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  1. So, basically no update then, Gizmo. Just repeat what you already said in January. Good work...
  2. Thanks to those that stuck it out with us through the server crapstorm. See you at the next one! Love, Vampixie 😘
  3. GRAVITATION Pt III - Revenge of the Cyberboobs! Next Synthwave event... bring your best neon headbands and leg warmers 😘
  4. Thanks to all that came out tonight. It was a fun night ❀️ Thanks once again to DJ @Kaplan for the awesome tunes as always ❀️ See y'all at the next one! Love, Vampixie 😘
  5. Rescheduled Synth Night event. Wear your best Cyber outfits and dance till late. Love, Vampixie 😘
  6. I decided to take pics of beautiful places in 3dx that catch my eye. Places that are artistic, creative, and worthy of sharing... First off: @Anaganda's Erotic Bathhouse (Ruins edition) A gorgeously built alternative to the original Erotic Bathhouse, with wonderful attention to detail, walls lushly overgrown with vines and foliage, tumbled pillars... A lovely atmosphere, you can either visit to relax with friends and lovers, or get a little naughty if the mood takes you 😊 Definitely a room worth visiting on your travels around the 3dx wor
  7. Thanks for all that came to my opening night! Special thanks to @Kaplan for his DJ skills ❀️ A great time was had... stay tuned for next opening 😘
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