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  1. Dayum, now my dreams just got crushed
  2. In 10+ years I wanna be able to look like this
  3. Oh yeah that looks really wrong. Nasty bug,
  4. Bumping this up and getting ready for tonight cause last time was dope!
  5. I heard if you find a naked pixie she'll grant you 3 wishes, don't miss your chance fellas.
  6. Do not kid yourself, if the moderators actually followed these rules to the letter then a lot of people frequently hosting rooms would be banned, the mods are probably smarter than what you give them credit for and know that things are not black and white. Coming back to the situation that caused you to have this bad idea... they saw what was happening and decided it was worth a ban. My point still stand, the current system WORKS. If they had failed to ban the player then you could argue is not good, but it didn't. I get that you are suggestion this maybe with a good intention. But if you really cared about people that may have gotten triggered by that word or hurt by it, then maybe you should stop shoving the subject again and again in their face in the forums since the last few days. This is all I have to say in this matter, my vote remains a no, I am not convinced about this suggestion and I firmly oppose it.
  7. Aight I get ya, makes more sense now, you convinced me, I even gonna go further and go ahead to ask that the following words be added to that list, cause they trigger me real bad and actually makes me suffer every time I read them. Here is my list: Cunt, cock, rod, whore, slut, sissy, futa, pussy, spitroasted, gangbang, orgy, horny, lewd, filthy, bitch, sex, love-making, cunnilingus, blowjob, rimjob, oral sex, vagina, gender, gagging, swallowing, penis, bull, tits, nipples, weiner, dildo... I think you get my point? I know the devs can already control what we can say in their game and what we can't we all know what words are forbidden to say already, but that is up until now mostly been limited to names of a certain website that we should not talk about that offers some kind of alternative to 3dxchat, though I disagree the way the devs are controlling these kind of things and understand they can do whatever they want with the game doesn't mean I can't express my opposition to it. It took 2 days to ban the player that opened that room that triggered you, so what? The user was banned yes? That means it WORKS. And lets be real most of the people did not cared about that room, it was one of the most visited rooms during the whole time it was opened I would argue it was successful until the owner got banned. Do you have any proof that there were more than hundreds of players reporting that room? Because I highly doubt it. Show me the proof. You don't get to decide what words are offensive to others, you don't got the moral right or enlightenment to do so. I stand by my vote, this is a bad idea.
  8. It all starts with room names, then it will be "words" that are typed in world chat... and after that who knows, so many different words can be deemed "offensive" to many different kind of people... Once you start exercising control over what others can say or not then there is no way to know where it will stop, censorship was never a solution, it just hides the issues, it doesn't solve them. Also if you get that seriously triggered by a word... then you might have bigger issues to take care of than wanting to police the words other people use. The report system we currently have might not be perfect, but it works, which is why the owner of that rape room ya'll were crying so much about was SUCCESSFULLY BANNED. That's gonna be a big fat NO from me, because I think it's important to preserve the ability to fully express yourself and yes that includes you and people I might completely disagree with to be able to express themselves without having to worry about what words they can or cannot use. Blocking one's ability to freely speak is the weapon dictators and tyrants use to keep their victims from ever being heard... think twice before you wish something.
  9. Here's a leaked video of the devs partying with the monopoly guy after that new update was pushed.
  10. If you select none you get a "?" showing in your interest, I assumed that was the option for any other type of interest that is not male and female.
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