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  1. Feelsbirthdayman

  2. Chooooo choooooo

  3. from what I recall, there been people (user) of the game that tried submit poses in order to get the devkit to create stuff, but the rules been strict so only a small hand amount of people got really the kit. So not sure if update phases gonna become again spreaded around the year or faster, all depending on the owner.
  4. moof moof!


  5. my sub ended like 2 weeks ago and I will take some time off, will be reachable thou forum and so on. ah well, real life needs a lot of my attention right now. peace
  6. Ah well, some update. the real life is fine. I returned to 3DX but not really much online as in past, obviously, it seems some people have moved fully away from 3DX, some renamed themselves and some are still the same. It seems also never would forgive for things in past, oh well. Also limited my friend circles while in past in been over 15 circles I reduced it down to 3-4. Also by all the updates, it seems I got one of the chatty snotties, since I feel to 96% of the time for chatter. welp, peace.
  7. happy xmas you filthy animals! ❤️

  8. boop!

    1. Thaméa


      you have to add me in game soon😄

    2. DrGiggle


      oh you coming back? when? poke me up! :D

    3. DrGiggle


      oh you coming back? when? poke me up! :D

      p.s happy xmas!

  9. Hey folks, whats up?

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