in Customizate World Editor, then press F6 to move your avi in world editor, freely around.. test bed chair etc... and if u want back to editor, then press F5 ^^ Btw I don't think need invite somebody to join in your world editor...
  10. Amazing, love this DanyFR, maybe to make it 3dxly for android? just suggesting
  11. Why do you care about Update so much? Wtf? Can't you leave this and have fun with friends? @Angelqueen which is important Big Update game or Friends?
  12. Sigh... Again toxic and anyone who can't wait for update lol... WTF? Don't you have friend in 3dx? Have fun and djing? Chatting and Laugh? Enjoy? There are so many things in 3dx lol... I am really relax and chilling much, having enjoying so much chatting friends and laugh lol Don't you have some in real life stuff?? If you can't wait anymore, go play another game.... And don't get me wrong, ofc I want come a big update in game, but I can wait.. there are another so much fun.. friends.. chatting.. etc... So now.. Deal with it
  13. Damn you any males who voted for females clothes...
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