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  1. Greetings to all who know me I love you all <3 hope you still have fun

    1. chloe


      Kreischhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lexiiiii Kissssssß :)

    2. LexiKitty


      Kreiiischhhhhhhhh Chloääääääää Nutschaaaaaa

    3. chloe


      Na du Nudel? Doppel nutschaaaa

  2. I dont know if Ashbash is still in the game but he have some good offers when i streamed so i used his server.
  3. yay I am still here and can write
  4. /me leaves some behind for Jimmy...you know you need it
  5. oh and i only answer to fools i know...so whistle your other doggy alt back Rob, i am not that kind of woman who argues with 2nd personalities of schizophrenic people
  6. Thank you Rob, thats exactly the statement i needed lol
  7. Have a great weekend and please tell that all of your alts too they tend to appear when you say goodbye
  8. oh i am sorry i have that disgusting person on block so i dont see the messages..btw you really should think about how you wanna call me, last time it was Frank now Danny I am confused.
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