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  1. Glad I could make you laugh, then. A word of advice, making unprovoked attacks will win you no friends.
  2. Forget the game, I just want the hookers!
  3. I'm aware it's dead. Also who even are you?
  4. I'm already studying for it. (Not sarcasm, I'm going to be a game dev.....eventually)
  5. An unfortunate event they could have 100% avoided by having a back up server.....but hey, whatever.
  6. Sure. They only pick the easy shit to do and not something we've been begging for for literal years. *coughs" FFF poses *coughs" And, don't say there isn't a severe lack compared to other adult games. Because there definitely is.
  7. Well fuck. That's just incompetence, really
  8. It'll be back Monday? Where do you see that, Pixie?
  9. They are either lying about it not being official, or are extremely incompetent with cyber security....either one is believable, really.
  10. ....The fuck kinda bare bones Discord is that?
  11. You mean an official Discord?
  12. They don't hire anyone, period. It's really annoying.
  13. I meant why did she say it was karma.
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