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    Barricading myself in a pillow-fort with my dog as gatekeeper & foot-warmer, accompanied by "pride & prejudice" to increase my "upperclass-vocabulary" and LOTS of coffee to warm my soul ;)

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  1. Same.... DC and now not being able to get back... 🤔
  2. Aliviax... I LOVE your always optimistic point of view... 😂 "Hear me roar!"
  3. or gaming...... PANDORAAAAAA *sound of reloading a rifle* "Hear me roar!"
  4. Ney! I am also already brooding about fitting swearwords... "Hear me roar!"
  5. ...there surely is something like a "jelly-kink"... but it also surely is none of mine... "Hear me roar!"
  6. ... got exactly the same experience yesterday from time to time... "Hear me roar!"
  7. ... same to me Elishi - now everythings runs smoothly as it should... well, nearly "Hear me roar!"
  8. Pina Coladas.... PFFFFF "Hear me roar!"
  9. Same... ...about the "reconnect reconnect reconnect-thing" - NOT about getting horny from pina coladas "Hear me roar!"
  10. ... Phili hands Valexia a cream-filled choco-donut with sugar-pearls "Hear me roar!"
  11. LOL! "Hear me roar!"
  12. if your friend tried buying the game at a time when the servers have been down for almost a week, i question his sanity It is nice of you to care for his sanity. But no worries, he is - also in the "business" - deeply curious - "not poor" - not more crazy then the most of us! Wish you a nice day, RobT <3 "Hear me roar!"
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