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  1. Thanks for all that came to my opening night! Special thanks to @Kaplan for his DJ skills ❤️ A great time was had... stay tuned for next opening 😘
  2. Make a date in your diaries if you love Synth/Retro/Darkwave... p.s. there may be a naked pixie there...
  3. They -do- hear us. The issue is they either don't know what's wrong with their game, or really couldn't care a fuck. Look in other threads... @Gizmo has answered promptly. But -ALWAYS- when it comes back to this particular issue... silence, silence, and more silence. It looks as though they are actively trying to alienate their customers with this lack of -ANY- communication whatsoever. Little one sentence messages on Discord are not good enough by any means. This forum was created for the purposes of updates, query resolution, help and info. It is rarely used for that pur
  4. The surprise is that they don't fix their broken shit and laugh as they take everyone's cash
  5. And they keep blocking any feedback cause they can't face criticism... even if it's constructive
  6. Seriously!? Is this for fucking real? Devs, you're unable to add actual piercings as an accessory? So you put painted on ones... How pathetic... I know for a FACT it -can- be done... so stop giving us bullshit, half arsed crap, and pull your fucking fingers out your arses!
  7. They're too disorganised to actually schedule something in the first place
  8. I know, Lizzy... that was sarcasm
  9. If this was scheduled, you'd think they'd let us know... oh... wait... dev communication is non-existant. I'd get more response talking to my carpet...
  10. Their constant silence speaks loudest... It says "Whatever... we'll look at it when we can be bothered..."
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