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  1. Well...where do I start this post. So many things have changed. 

    As a lot of you know, my husband in game and I are no longer together which I am STILL reeling from. So please ....bare with me while I deal with this. I knew just before we started dating in game, that him and I would never be real life, because he's married in rl and has a family of his own. But he became my best friend, and I his. And that is something that NO ONE here can take away from us. So that doesn't mean that what we shared didn't matter to either of us. 

    I also have been dealing with a shit ton of bullying from several different DJ's and club owners in game. When he left my original CLUB 21 server a little while after he left me, that was the nail that sealed the coffin shut for me. I had no reason to stay anymore. I wanted to leave MONTHS before because of all the people that were trash talking me in game, on their discord servers. I would NEVER do that to anyone. I would NEVER EVER @everyone in my server and trash talk any of you the way you did me. Why? So I can stoop down to your level? What for? What is that going to solve? Nothing. That's what. Sure, at the end, before I left the game, I called you all out on Mic. I didn't call you assholes, bitches, thief's, nothing of the sort. I called you "bullies". Because that is exactly what you were. Some of you still are. I'm not going to name any names. I don't need to. Because if you read this, you'll know I'm talking about you. And when you do, I fucking hope to God you're proud of yourselves.

    Yes, I have been told I have ton of people that love and care for me here. I get it. But until you've been through what I have been, which you NEVER will, because you're NOT me, please, for the love of God, do NOT judge me or the decisions I make. This might be bible scripture, and y'all might not be religious but it's so fucking true... "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." Book of John Chapter 8 vs 7. I'm not saying I'm perfect. Hell no. But I certainly don't deserve the shit y'all have been throwing my way. 

    I am sick and fucking tired of people treating this like it's just a "game". There is no mission here. There is no goal here. There are no fucking golden rings that you have to run around at the speed of light collecting. There is no princess that you need to save at the end of the game. This ....is a 3 dimensional social platform. You chat, you're social, you mix and mingle with different people from around the world. Sure, you can be creative, and learn to DJ and build like I was taught by my best friend. But if you're going to go around and cat call and bully people, fuck off. Find a new fucking hobby. Take up knitting...no...wait...take up crocheting. It's easier. I know, because I've been doing it for 32 years. Yup there is tidbit of information you didn't know about me. As long as I have a pattern, I can make it. Some of you won't care. Others might.

    To be honest, I still don't really know why the hell I came back. I sat on a discord call with a good friend of mine. It was like, idk....about  2hours? Maybe longer? And I cried and I cried and I cried because I had just had my heart shattered by someone that I trusted with my life (and trust me when I say, THAT doesn't come easy with me) and angry at the world that there were such assholes out there that had nothing better to do with their time than berate and bully me. I had my entire online world turned upside in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

    Part of me missed djing. Part of me missed buildling. All of me missed him. And as much as it hurt to see him, knowing that we would never be the same again, maybe seeing him in game is why I came back. To be honest, I have no fucking clue. But what my friend (We'll call him Smitty) on that call said to me ...hit home. He told me he missed me. He told me I had a ton of people that loved and cared for me. All he said to me was to reactivate my account. Even if I didn't log in, at least I had it there in case I decided to come back. 2 hours later, with 9 hours, 14 min, and 37 seconds left before they would be permanently gone (I created a timer on my cell phone app), I restored my two accounts, me and Shade (I talk as if she's a separate person. lol. She's not. She's still me. xD). Three days later, I logged back in for the time in 33 days. 

    It's been a very huge bittersweet return. 

    Everything is different. 

    Before I met you, I saw shades of black, white and grey...then when I met you, I started seeing shades of blues...and greens...and purples....and yellows.....

    You opened my eyes to a whole new world... 

    But now....they're fading again... and I don't know how to get them back.... 



  2. @Gizmo This has been going on since before I joined. I joined October 9th 2020. First there is the glitch where when we entre a room, suddenly a print that we did NOT put on our pants or top appears. PLEASE FIX THAT. But then there is THIS one...where we are in the closet changing and trying on different pants with prints and THIS happens.... When are you going to fix this issue? If I wanted to add a print, it doesn't show up properly. See? Please fix this. It's been going on for WAY too long. Regards, Mara Winterhyde
  3. Well tonight was a very interesting night. I was asked a few weeks ago to DJ at my friend Delaines all Canadian DJ venue for Canada day. I of course said yes. But my husband, SaintVitus, surprised me by showing up tonight. I was tickled pink. I played an all Canadian Rock band set and I ended it with me singing a cover of Hedley's Perfect. I actually had a good time. Some of you know that I have been struggling with some personal stuff lately so this is something that I really needed tonight. 

    After the venue, it was nice to just chill with him and cuddle talking with a friend. I have never hung out in the default rooms. But we decided to hang out in default beach room where it's nighttime and it's actually really nice. 

    What nice change compared to what I've been dealing with in game lately. 

    I'm actually looking forward to the grand opening of our new venue, Sunset Island this coming Saturday, July 3rd. :D

    Hope to see some of you there. Take care and have a great night. :) 

  4. Perfect. Thanks for that info. i relaly appreciate that Diana. You're such a HUGE help to us noobs when it comes to building.
  5. I need to be able to walk on the beach...this didn't allow me to be able to do that. So unless I actually NEED an invisible wall, which I don't.... this was useless to me.
  6. I know. I was like dafaq is this crap xD Oh well. I finally finished the beach for our grand opening this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Ok sounds good. i will look into that the next time Ineed to make a beach. good god...making a beach was a bitch...lmfao.
  8. Yup this worked for me as too thanks
  9. @Gizmo I understand that this might take some work to recode this...but for the love. Soooo many people complain to me about this issue. They want to use the sphere for land...and flatten it some...but they can....because THIS happens... This is me in the world editor...when you take a sphere, and flatten, the "hitbox" which is the green outline of the sphere in the shape of a box in world editor, works like an invisible wall. I can't swim in the water and get to the land part because it's like there is a wall in the way. That AND I'm walking on air? What the heck? You could do SO MUCH MORE with this game and with the money you make from us and the new partnership with Lovense, I'm sure you have the funds available (and then some) to fix this issue. How the heck do you get past this...if you can. And if you can't, can you PLEASE make it so that we can walk properly when using this in a room? It would BE really helpful. Thanks.
  10. @Gizmo For the love of everything good and holy, when on God's green earth, are you going to fix this!!!??? I DID NOT PUT THAT STUPID ARSS PRINT ON MY PANTS!!! Uuuugh. I am so frustrated with this. People keep complaining about this, and yet NOTHING has been done to fix this. I have been here...almost 8 months. When I have a gig to DJ at, I don't have time to go back and fix my outfit. And I shouldn't have to plan around IF this happens because it shouldn't be happening. You guys keep adding NEW things to the game, instead of fixing the stuff that's wrong with it. Please please PLEAAAAAAAAAASE fix this glitch!!!
  11. Yeah I posted about this as well and I made sure to @Gizmo. They're really SLOW bouncing and just look weird...someone in world said like water balloons. I think they rushed this patch too quickly.
  12. OMFG...WOMAN! I LOVE YOU TO PIECES FOR THIS! This has been ONE of the MANY banes of my existence in this game. Thank you!!!
  13. Ok... @Gizmo Thanks for attempting to fix the boobs. But...um... several of us are noticing... that they move really slow now... and look like water balloons? Um....sorry... but yeah no. It does NOT look right at all. Is there a way to go back to the way they were before the recent update (not patches). They were PERFECT before the update. Now....? Omg. I don't know what to say. Thank you for all your effort and hard work. Mara
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