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  1. It baffles me how things that worked perfectly for years get affected from updates and patches when they aren't even the focus of the updates. @Gizmo @Lisa can you please add this to your list of fixes? It's truly disheartening how little care seems to be made when applying updates lately.
  2. Lol! Are you really using an example from a pirated version of the game in the official forum?
  3. You realise that females can use strapons, right?
  4. So, basically no update then, Gizmo. Just repeat what you already said in January. Good work...
  5. Thanks to those that stuck it out with us through the server crapstorm. See you at the next one! Love, Vampixie
  6. GRAVITATION Pt III - Revenge of the Cyberboobs! Next Synthwave event... bring your best neon headbands and leg warmers
  7. Thanks to all that came out tonight. It was a fun night Thanks once again to DJ @Kaplan for the awesome tunes as always See y'all at the next one! Love, Vampixie
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