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  1. Their constant silence speaks loudest... It says "Whatever... we'll look at it when we can be bothered..."
  2. You really -are- new aren't you, Corrompu xD You'll learn in time...
  3. I would argue that there are lots of people that would love on or two small tattoos, instead of full sleeves etc. And the devs should be able to alter the current tattoo mod selection to be selectable for each body part, instead of overall body. But even if they did read this, they wouldn't do shit anyway.
  4. I agree with @Derai The option to be able to use any single tattoo design for any part of the body - mix and match - would be so much more unique to each player. Can this please be something that can be tweaked so we can do this?
  5. @OLESYA... I would edit your original post. You have named specific people, making it look they knew about and even endorsed your post - which in at least one case, I know they haven't. Do not drag others specifically into your frustration with the devs. If they have concerns, I'm sure they'll voice them on their own without needing you to speak "on behalf" of them. A lot agree about the lack of anything regarding updates, as it seems that now the "test server" is up and running, they have become as silent as always - doing things at their own snail-like pace unless it's an "emergency". Just watch what you're posting in relation to others... you could end up pissing off some of the 2000 you claim to be speaking for.
  6. I had this. I use Avast, and in my case it protects folders. I had to allow 3dx access through my anitvirus after a recent update
  7. Read the announcements instead of jumping to conclusions...
  8. No-one seems to get this aspect of creating animated poses that then need to be approved and implemented by the devs. It seems to me that most people think it's so straightforward. It isn't... at all.
  9. Are you listening to yourself? Making a STATIC world is easy. Making ANIMATED poses is not. You would have 3dx flooded with shit. It's really not that difficult to understand...
  10. Right, @Yvonny? If it was simple, it would already be a feature of the game? It's not as simple as everyone thinks, nor is it needed now that there are people already creating them.
  11. No it isn't. Why would you give everyone the facility to make poses that had no skill in doing so? Leave it to the people that have an understanding of how it's done to be approved by the devs. Simple.
  12. Log out then try to log back on...
  13. Click the link, scroll down... there is a message from Gizmo from an hour ago about stopping the server... how is that not relevant?
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