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  1. I thought these kind of posts were banned?
  2. But you'll also recall he said he can't say much about it! Yah, the "in about a month" line was silly as on 3dx forum that translates as "next week".
  3. AHT

    GPU usage

    I assume the reason is because as there is no FPS limit the GPU is trying to run 3dx as fast as it can. You can set an FPS limit in 3dx or some grahics card have an FPS limiter inbuilt. I assumer having a GPU run at 99.9% for hours is not ideal.
  4. I thought section 230 of communications act did just this - in other words you can put what you like up as 3dx can't be expected to know whether images are yours, but they'd obviously have to take them down if people asked. It's like a book shop can't be expected to know that on page 230 of a 1000 page book the author added the ingredients to make some illegal device or encouraged some illegal act.
  5. AHT

    GPU usage

    Set an FPS maximum in 3dx settings eg 60. My GPU is on 70% with and 60 fps limit and just under 40% on 30 fps limit.
  6. From what I can see a lot of the marketing by 3dx seems to be done by these "review" websites where I guess they get a share of the money for signups - they all seem to give it pretty positive reviews (well they have to right, kerrrrching!). One imagines BMT Micro provides 3dx with figures on how long people stay paying, and I guess it gives them the ability to entice them back etc with discounts or whatever (if they want to). I guess having viewed various adult 3d games you might search for images or "3dxchat review" at which point a lot of websites appear. I've often heard people suggest a f
  7. Thankfully 3dx is a 'nice' environment and the developers have taken the stance that they don't want such names used. Honestly who cares if some semi-literate drongo from Kazakhstan is banned. I laughed when I read people comparing BDSM slaves with actual slavery to make their point. Yeah we get what you say, but it's a stupid argument. Simple fact is developers said they don't want one word used, whereas to date no 'slave' rooms have been closed! I believe 3dx specifically bans Nazi stuff as failure to do so would mean the game is not available to Germans. I believe Germany is quite
  8. I've had that before where I have deleted people and yet I was on their friendlist, definitely with one person, perhaps two. The first instance was easily over a year ago if not two.
  9. 3dx merely provide a link to Patreon. Any anti money laundering or ID requirements are on Patreon, not 3dx. Patreon appears to create certain forms for use with US tax, and I'm sure their UK website will have an income statement available. Gifts in the UK are not taxable (as it's already been taxed or may be taxed that year as income for the person gifting!). If people are selling stuff then they should report it as income, but that is largely up to them and can't imagine most tax jurisdictions will care about a few £ or $. I am aware the tax people are not as dim as some hope and there is som
  10. AHT


    Well it's also about advertising. A company paying money doesn't want their advert/brand surrounded by porn or other things. This was a big issue for youtube recently and as I recall some brands stopped - at least on a short term basis - placing adverts on the site or before videos. Facebook seem to have hired lots of people whose job it is to basically view all sorts of gruesome videos and decide if it breaches terms or not as they fight to keep their site from regulation - I think Germany was annoyed they seemed helpless to remove far right stuff. We're not aware of the "nude art" you posted
  11. finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Can recreate this moment!
  12. Direct them to a Suicide Prevention line or website - location specific if you know where they are. I'd also suggest once you've done this to block them as this also starts to sound a bit maninuplative.
  13. Well I won't disagree they'd look better in different colour combinations or styles, but that simply requires a new texture so ask Gizmo and the gang! With regards to changing the current texture that is not possible, other than effectively adding a 'overlay/multiply/screen' etc layer over the existing texture. The result would be like this:
  14. The white jeans can be coloured. The shorts no. Most skirts can be coloured - just not the ones with existing patterns, but I don't see the point there as they'd look horrific.
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