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  1. I've had the time to play a bit with the editor, here are a few thoughts about it, good and bad : -The "snap to vertex" moving tool is quite handy, could we have a similar one with the volume scale one, where it snaps on any edge or vertex it meets ? -The big bother when aligning things is the camera controls, it's very difficult to set it in a precise way, it tends to move in steps, a "slow move" key would be very useful for that. -I really like the "walking" option with F6 or F7, being able to walk around without any fear of editing an object by mistake, and without having to exit the edit
  2. A lot of people have missed you, and I know a few ones beside me that were worried for you as well. But I'm really glad to see you well and back in 3dx, event if it's just now and then. I really look forward to seeing you again on monday !
  3. Yay ! Count on me to be there sweetie !
  4. Yay, for once an event hosted at AdventureWorld at a time when I'll be able to attend... And Stephanie/StarrFyre playing as well will only make it better ! Now, I just have to stock on lewd octopus repellent, and it should be an awesome evening.
  5. Tentative first step Croped, some slight contrast/luminosity and white balance adjustments.
  6. A 60-ish version of AHT. Just an experiment on saturation and color levels her outfit inspired me to do...
  7. Zokora, I've told you quite a number of time how much I like your room, the music you play there, and having a chat with you. But I should say it one more time, here this time. Even if I'm still dubious about the effects a long stay in Stonehenge may have... - Esther
  8. Karen, your beginning time isn't the same given in EST and GMT, so which of the two is the correct one ?
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