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  1. Hi Fletcherino, Having tried most of the mainstream games like RLC etc, I've found that 3DX definitely beats all. The social side of things is better than most I found, sure we get a lot of drama, but that happens no matter where you are. Like you, I'm in an LDR (though I did meet in in game, so that probably impacts how we see the game) and we use it a fair amount to be able to spend time together, try stuff virtually before IRL and that kind of thing. We don't spend as much time in the game as we used to as we've both been so busy with work and stuff, but if you're looking for a way to enhance your sex life while you're separate, I recommend it! There's a fair few unwritten rules, but you'll pick them up quickly, like making sure you read profiles to see if they'll accept colds and if they're in an exclusive relationship (yup, they happen here too!). Once you've got those under your belt, you'll end up finding groups who you have things in common with and I'm sure you'll enjoy the game! If you have any questions that you think I might be able to help with and I'm not online (same name as on here) then please feel free to message me :3
  2. Briana, don't be so cynical.. It's rare, I'll give you that, but it's not impossible!
  3. I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to make it work KimmyFox is right, before you get serious with someone, the most important thing to do is make sure you're on the same page about what you want, especially if you're looking for a relationship in 3DX where temptations and jealousy run rampant. If you think you've found someone you want a relationship with, make sure you are 100% clear with them what you want in the relationship.. it helps to avoid the confusion and heartache that you've just experienced. Loruna is also right, I wouldn't recommend coming to 3DX with the sole intention of finding a relationship. It's so very rare that it works out because of the nature of the game. I suggest just to have fun, take every day as it comes and be yourself.. eventually if there's a special someone for you in this virtual world, you'll find them! My final piece of advice.. because love, real love, is rare to find here and crazy difficult to keep hold of.. always be honest. So many relationships here fail because one or both people in the relationship are not honest. Then they get caught out and things fall apart. If you're both clear from the start about expectations and don't try to hide anything from each other then you'll give the relationship its best chance. I hope this has helped :3
  4. Personally, I don't RP much.. but most commonly, people will RP a persona, they'll RP their fantasy self. They'll design the person that they want to be in the game and will often design their profile to reflect it. You'll get the obvious vampires, demons and nekos and then the not so obvious where they'll just be RPing a more confident or slutty version of themselves. It's completely up to you who you want to be, but as you've found out, there needs to be a level of respect. Public sex happens quite often in places like Sin Club, but it often happens in the back rooms for instance, rather than on the bar, as an example. The longer you're in the game, the more you'll learn this stuff, when in doubt: ask :3 you'll notice the people who are around a lot and most 'veteran' players will be happy to give you advice :3
  5. I wonder the same thing Ana.. I wonder the same thing
  6. Happy 2 years Marc! I probably won't be attending, no sub at the moment. I hope you have an awesome night though x
  7. Hehe nah, Nora's a blast ;3 She knows how to have a good time!
  8. With the amount you spent.. you could probably have bought her a Nora and been able to control it for her ;3
  9. Empress Domonique.. I like the sound of that xD To show show love, bring me kittens! I will accept kitty gifs :3
  10. Twiggy, you said you don't want to follow someone else's rules. Yet, you are trying to enforce one of your own by saying that people should put it in their profiles. I understand the reasoning behind your view, but no one should be forced to play the game by someone else's rules, unless it's the dev rules. Regardless of how we all play the game, whether we parade around with everything in our profiles or not, feelings will get involved and there will be the inevitable pain and heartbreak when things don't work out. The original purpose of the post was offering advice on how to deal with that based on his experiences. It's not enforcing any rules, only making suggestions that you can choose to ignore.
  11. He's right, he does come down harsh on some things.. but in my experience it's never been without just cause. You might say I'm bias but I doubt I'm the only one who thinks this.
  12. That's just it though Nitroo, it may be our culture now, but in the grand scheme of things concepts like male and female, gay and straight are actually kind of new in anthropological terms. With the way our culture is going, it's not likely to stick around much longer either. With so many people being able to and actually making the choice to be something other than the rigid concept of male or female, we're already in a time where we recognise more than the two 'default' genders. As for what people are sexually attracted to, fair enough of you have a preference, but whether it's a dick or a vagina, it's no different than having a preference for butts over boobs or abs over butts or any number of things. At the end of the day, it's the mind inside the body that'll keep you going back, that'll keep you aroused and will ultimately keep you enjoying the interaction. I ask you this, if it was about dicks and vaginas, why would lesbians use dildos if it was purely the dick that was a turn off for them? Or some gay men might use fleshlights even though having sex with a vagina is meant to be repulsive to them? Note I say some because I recognise that this is the case for others and I am merely trying to point out that its not as black and white as you seem to think. This is why people need to be more open minded, maybe then the cross gender players won't feel the need to hide their identity so much and it'll prevent a lot of hurt on all sides.
  13. Nitroo.. there have been cultures where they have recognised up to 5 (I think it's that many) genders
  14. Darren, you're right.. it is a shame that it's fallen down to the whole guys playing as girls debate once again. Whether you're male, female, somewhere in between or pretending to be something completely different.. we've all been hurt in 3DX and all Fox was trying to do was give ideas on how to avoid it from what he's learned. He wasn't assigning blame to anyone, he was merely trying to equip us with the tools we needed to try and avoid the pain so many of us have felt. I know I've fallen into the pit the debate too.. but it's getting out of control. If you want to have this discussion, take it to another thread meant for it.
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